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episode 209 - How to Pin-Point a Profitable Niche - Interview with Jo Larse

This week we interview guest Jo Larsen, founder of Jo will be talking about how she created a successful paid membership site by creating a community of women in their 40's, and providing information & resources on topics such as relationships, career advancement, health & fitness and more! You can find this week's show page at

episode 208 - Q & A - Would My Niche Site Be Better as a Membership Site or

This week we take more great questions on the show. One happens to be a dynamite question on what type of business model to use for a site that will be offering online training for tutors who need more students and want to grow their tutoring business. What a great idea! We share our thoughts. You can find this week's episode over at

episode 207- How to Turn Past Work Experience into Online Income - Intervie

This week we answer more listener questions, plus play a past interview withNeil Maxwell-Keys founder of Neil will be talking about his experience creating a successful membership site for people who want to work on cruise ships. You can find this week's showpage at

episode 206 - Building Passive Income Online - The BIB Niche Website Traini

On this mid-week segment, I'll be talking about the upcoming BIB Niche Website Training that starts Tuesday October 9th at 8pm. I'll be talking about all 4 session during the month of October. There's still time to get signed up over at

episode 205 - Article Marketing Made Simple - Interview with Michael Fleisc

This week, Michael Fleischner, author of the books, SEO Made Simple, Blogging Made Simple and Article Marketing Made Simple joins us to talk about article marketing and how it's changed since Google's penguin and panda updates. You can find this week's showpage at

episoide 202 - 10 Steps to Positioning Yourself as an Online Expert

On this midweek segment I talk about my time at Experts Academy in Santa Clara, CA last week. I also talk about the 10 Steps to Becoming an Expert. These 10 steps were presented at Brendon Burchard's event and I wanted to share them as they apply to creating an online business as well. To see this week's showpage, visit As always, thanks for listening and have a great week!

episode 197 - Interview with blogger Kelly Crawford of

This week, we have the opportunity to interview blogger Kelly Crawford at Kelly is a mom of 9 children and still finds time to make a solid income blogging. You get to hear her story on this week's episode. You can see this week's showpage at

episode 196 Interview with Vladimir Tetelbaum founder of Swivl

This week, Vlad Tetelbaum co-founder of Swivl, "the personal cameraman" joins us to talk about the development of this cool little gadget, and what we can expect in the near future with updates for the iphone 5 and Android device. You can find this week's showpage at

episode 195 - How to Turn Your Writing Into Dollars - Review of the 48Days

On this midweek segment, We share our experience at this week's "Write to the Bank" workshop. You can find this week's showpage at

episode 194- How to Create a Successful Podcast Community Around Your Passi

This week, we run an interview we did a few months ago with the Podcast Answerman himself Cliff Ravenscraft. Cliff will be sharing his own story of creating a successful podcast community and how anyone with a passion can do the same in their field of interest. For more weekly online business tips and recorces visit our site at

episode 193 - How He Created a 6-Figure Biz Reviewing Frozen Food - Intervi

This week, we welcome Gregory Ng, aka "The Frozen Food Master" and founder of Greg will be sharing how he's created a 6-figure web show reviewing frozen foods. You can find this week's showpage at

episode 192 - How Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Have Influenced My Life

This week, I record a short mid week segment to talk about the death of Stephen Covey and his influential book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You can see this week's showpage at

episode 191 - 5 Steps for Getting Known as a Recognized Expert Online - Int

This week, guet expert Jeff Steinmann of Braveauexperts.comjoins us to talk about how to make money from your expertise. Plus, we'll be taking more great listener questions on: Whether it's a good idea to buy aged domains or previously existing sites and turn them into passive income. WHat to do with a Christmas site that has potential Whether to build a Wordpress site or a forum site around a niche site for baby boomers You can find this week's showpage at

episode 190 - Leveraging Your Knowledge with Info Products - Interview with

This week, we play a previously recorded interview with Paul Reddick of the Paul discusses how he leveraged his expertise as a former baseball player and professional scout to build a successful coaching business using information products. You can find this week's showpage at

episode 189 - What Should I Price My DVD for Amazon? Plus more Q & A

This week we'll be back to taking more questions on the show: One of our listeners, Gary is wanting us to review and audit his website. We'll give him an honest critique. Terry wants to know how much he should charge for his first DVD on Amazon? Frank wants to know how to find out what Google images are in public domain and what the restrictions are on using them. Tracey wants to set her WordPress site up like a community so that she can have regular contributors that log in and post...

episode 188 - Using Your Online Business to Fund Your Calling - Interview w

This week Jonathan Hostetler joins us this week to talk about his experience building passive income online through his niche adsense sites. We'll also be taking more online business questions. You can find this episode's showpage at

episode 187 - How He Created a Video Campaign of 250 Videos with Over 1 Mil

This week, we interview Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. Antonio will be sharing his success story of creating 250 videos that now have over 1 million views and 11,000 subscribers. You can find this week's show page at

episode 186 - How to Create Your Own Social Media Tribe - Interview with Wi

This week, we have ther please of talking with William and Liam Murray. They'll be talking how they've managed to create an exclusive tribe of followers using Facebook and how anyone can build their own community groups using the system they discuss.

episode 185 - 5 Steps for Writing Your first Book - Interview with Sutton P

This week, Sutton Parks stops in to chat about his new book "You Can Sleep in Your Car, But You Can't Drive Your House to Work". Sutton will sharing some his story of how he overcame depression, foreclosure and addiction by expressing gratitiude - something we all can learn a lesson from. He'll also be sharing the 5 Steps he used for writing and publishing his first book. You can see this week's showpage at

episode 184 - Talking Shark Tanks and Selling with Pierce Marrs of Marrs Co

Pierce Marrs joins us to talk about his popularSharkTank fan podcast. Pierce is the president and founder ofMarrs Coachingin Nashville, TN. After spending more than twenty-five years in the field of sales, both training and managing sales people, Pierce decided he wanted something more; so he decided to follow his passion and focus on providing Sales, Career, and Life Coaching to individuals, small businesses, and religious organizations. His podcast is a great lesson on how to launch a...