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AMA 227 - Do We Need Regulation in the Crypto World? with Pavel Matveev

There are new payment systems coming into play in the cryptocurrency world that are about to cause some big disruptions. Jason Hartman talks with Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex, about the new technologies, the main problem with cryptocurrencies, where Bitcoin is headed this year, and whether regulation in the crypto world will be a good or bad thing. Key Takeaways: [2:39] The main problem with cryptocurrency right now [5:17] Blockchain hasn't been designed to be scaleable and how that's...


AMA 226 - Are Big Banks on the Verge of Extinction? with The Finanser Chris Skinner

Jason Hartman talks with Chris Skinner, chairman at Financial Services Club, about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing the banking industry, what changes are going to have the most impact in the coming years, if more regulation is needed, and how blockchain is actually used in commerce today. Chris is an expert on financial markets and fintech. He is author of Digital Bank, ValueWeb, and Digital Human. Key Takeaways: [1:08] Are big banks in trouble and at risk of going away...


AMA 225 - Global Sports Financial Exchange and AllSportsMarket & Actor in A Christmas Story, Ed, Wild America, Almost Famous, Freddy vs. Jason's Zack Ward

Gambling has destroyed many lives, and it's something that actor Zack Ward thinks needs to be dealt with in our society. That's one of the reasons he's CEO of Global Sports Financial Exchange, the first investing platform for sports leagues, as well as determined to teach financial literacy. Jason Hartman and Zack discuss how All Sports Market can help curb gambling by giving a new outlet more akin to the stock market, why they're trying to get more regulation, how they're using...


AMA 224 - Using the Quits Ratio to Judge the Economy with Ali Wolf

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about a possible downturn in the US economy, yet Jason’s guest, Ali Wolf of Meyers Research is staying bullish. She says the important indicators to watch aren’t showing the normal warning signs of a market drop. Ali also discusses the trends of Millennials with regards to renting vs. buying a home, their purchasing cycles and what they are willing, and not willing, to pay for. Key Takeaways: [01:03] Are we at the end of a business...


AMA 222 - Inflationary and Deflationary Pressures with Pragmatic Capitalist Cullen Roche

Jason Hartman talks with Cullen Roche, founder of Pragmatic Capitalism, about macroeconomic events going on today, how Cullen studies the markets, why bonds are more attractive than many believe, and the investment strategy you have to adopt when investing in cryptocurrencies today. The two also take a look at the banking industry, money supply, and asset inflation. Key Takeaways: [1:53] What does Pragmatic Capitalism really mean? [10:26] The macro-economy still looks healthy [13:40]...


AMA 221 - Why We Didn't Need This Tax Reform with Harry Dent

Jason Hartman talks with Harry Dent, author of the new book Zero Hour, about current demographic trends and what they means for our society (assuming fiscal and monetary policy doesn't go haywire), as well as how long technology takes to go mainstream and impact society, the impact of sunspots on our economy, environment, and psychology, why the new tax reform is the cure for the problem that doesn't exist, and more. Key Takeaways: [1:55] What does Harry learn by looking at...


AMA 220 - Vijay Eswaran, Qi, Qnet - Two Minutes from the Abyss

In this 10th Episode Jason Hartman talks with Vijay Eswaran, founder and Executive Chairman of QI and author of Two Minutes from the Abyss. The two discuss the importance of a sense of urgency, living in the moment, and why you need to look at the issues rather than the people trying to influence you. Key Takeaways: [2:21] Why a sense of urgency is so crucial [5:50] How the book got its name (and where Vijay got his sense of urgency) [8:19] HOW do you start living in the moment and...


AMA 219 - Quantitative Easing, Rising Interest Rates, & Tax Reform with Richard Duncan, Part 2

Jason wraps up his interview with Macro Watch's Richard Duncan. The two tackle the topic of rising interest rates, better uses for going into further debt than giving it to tax reform, how the Fed will react to a tanking stock market, and what we can expect to see over the next few years. Key Takeaways: [00:45] What people don't realize about interest rates "People buy houses on a payment, not a price" [1:56] What the Fed will do if the market drops 10% and what else will happen if it...


AMA 218 - Trade Imbalances & Fed Tightening with Macro Watch's Richard Duncan, Part 1

Jason Hartman welcomes Richard Duncan back to the show to discuss what's going on with fiscal policy and interest rates right now. In the first half of the interview Richard talks about how the trade imbalance with China has enriched the nation and brought millions out of poverty, as well as how the general public has no idea how much the Fed is actually tightening, and how that will impact interest rates. Key Takeaways: [2:45] Jason's theory on asset inflation and what it means if the...


AMA 217 - The Changing Cryptocurrency ICO Fundraising Environment with Shane Liddell

Jason Hartman takes a deep look into ICOs and what it takes to fundraise for them. Shane Liddell is CEO at Cryptologist & co-founder of the Cryptoconomy Summit, and he provides insight into how fundraising has changed recently, how to properly spend money to raise money for your ICO, and how to overcome marketing problems created by big companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter when they banned crypto ads. Key Takeaways: [4:28] How do you raise money for a cryptocurrency? [8:18]...


