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Plan, prepare, promote and host more effective web meetings.


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Plan, prepare, promote and host more effective web meetings.






Tip 28 – Don’t be afraid to try things out

When I was on my first teaching practice, I planned interesting, exciting activities for the class. However, when I was actually in front of the children, I abandoned the plans in favour of safe activities I knew would keep them ‘busy’. The lessons were fine, the children learned but it …


The Webinar Show 1

In this first ever episode of The Webinar Show I talk to Mike Agron from Web Attract about his approach to Webinars. He kindly shares a huge amount of detail about his Webinar methodology including explaining what he calls the ‘Webinar Life Cycle’ which is split up into 5 ‘Acts’. …


Tip 27 – If a Webinar isn’t necessary, don’t have one

Recently, I saw some new trial e-learning materials by a company. They were fine but I couldn’t help thinking – what’s the audience and purpose of these? They were essentially a cut-down version of one of the main products sold by the company. I suppose the intention was to use them …


Tip 26 – Use your webcam as a webcam

If you use a webcam for your Webinars, it can add a great personal touch as your audience can see the presenter, host or even in some cases, other participants. It’s as close as you can get to a face-to-face meeting, especially with today’s cheap HD cameras and Webinar software …


Tip 25 – Make presentations more effective with PMS

This tip is from Cliff Ravenscraft of podcastanswerman.com who got it from a public speaking course he attended. I always try to follow this general approach when I plan Webinar Quick Tips. A lack of structure in presentations usually makes them less successful than they could be. The presenter can …


Tip 24 – Use pictures to show what you mean

I was hosting a Webinar some time ago in which the audience were all from countries where English is not the first language. All attendees spoke excellent English, however. For the digital ice-breaker, I used the traditional world map. I asked the participants to add their pointer to indicate where …


Tip 23 – Use Webinar recordings as lasting resources

When I started using Webinar software back in 2001, I taught children who were isolated at home because of medical needs and we always recorded the sessions so that the children who were unable to attend could watch the recording later and catch up on what they had missed. It …


Tip 22 – Don’t let managers skimp on preparation or training

In an attempt to drive adoption, many people – particularly managers – have been given the wrong idea about Webinars and web conferencing technology. Of course, web based meetings are ‘greener’ than face-to-face ones and can reach audiences it would not be possible to reach any other way. There are …


Tip 21 – Look your audience right in the eye

If you are using Webinars, then I’m sure you want to make a personal connection with your audience – otherwise why not just send a video or a pdf out to your mailing list? However, how can you make this personal connection most effectively when you are using a webcam …


Tip 20 – Find your Webinar champions

It may come as a shock to you, as it did to me, but you might not be the only person in your organisation who can host Webinars. That’s clearly a joke but just because you do host most or all of the Webinars for your organisation doesn’t mean that …


Tip 19 – Check the audio, then check it again, then check it again

What do you think is the most important aspect of a Webinar? Getting attendees to join? A spectacular video? An inspiring, big name presenter? Considering the audience? Defining the purpose? Preparing fully? Using your great hosting skills? Actually, all those are useless if the audience can’t hear what’s going on. …


Tip 18 – Help your audience to market your Webinar for you

‘Word of mouth’ has never been more important than now – in the age of Social Media. However much we spend on promoting our webinars, a simple recommendation from an influential person on social media is definitely worth more. We can spend hours being social, being careful not to be …


Tip 17 – Avoid making your Webinar a long, hard slog for your audience

I don’t know about you, but when I see invitations to Webinars with a duration of 2 hours, it makes me shudder. I think it’s important to put yourself in the position of the audience. Just think what it’s like to sit for 2 hours holding a phone to your …


Tip 16 – Set the ground rules

If you have ever been a teacher like me, you’ll know the importance of setting ground rules. Without them, children in a class don’t know what the boundaries are, misunderstand expectations and experience a lack of structure so things can get out of control quickly. When I first taught children using …


Tip 15 – ask the right questions in your feedback form

Every time we run a session, face-to-face or online, we need to know how it’s gone so we can improve. In Webinars, it’s all about learning from feedback how to improve our use of tools or hosting techniques to better serve our audience and the purpose of the session. I spoke …


Tip 14 – use a video on your sign-up page

I’m not really a marketing professional (I’m an educationalist and an E-learning specialist) but I know what stimulates my interest when I see it. So I’m always very interested in seeing promotional webpages, status updates, tweets or advertisements for Webinars. I’ve seen a variety of approaches being used. Some are very …


Tip 13 – Watch as many recorded Webinars as you can

I’m a visual learner. Recently, I wanted to learn how to solder so I could plumb my satellite TV signal up to my bedroom from the digibox downstairs. So I searched for YouTube videos on basic soldering. When I was young, I used to watch the UK weekly pop programme, …


Tip 12 – Necessity can be the mother of inventing simple approaches

Aim to keep things simple but check and check again to make sure you’ve got what you need to actually run the Webinar! Here’s another time I almost created a disaster! I was set to broadcast from a live event with the minimum possible set up. It was just going to …


Tip 11 – Keep things as simple as possible in your Webinar

It’s obvious but the more complicated your Webinar set up, the more things there are to go wrong. It’s a bit like the difference between conducting a huge, amateur symphony orchestra and beating time for someone playing twinkle twinkle little star on a recorder. Conducting music is similar to hosting …


Tip 10 – Find and use built-in but hidden Webinar features and tools

Have you ever put time aside really to explore your Webinar software? You might be amazed what you can find. Some Webinar systems have very complicated websites where sessions are scheduled and set up. It can be easy to stick to the basic tools for fear of breaking anything, particularly if …