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10 No-Cost, Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business

Great marketing goes beyond traditional marketing strategies. We’re entering a whole new era of online and offline marketing that allow you to market one-to-many for the best results. You don’t need expensive marketing resources to produce great results - here’s where you can get creative and have fun! Here are 10 No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Businesses. Tip #1: Reach Out To Strategic Partners Strategic Partners are a complement (not competition) to your business (as your...


The Prioritized Action List (PAL) Free Sample

The Prioritized Action List (PAL) Sample – Free Download Page Today we are going to talk about The Prioritized Action List (PAL) Sample – Free Download Page To help you and your team be even more time efficient, use a Prioritized Action List (PAL). This is a list of everything you have to do so you don’t have sticky notes, pieces of scrap paper laying around, or things in your head that you are trying to remember or afraid you will forget. Everything on the list in a priority order – hence...


6 Tips for Getting More Clients Without Working Harder

Most entrepreneurs experience a critical stage in their business where they need to consistently build their client base, yet they don’t have the time or resources to devote to serving more clients. So how do you get more clients without working harder? Learn how with these 6 tips. Tip #1: Create Information Resources Regardless of your industry, your business has a powerful point of leverage that can be used to find and keep more clients: information. Create free and low-cost channels...


Ever wanted to write your own book? Check this out!

Today you have the opportunity to listen to my interview with Hot Chicks Write Hot books. Ever wanted to write your own book and be a best-selling author? Check this out… Hot Chicks Write Hot Books is a company helping people who want to become an expert, authority and star in your niche by writing a book. They have systematized a very quick and easy book writing process for you that will help you save a lot of time, money, and effort. Watch and listen in to their podcast that interviews...


4 Steps to Conquer Fears and Start Living Life On Your Terms

Today we are going to talk about 4 Steps to Conquer Fears and Start Living Life On Your Terms. We’ve all been afraid to try something new at one time or another. Why is that? And it seems as we age, our fear controls more and more of our willingness to try something new. We prefer to forego a new experience because we want to avoid whatever bad thing we think could happen. Or maybe the anxiety is just too stressful for us to even contemplate facing our fears. Whatever the reason, we...


4 Ideas for Creating your Personal Brand

Creating your personal brand will allow you to unearth high revenue opportunities and other professional/social advantages. Fortunately, building a personal brand is easier than ever thanks to all of the valuable resources available. Just follow certain keys to creating a personal brand and you’ll set yourself up for success. There are many tips for creating your business brand available, but these 4 ideas for creating your personal brand will help you build a strong web presence and...


4 Essentials of a Successful Business Plan

Today we are going to talk about the 4 Essentials of a Successful Business Plan. Does your business plan have holes? Do you even have a business plan? When was the last time you looked at it (last January when you created it)? Many aspects of a business plan are overlooked and that can lead to professional disaster. Before you can build a successful business, you must first learn how to create a solid business plan. Not surprisingly, writing a business plan can be a tedious process. You...


3 Tough Situations and How to Deal with Them

Today we are going to talk about 3 Tough Situations and How to Deal with Them and the Benefits of Telling the Truth. The importance of telling the truth in business is paramount. Clients pay for your products or services because they are looking for significant and necessary results in their lives, not to waste their money on empty promises. In business, it2019s important to keep in mind that clients are depending on you, and that starts with telling the truth in business. You may be in...


Are you an Effective Leader?

Today we are going to talk about Are you an Effective Leader? Understandably, most businesses are focused on nurturing the relationships with their clients, but running a successful business is also dependent on effective management and leadership skills. If your employees aren’t functioning to the best of their abilities, your business won’t be either. So, ask yourself, are you an effective team leader? Do you lead by example? Are you compassionate and patient, yet firm? Are you an...


5 Benefits for Taking Action to Increase Success

Today we are going to talk about 5 Benefits for Taking Action to Increase Success. New business owners are especially prone to delay taking action in their business, because the unknown outcome can be pretty intimidating. However, even seasoned entrepreneurs will put off taking action, simply due to the fact they lack the free time to juggle another endeavor. So what to do when you know that taking action would benefit your business, but you can’t seem to implement much needed change? Ask...