AMA 216 - Financing Your Investments in the New Rate Environment

It's time to take another deep look into rates and ways to finance your properties. Jason talks to lender Aaron about what's going on in regards to rates today, how it's been changing in the last few months, and where to expect it to go in the future. The two discuss how higher interest rates don't necessarily mean your investments can't make sense. Higher rates also mean more write offs on your taxes, plus your tenant is still paying your debts. So you might have lower cash flow, but it...


AMA 215 - What Can We Expect From Our Economy? with William Cohan

Jason Hartman welcomes William Cohan, New York Times columnist, special correspondent for Vanity Fair, former contributor to Bloomberg View, and author books such as Why Wall Street Matters, The Last Tycoons, and House of Cards. William tells Jason his views on the Trump administration, why Donald has had a hard time draining the swamp and who really is to thank for the low unemployment rate and the steady economy. Key Takeaways: [1:13] The Trump administration, leverage and cleaning...


AMA 214 - The Deflationary Force of Technology with Moneyball Economist Andrew Zatlin, Part 2

In the final part of Jason's interview with Andrew Zatlin, the two take a look at whether the future of our economy is inflationary or deflationary. The two also look at the impact of technology on inflation, how it impacts the rental markets, and where the volatility in our economy will be in 2018. Disclosure: this interview was recorded prior to the GOP Tax Reform being written and passed Key Takeaways: [1:17] The proof in the inflation pudding is shipping costs [6:32] The economy is...


AMA 213 - The Future Impact of the Fed Starting to Tighten with Andrew Zatlin

In the first part of Jason Hartman's interview with Moneyball economist Andrew Zatlin, the two of them take a deep look at what's going on in the housing market through the lens that Andrew uses. He looks at hiring patterns of home builders, and has seen a distinct problem in their search for labor. So many industries are hunting for labor that it's creating a bottleneck. The two also look at short-term rentals, hotel vacancies, the Fed's monetary policy, and what's creating the demand...


AMA 212 - Will Government Shut Down Cryptocurrency? with Connor Boyack

Jason Hartman welcomes Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins children's book series, and founder of Libertas Insitute, to discuss the need for education about our rights and liberties to be taught to children at a young age. The Tuttle Twin series is aimed at taking important pieces of adult literature and distilling them into key points to emphasize in a way a child can understand. Jason and Connor dive into subject matter including how government and powerful entities erode our...


AMA 211 - Turning Inflation into True Wealth with Daniel Amerman

Jason Hartman talks with Daniel Amerman, CFA, about the need for legitimate economic data and whether we can get any of that from the government. The two also take a deep look at our nation's rising debt and what that means for the US currency moving forward. Key Takeaways: [2:42] Daniel recently reverse engineered the Congressional Budget Office's long term economic outlooko [6:32] Is the CBO a credible source of information? [8:41] Technically there's no such thing as an unfunded...


AMA 210 - The Importance of Identity with Peter Sage

In this 10th episode interview, Jason talks with serial entrepreneur Peter Sage, author of 5 Keys to Master Your Life, about his recent 6 month stay in jail and how he was able to use that as a teaching (and learning) experience for himself, the inmates, and his students. The two touch on the importance of identity, the need for ego strength & ego drive, what drives people, and more. Key Takeaways: [2:29] Peter's latest "adventure" that landed him in jail [6:55] Identity plays a huge...


AMA 209 - Why Governments Won't Be Able to Stop Cryptocurrency with David Mondrus

Fake news is abound in our country, and it's getting harder to figure out what to believe and what not to. David Mondrus, however, has founded Trive, which uses the blockchain to stop the spread of fake news through crowd sourcing. Jason Hartman talks with David about how the blockchain is able to do that, why cryptocurrencies won't be shut down by the government, the transformation of Bitcoin, why Trive is releasing their own coin, and more. Key Takeaways: [1:51] How Bitcoin and...


AMA 208 - Where Have All the Assets Gone? with Kerry Lutz

Jason Hartman went on The Financal Survival Network with Kerry Lutz on October 16, 2017, to discuss what's going on in real estate around the country, if we're approaching the top of the market, what's happened to the banks that were "too big to fail", Blockchain technology, and more. Host Kerry Lutz and Jason also take a dive into the mortgage crisis of 2008, and whether it could make a comeback in today's environment. Key Takeaways: [2:26] Where are the assets? [7:02] Why it's...


AMA 207 - Economics vs the Constitution with Dr Paul Broun

Jason Hartman talks with Congressman Dr. Paul Broun about what's going on in Washington in regards to policy and the constitutionality of it all. This was recorded prior to the GOP Tax Reform bill passing, but Dr. Broun is a proponent of a tax system that's more in line with a flat tax. The two discuss the irrational belief people have that the marketplace won't react to actions the government takes, as well as why the corporate tax rate needs to be reduced (and who that ultimately...