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Episode #5 - Lynette Gray

In this episode, I got the chance to catch up with my good friend Lynette Gray. Lynette is a life coach, meditation guide & full-time mum and recently decided to pursue her dream career full time. I’m sure a lot of you will connect in some way to Lynette as she speaks about her journey, sharing it publicly for only the 2nd time! Talking points include: - Lynette’s struggle with mental health from childhood. - Escapism, in its many forms. - Tony Robbins and how Lynette managed to get...


Episode #4 - Victoria Bradley: Life After Entrepreneurship

In this episode, I have an incredible chat with my good friend Victoria, an incredibly driven, creative and kind entrepreneur and we chat all things entrepreneurship. Victoria has been an inspiration to me, and I was incredibly lucky to be in business with her in 2016. Not one to be missed! Talking points include: Check out more inspiring podcasts at:


Episode #3 - Matty Currie

In this episode, I got the chance to catch up with fellow Personal Trainer Mattie Currie. We met through a coach support network called Lift The Bar and Mattie agreed to open up about his mental health challenges for the first time. Talking points include: - Mattie’s Mental Health Triggers - Openly sharing mental health challenges as a guy - The importance of support networks Matty shared this great selection of recommended resources Books/Audible The Chimp Paradox – Steve...


Episode #2 - Louise Johnstone

In this episode, I got the chance to catch up with Louise Johstone. Louise lives and works in Dundee, is a personal trainer, has a passion for long distance running and endurance events, and spends a large chunk of her time to raising mental health awareness. Talking points include: - Louise’s passion for endurance running events and how they affect her mental health. - & how Louise organised this incredible mental health awareness week in Dundee. - The...


Episode #1 - Josh Quigley on a Suicide attempt, cycling around the world, loneliness & coping strategies.

"Don't compare your inside to other peoples outside." In our first episode, we were incredibly lucky to chat with Josh Quigley. In the 40 minute show, Josh gives us an insight into his adult life and his journey of self-discovery over the past few years. Talking points include: - Josh's suicide attempt and the events leading up to this - His journey around the world as the "Tartan Explorer" - His "Forest Gump" moment and when he decided to come home - A daily checklist for...