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Bestselling business author, customer service and business expert, Shep Hyken, will introduce you to extraordinary people who will make you more successful in your professional and personal life. Using his vast network of business experts and authors, Shep will ask the questions that give you insights from some of the smartest and most successful thinkers in business.

Bestselling business author, customer service and business expert, Shep Hyken, will introduce you to extraordinary people who will make you more successful in your professional and personal life. Using his vast network of business experts and authors, Shep will ask the questions that give you insights from some of the smartest and most successful thinkers in business.
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Bestselling business author, customer service and business expert, Shep Hyken, will introduce you to extraordinary people who will make you more successful in your professional and personal life. Using his vast network of business experts and authors, Shep will ask the questions that give you insights from some of the smartest and most successful thinkers in business.




Give Employees What They Crave Most Featuring Guest Gregg Lederman

Take Time to Properly Motivate Your Team Shep Hyken sits down with Gregg Lederman to talk about his new book, Crave: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday ( They discussed how to replicate your best people and give them the happiness and motivation they crave and deserve. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Your employees' attitudes and actions are affected by the three things they crave the most: 1. Respect:...


Ten Ways To Recognize Employees During National Customer Service Week Featuring Guest Bill Gessert

National Customer Service Week Is About Customers AND Employees Shep Hyken sits down with Bill Gessert to talk about National Customer Service Week (October 1-5, 2018). They discussed 10 ways to celebrate the week-long event, how to create an employee-centric culture, and how to get C-suite executives involved in the everyday culture. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •The International Customer Service Association started National Customer Service Week (NCSW) in 1984 because they wanted to create a meaningful...


Bend Over Backwards For Your Customers - Featuring Guest Kim Tucci

How to adopt a hospitality mentality within your organization. Shep Hyken sits down with his friend and restaurateur Kim Tucci. They discussed “the hospitality mentality”, how to hire good people and ways to reduce employee turnover. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •You won’t always exceed the customer’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at every opportunity. •Kim defines the hospitality mentality in three words, “Anything, most friendly.” This means that you are going to do anything for...


Be Nice... Always - Featuring Guest Buddy Rice

Why (and How) to Put Your Customers at the Center of Your Decisions Shep Hyken sits down with his close friend, colleague and customer service expert Buddy Rice. They discussed how he helped Delta Airlines with their customer service culture, what customers are really looking for, and the RATER service quality model. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Customers aren’t always looking for money or a “yes” to fix their problems. They want a professional that can give them options and solutions to their specific...


Amazing Customer Service Tips From A Doctor Featuring Guest Dr. Bob Baker

Techniques from the stage to optimize the patient/customer experience Shep Hyken sits down with Dr. Bob Baker. They discussed his new book The Performance Of Medicine, how Bob relates his experiences as a magician and doctor to customer service, and how to optimize the customer/patient experience. There is a lot that anyone and any business can learn from Dr. Bob! TOP TAKEAWAYS: • Bob shared four basic techniques that all performers use to create connections with customers. They are: 1....


The Carnival Of Business Growth Strategies - Featuring Guest Tiffani Bova

Get smarter about building your company’s future. Shep Hyken sits down with Tiffani Bova, the global growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce. They discussed her new book Growth IQ, what the carnival can teach you about business, and the 10 simple paths of business growth. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •While growing up in Hawaii, Tiffani worked in a roaming carnival. She learned many valuable lessons about business such as hiring, firing, employee motivation, and customer experience. •According to...


Delivering A Rockstar Customer Experience Featuring Guest - James Dodkins

Putting your customer first by putting your employees first. Shep Hyken sits down with James Dodkins to discuss James’s new book, 136 Ideas For Rockstar Employee Engagement,having an employee mission, and the real definition of customer experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • James previous experience as a rockstar in a heavy metal band helped him discover that companies can be customer service rockstars, too. • What happens on the inside of a company will be felt on the outside by the customers....


Leveraging Customer Data In Real Time Featuring Guest Scott Walker

Focusing on Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Shep Hyken sits down with Scott Walker, the CEO of ethosIQ,and discuss three levels of customer optimization, finding the correct customer service metrics to focus on, and why companies should give back to their communities. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Customers don’t mind staying on the phone longer if it means getting their problem solved on the first interaction. This means that metrics like “average handle time” or “time to resolution” can be...


The Holy Grail Of Customer Experience - Featuring Guest Craig McVoy

How any sized business can create customer experience and loyalty. Shep Hyken sits down with Craig McVoy, founder and Chief Experience Officer at Beyond Brand. They discussed Craig’s new book Beyond Brand, the seven customer experience principles every business must follow and the questions you must ask if you want your brand to compete in 2018 and beyond. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •McVoy shares his proven methodology that can help any business, regardless of size, improve their profitability and...


Artificial Intelligence Combined With Human Intelligence; The Future Of Business Transformation

What can you do to create a smoother effortless customer experience? Shep Hyken sits down with Jim Iyoob, the Chief Customer Officer at E-Tech Global Services, to discuss the balance between AI and human interaction and how to deliver a convenient and effortless customer experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • In the past, companies owned the narrative and customers had little control. With social media and various omni-channels, the control has transferred to the consumer. Companies like Apple,...


