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Ambitious Entrepreneur – Declutter and systematize your office for maximum productivity

Now I want you to be honest – can you currently see your desk? Or is it somewhere underneath a large pile of paperwork that’s growing at a rapid rate? And, are you struggling to keep up with everything that’s going on in your business? Annemarie Cross is joined by Lori Krolik – a Certified Productive Environment Specialist and Professional … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Copywriting: How to Write Compelling Content That Converts Prospects into Customers

Does your mind go blank each time you sit down to write your sales page, article or blog post? Have you written your sales copy but just haven’t been able to generate the results you want? Annemarie Cross is joined by seasoned copywriter Debra Jason from Write Direction. Debra has more than 25 years of copywriting experience and has developed … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Speaking Your Way to Success

Want to build your reputation as an expert? Then sharing your message through speaking is a must. However, if you’re one of those people that fear speaking in public more than you fear death, before you shake your head and refuse to even consider adding speaking to your brand communication strategies – then you’re encouraged to listen to today’s show.… Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Smart Marketing for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

As an ambitious entrepreneur it can often be difficult to come up with ways to market your business better in order to build brand awareness and stand out from your competitors. Right?! Do the traditional methods of marketing still work? Should we spend our entire marketing budget on social media and internet to get our message in front of our … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Powerful Business Introductions

You’ve just been invited to introduce yourself to a group of business owners. So what do you say? How do you introduce yourself and your business? Perhaps, like many other entrepreneurs you state your name, your company name, and your job title – after all that’s what you do. So it makes sense. Right? Or perhaps your nerves get the … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Google Plus for Business Tweet

Google+ is one of latest social media tools to enter the marketplace and is certainly starting to make itself known with 100 million users within only 7 months of launching. While it’s tempting to roll your eyes and sigh “Not another social media tool,” – you may just want to listen to today’s show before you decide not to incorporate … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurial Couples: How to maintain love and passion while create the business of your dreams

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur working alongside your spouse/partner and while you love them dearly, at times they drive you crazy? You can’t agree on the business’s direction or how best to manage your finances/money? Or they’re just not pulling their weight? If that sounds familiar, this week’s show is a must listen. Annemarie Cross is joined by Erika Forbes… Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Get Financing Now: How to navigate through bankers, investors and alternative sources for the capital your business needs

Cash flow, finances in general and how to access funding from third parties to help ease cash flow is something that many small business owners continue to struggle with. On today’s show, Annemarie Cross is joined by Charles H Green, a recovering Banker with 30-year career in finance and author of Get Financing Now: How to navigate through bankers, … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Business Planning: Creating your roadmap to success

Do you have a business plan that you regularly refer to? If not, you could be jeopardizing your ability to reach your business goals. In fact, we’ve all heard the saying: “Fail to Plan – then Plan to Fail,” which is exactly what today’s guest believes will happen if you don’t have a solid business plan in place to guide … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Powerful marketing strategies for business growth

Do you find marketing difficult and confusing? You’re certainly not alone – which is why many ambitious entrepreneurs don’t spend nearly as much time marketing their businesses as they should. Well, you’re in for a treat as on today’s show Annemarie Cross interviews Steven Howard from Howard Marketing. Steven is a leading marketing strategist, positioning specialist, consultant and author whose … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Growing your business with 4 different income streams

Want to increase your income, but the thought of working longer hours seems impossible because you’re already exhausted with your hectic schedule? Want to free up your time so you can spend with family, but know that by reducing the amount of hours you work – you’ll also reduce your income? Stuck, confused and unsure what to do next? You’re … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – How to turn prospects into clients, easily and authentically

Do you cringe at the thought of having to sell your products and services to a potential business prospect? Host Annemarie Cross‘ guest is Meridith Elliott Powell from Motion First Now. Meridith also found sales uncomfortable, unfulfilling, and a little scary. Despite undergoing the ‘typical’ sales training and being given sales systems/process, she felt no better about selling … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Wellness and success: looking after your business’s greatest asset – you!

Are you so busy with your marketing; your work with clients; and your general business-building activities that you’ve hardly got time for anything else, let alone exercise? Know you shouldn’t be eating so much processed/fast foods, but with your busy schedule, these quick and easy options are far more convenient for you? If you want to start looking after your … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – 112811

112811… Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Taking the fear out of public speaking

Does the thought of speaking in public cause you to go into a state of panic? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ – you’re certainly not alone. Studies have shown that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to turn down contracts because the new role involves public speaking. If you’ve been turning … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Making sales and turning prospects into customers – fun!

Does your throat go dry and your mind blank when you’re about to have a meeting with a prospect? If you answered ‘yes’ – you’re not alone! Many ambitious entrepreneurs dread having to have the ‘sales conversation’ with a prospect, which unfortunately makes it difficult for them to build a successful, thriving business. Annemarie Cross has invited Meridith Elliott Powell … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Discover Your Niche & Entrepreneurial Style

Running your own business and being your own boss is something that many ambitious entrepreneurs dream about. However according to Annemarie Cross’s guest Sherrie Koretke – The Niche Clarity Coach, if you haven’t defined and taken into consideration your niche (in particular what you are passionate about and your life’s mission and purpose) in the planning stages of your business, … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Shattering Your Glass Ceilings to Improved Self Confidence and Business Success

You’ve got big dreams for your business but just can’t seem to breakthrough to the next level. Despite all the marketing you’re doing – you feel stuck. Can you relate? Perhaps you’re not putting yourself forward for that promotion because you don’t believe you have all the experience outlined in the job description. Or maybe, you don’t put yourself in … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Cloud Computing: Can the cloud really help my business?

Picture this. You’re working away at your computer preparing a proposal for a major contract. Midway through typing a sentence, the cursor stops; a deafening screech blasts out from the speakers; and you’re facing the blue screen of death. Can you relate? Unfortunately many ambitious entrepreneurs can. And, because you don’t regularly backup our data, you keep your fingers (and … Read more about this episode...


Ambitious Entrepreneur – Win-Win Outcomes: How to deal with conflict effectively

Are you working with a colleague whose behaviour is unacceptable? Or an extremely challenging client that is demanding way more of your time than what’s stated in your contract? If you are someone who won’t say anything but tend to keep your frustrations to yourself then you need to listen to today’s show, especially if you want to keep your … Read more about this episode...