Persistence: The Commonality of Champions

Today we are going to talk about Persistence: The Commonality of Champions Look upon history, and you’ll find that the notable quality that exists in all champions is persistence. The path you walk will not always be easy, but you have to continue to persist. Even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, you must keep putting one foot in front of the other, because there are lessons to be learned along the way, all of which will support your success. When you are solution-oriented, you...


Are You A Procrastinator?

Today we are going to talk about Are You a Procrastinator? There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but you know procrastination when you see it. Here’s how to recognize the signs of procrastination and stop the cycle of excuses and delays so you can achieve more success in life and in business. Have you ever delegated a time-sensitive task to an employee only to find them making excuses, waiting until the last minute, or wasting time when they should be working on your project? It...


Top 3 Traits of Successful Leaders

Today we are going to talk about Top 3 Traits of Successful Leaders. Do you ever wonder why certain businesses fail while similar businesses thrive in the same economic climate? There are several commonalities shared between strategic and successful business owners. The Top 3 Traits of Successful Leaders are centered on the internal operation of their business, analyzing current business practices and carving out an untapped niche in the market. We are going to talk about the top qualities...


3 Benefits of Increasing Success with Authenticity

Today we are going to talk about 3 Benefits of Increasing Success with Authenticity. You’re likely familiar with the most common ways to increase your success, such as setting goals, staying focused, and becoming more efficient and productive, but did you know that authenticity can also increase your success? You may believe that the best recipe for increasing success is to think and act like the rest, but in reality, blending in with the rest of the pack will only hinder your success. As...


Top 10 Tips: How to Get Motivated

Today we are going to talk about Top 10 Tips: How to Get Motivated. Learning how to get and stay motivated isn’t always an easy task. It’s especially difficult when you’re dreading the task at hand and are inclined to procrastinate. We are going to talk about the Top 10 Tips to help you get motivated - and back on track. They will also help you stay on track so you achieve your goals and be even more successful. Follow these tips and action steps to help you get and stay motivated and you...


Top 6 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Situations

Today we are going to talk about Top 6 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Situations. Entrepreneurs are often juggling multiple stressful situations and if you let stress take over your life, you’re going to burn out and lose passion for your business. Overcoming difficult issues with ease is an art that can be learned, simply by identifying effective strategies for dealing with difficult situations. Once you learn the basics, you can implement them, in any difficult situation, to help...


Download Free Chapter of New Book, Live Life With No Regrets

Today you are receiving something very special. You will be given information at the end of this podcast to download a chapter of my brand new book, Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact ourLlives. There is no charge to you when you do this. I hope you get value from reading just one chapter. Imagine reflecting on your past, from any point in your long, happy life, and having no regrets. How did you get here? How would you like to free yourself of past regrets and live a...


4 Essentials of Effective Communication

Today we are going to talk about 4 Essentials of Effective Communication. Learning how to communicate effectively is crucial to the survival of your business; unfortunately there’s no other way to cut it. If you approach people too casually, don’t take the time to communicate clear information, or don’t appear cordial, you are risking the success of your business. Let’s talk about four essential tips to ensure effective communication. When you take on the role of business owner, you take on...


Stop Wasting Time and Stay Laser Focused

Today we are going to talk about Stop Wasting Time and Stay Laser Focused. Most entrepreneurs have a difficult time understanding exactly how to stop wasting time. When you’re self employed, it’s easy to take a “short break” to surf the internet, check email, return a call, talk to a peer who stops by your office, or read blogs, but those “short breaks” can easily turn into hours of wasted time each day. This includes unnecessary chats with colleagues, long lunches, or non-focused or...


5 Top Success Principles

Today we are going to talk about Top 5 Success Principles. If you think creating a successful business may just be the most challenging goal you’ve ever taken on, you are probably correct. Building a successful business is not a walk in the park, but it is certainly a realizable and achievable goal. It doesn’t always require a lot of money (although that would clearly be an asset) and frankly, it doesn’t even require that you have more talent than the “average Joe.” However, building a...


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