Building A Winning Culture From Within Featuring Guest Jim Rembach

How to create a customer service culture that solves customers problems, increases revenue, and drives loyalty. Shep Hyken discusses frontline leadership, conflict resolution, and customer loyalty with Jim Rembach, the president of Call Center Coach. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • There are six core reasons why frontline supervisors fail. 1. Lack of interpersonal skills 2. Lack of strategic skills 3. Lack of conflict avoidance skills 4. Lack of trust building skills 5. Poor decision-making skills 6. Poor...


Turning Happy Customers Into Brand Advocates - Featuring Guest Michael Redbord

How will chat and chatbots transform customer service in the near future? Shep Hyken discusses turning customers into viral promoters, a new customer-focused growth model, and the next phase of automated customer service with Michael Redbord, GM of the Service Hub at Hubspot. TOP TAKEAWAYS: -Redbord shares the five rules of a customer-centric 1) Knowledge of your customer 2) Applying the knowledge 3) Listening and prioritizing 4) Execution 5) Communicating -How to use NPS (Net Promoter...


Everybody Deserves A Voice - Featuring Guest Doug Bell

How does participation create a customer experience culture? Shep Hyken sits down with Doug Bell, a customer experience consultant and founder and CEO of The Experience Manager, to discuss the benefits of creating a customer experience movement. TOP TAKEAWAYS: -A company customer experience movement starts by giving everyone in the company a way to communicate with leadership. -Customer service must start with a dialogue, giving employees a voice that allows them to share how they want to...


Color Your Customers' World - Featuring Guest Marilyn Suttle

How can you create strong customer loyalty while staying inspired? Shep Hyken is joined by Marilyn Suttle, conference speaker, bestselling author, and coach, to discuss her new book, Color Their World - The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty. TOP TAKEAWAYS: ● The more automated things become, the more important it is to have strong customer service. Automated features can always go wrong, and when they do, someone has to speak to the customers. ● Reinforcement is just as important as...


Tools Of The Trade Learn The Tools Needed To Make A Great Customer Support Center

Discover the best tools and software to provide a great customer experience. Shep Hyken sits downwith Jackie Gonzalez, Vice President of Operations at PATLive to discuss the best tools and methods for a customer support organization. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • First, some background on PATLive. Some third-party support centers employ thousands of agents, many of whom are overseas. PATLive agents, however, are all located in Tallahassee, Florida. These agents are trained to be like employees of the...


Learn The Rules Of Being Crisis Ready - Featuring Guest Melissa Agnes

Are you ready for a customer service or brand crisis? Shep Hyken discusses handling and preparing for a customer service or brand crisis with Melissa Agnes, the author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World. TOP TAKEAWAYS • Melissa explains that ever since she was a kid in Montreal, she’s had the ability to spot and mitigate potential risk. This skill came into play ten years ago when social media first began to rise. While everyone was talking about how great...


Create Your Own "Secret Ingredient" To Stand Out From Competition - Featuring Guest Gigi Butler

How can you separate yourself from the competition? Shep Hyken is joined by Gigi Butler, the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, the largest cupcake franchise in the world, to discuss how she differentiated herself from the competition. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • Branding is the experience a company offers, and to get people on board with a brand, a strong, passionate leader is necessary, along with a product people can connect with. In Butler’s case, she wants people to see, smell, and taste the passion she...


Grow Sales, Revenue, And Customer Loyalty While Improving The Customer Experience

How can you create a better online support experience for your customers? Shep Hyken is joined by Jamie Edwards, Kayako’s co-founder and chief operating officer, all the way from London, to discuss the importance of live chat, and how it can improve the customer service experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS • Live chat can boost customer loyalty - customers are more likely to stay with or become a repeat customer if a company offers live chat support. • Chatbots are with computers and live chats are...


The Future is Here Artificial Intelligence and Bots in Customer Service Featuring Guest Joshua March

How will AI and bots transform customer service in the near future? Shep Hyken discusses the next phase of customer service, automated messaging, with Joshua March, Co-founder and CEO of Conversocial. ( Top Takeaways: - March shares his Six Pillars of Customer Service: 1) be prepared for crises in social era; 2) lean into the power of messaging; 3) make effective use of bot technology; 4) deploy AI effectively; 5) adopt a messaging approach to all digital...


Deliver A Customer Experience That Would Make Mom Proud Featuring Guest Jeanne Bliss

Shep Hyken sits down with Jeanne Bliss, author of Would You Do That to Your Mother? The “Make Mom Proud” Standard for How to Treat Your Customers, and discusses her book and the art of making customers happy. Top Takeaways: • “Make Mom Proud” businesses are companies that are deliberate regarding how they will and will not make revenue, how they will enable employees to do the right thing, how they charge customers, and how they make it easy or hard to do business. • Jeanne encourages...