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I am sharing valuable information gathered from starting 4 businesses, 2 YouTube channels, working for 5 years with Samsung and lessons learned from failures in life.

I am sharing valuable information gathered from starting 4 businesses, 2 YouTube channels, working for 5 years with Samsung and lessons learned from failures in life.
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I am sharing valuable information gathered from starting 4 businesses, 2 YouTube channels, working for 5 years with Samsung and lessons learned from failures in life.









When the going gets tough, the tough gets going - 🗝


Live Life As If Failure Is Not An Option

You think that doubt will ever come to an end? I discuss this beautiful quote "Live Life As If Failure Is Not An Option" and how much of an impact it would have on you. I believe that this idea is a major pillar in the principles of the road to success. Enjoy!


#14 - Self Doubt

One of the most sticky topics that many don't usually like to talk about openly or admit, yet that doesn't make it less true! I try to shed the light from my prospective and break it down to easy pieces. Feel free to share your thoughts and also share it with a friend if you liked it. Enjoy


Episode 13 - Missing out on Millions of Dollars from YouTube

This is something that for the first time ever I share it and it is about how I missed the opportunity with YouTube on becoming the "MKBHD" in the middle east because of my inner demons and fears that were not real and only created inside my head. By no means I regret what happened, but there is a big lesson learned on not listening to your inner fears and just go with what you have in your mind. You will only be allowed to judge after you have given is your best. Enjoy!


Episode 12 - Fear of starting a new business and how to overcome it

My guest is my business partner and my eldest brother Khalil Shattara. One of the most influential individuals in my life and is a great source for knowledge especially when it comes to business. We discuss his background and how did he get to the point of starting his own business while staying in the realm of discussing the topic of fear in relation with business decisions and business development


Episode 11 - Challenges with starting your own website

Been a while and I explain in this episode what took so long to upload. I shed the light on the challenges I faced with creating the website in a general prospective and how I managed to get it done. There will be many sequels to this episode trying to dig deeper into how to solve some of the problems we faced. It is an ongoing process and I would be sharing as the project would progress and move forward. P.S. I use the brand new podcast equipment in this episode and the sound is crisp and...



Remember when we were in school and the teacher told us all of a sudden to go to the board and read a lesson or solve an equation, and your stomach started swirling all of a sudden!! EXACTLY! For the first time I record an episode with one shot and post it RAW & UNCUT. The reason of this exercise is to demonstrate how a person would be in a situation out of their comfort zone. I also share some of the dark times that I have been through and how I was able to go through them. Enjoy!


I am happy Apple refused my job application

Episode 9 Out of all the things that I would feel, I never thought the day would come that I would be so happy that A GIGANTIC company like Apple would refused my job application!! I am super happy where I am today in my career journey despite all the challenges, yet I am glad to be able to gain so much knowledge and be able to share it with the world. Enjoy!


Obstacles in Starting a Business

Starting a business is a dream of every individual on EARTH since we were little kids!! But we get to face the harsh reality which is not all rainbows and unicorn success stories like the ones we see in Hollywood movies. I get to break it down and summarize it in 5 easy points that any person thinking of starting a business would be able to understand. Disclaimer: you might hear somethings that would crush the sand castles that you built in your mind. Always remember that what you wish for...


Making money out of thin air using programming

My guest for today is a very smart person and a dear friend of mine Hussien Atlasi. We both tap into the topic of programming and how it can be useful in our lives whether we were employees or business owners. We bring to the table real life experiences that we have been through in our career and how did this impact us positively. Additionally, we bring case studies of real retailers benefiting from data and making money with zero cost.


Motivation Under The Knife

We often spend a big amount of our lives flipping rocks in hopes to find motivation under it, well guess what?! YOU FOUND IT BABY! Listen to this and you are set! I address the topic with no sugar coating and tell you what you need to hear, so better listen carefully and hope you would benefit ;)!


Rejection Under The Knife

Hitting one of the most sensitive topics BULLS EYE SHOT! Highlighting the depth of impact rejection has on our lives in all aspects (personal, work, business ...etc) and most importantly mentioning ways to deal with it and use it for our advantage.


Under the knife in tracking progress

I am talking about how important it is to track your progress in life and share real life lessons that are not all rainbows and sunshine. Although I would mention many of my failures, but with enough persistence I was able to be on the right path of achieving my goals.


Under the knife - Resistance and procrastination

Shedding the light on a critical problem that is the major reason in sabotaging our work and stopping us from progressing forward.


Anastalks Episode 2 - What to do after graduation? 🎓

This episode is dedicated to all the students who have graduated or the employee who feels lost or the business owner who feels his business is off track. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to follow me and favorite the episode if you liked it.


Anas Talks Episode 1 - Breaking the Ice ❄

In the first episode I break the Ice and discuss the importance of your surrounding while sharing what I envision to this podcast to be in the future. Enjoy!