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Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Conversations in Your Practice with Dr. Martin Harvey

Summary The chiropractic profession seems to be under fire lately, all around the globe. Bad press, passionate politicians, and other medical practitioners have their own reasons for criticism. So, how we respond to the adversity will be what defines us. There are effective strategies for handling difficult conversations especially when they are emotionally charged. Let’s use these encounters as an opportunity for growth and connection with the people we serve. Today, Martin Harvey...


How to Gain Trust & Inspire Referrals with Dr. Craig Foote

Summary How important are referrals in growing your practice? For most of us, the answer is: very important. If you live in Australia where chiropractors face restrictions such as the inability to advertise, no use of testimonials or case studies, qualified referrals can be the lifeblood of your practice. So, what are the best practices to gain the right kind of referrals without taking time away from your patient care? Today, Craig Foote share tips from The Art of Inspiring Referrals...


Tell the Truth and Put in the Work with Sabrina

Summary When your profession chooses you it is imperative you stay on course no matter what tries to slow you down. Whether it be a life-changing illness or a major setback, the will to continue on your quest will determine how clients perceive you and your ability to alter their health for the better. Today, Sabrina shares her journey of becoming a chiropractor. Her teenage years were strife with debilitating headaches until a family friend recommended a chiropractor. Within months of...


Solve Don’t Sell to Crush the Curse with Steve Sims of Bluefish

Are you making an impact in other people’s lives? The impact you make is your value. And, promoting your value should be an integral part of marketing and branding strategy. When you promote your value clients don’t feel as if you are selling to them, they see you as solving their problems. Isn’t it nice to feel valued by clients for the work you do? Today, I have an amazing underdog story to share with you. Steve Sims joins me on the podcast to discuss his journey from an unsatisfied...


How to Align Yourself with Creativity and Growth with Brandi MacDonald

What do you think of when you hear the word rigid? As a Chiropractor, you probably visualize the adjustments necessary to bring someone into alignment. But what if the inflexibility, the rigidity exists in the mind? We move past barriers by setting a discipline. Then, we are able to create space for ourselves and explore our creativity, create new habits, and live in flow. What rituals have you settled into that no longer serve you or your practice? Today, my wife, Brandi MacDonald rejoins...


Go Forth and Adjust with Confidence With Dr. Donald Francis

What is unique about chiropractic care? How you answer this question defines the success of chiropractors everywhere. Because without our philosophy we are nothing. Every person under your care deserves your best intention. It is through you that their quality of life will improve. Today, we welcome Dr. Donald Francis back to the podcast. Currently practicing in Scotland, Dr. Francis is a Palmer College graduate who is continuously researching and applying new techniques, including Sacro...


Does Your Chiropractic Practice Align with Who You Are? With Dr. Laura Foster

Summary Little things can make a big difference in how you show up in your practice. If you want to provide the best care for your patients, take care of yourself first. Getting sufficient restful sleep, slowing down, and replenishing your energy will help you deliver high-quality care and more closely align with what you want your practice to reflect. Today, we welcome Dr. Laura Foster who practices in Newmarket Ontario. Her 20-year Chiropractic career started at Palmer College of...


Chiropractic Care is Founded in Service to Others with Dr. Patrick Sim

Being in service and healing others is the philosophical foundation of chiropractic care. But for some, growing a practice and making as much money as possible can muddle the nature of our profession. Burn out can creep up on those who have forgotten their purpose, or the why behind their predilection for Chiropractic. Today, we welcome Dr. Patrick Sim who practices in Adelaide Australia. Dr. Sim believes all chiropractors should be in service to their patients and paying it forward. So...


Just Be You - Just Be You

At times, people tend to be this other person that people want them to be. One can’t fully embrace or be in their top shape for their practice or profession if they’re not themselves. They worry too much of what other people would say instead of living their life for themselves. We have only one life and the best way to live it is to be you. On this episode, we have Dr. Sharon Dongarra. She graduated from Life University in 2010. She is currently practicing in Baltimore and specializes with...


Living The Dream - Dr. Ben Purcell

Age is just a number as a lot of people would say. Sometimes, people would hesitate to venture out or take risks because they think they’re old or too young for it. Let not age hinder what we want to achieve. It is not the basis for one’s success. Live the dream that you aim for. On this episode, we have Dr. Ben Purcell. He graduated from Macquarie University in 2008 and is currently practicing in Australia. Dr. Ben talks about how he got into Chiropractic. He shares his journey into his...


Giving Importance To Objective Findings - Brandi MacDonald

Almost everyone wants to get quick results or outcome in any given situation. This is a human condition though. However, there are certain situations that this doesn't really apply. Sometimes we need to learn to delay gratification. In delaying gratification, we may be able to fully get the results that we are expecting. This may not be easy but it can be learned. On this episode, we have Brandi MacDonald. She talks about the importance of objective findings in easing the frustration of...


Getting Clear On What You Really Want - Dr. Craig Hazel

Sometimes, people don't say what they want. At times, these are influenced by the people that surround them. People may want a certain thing because everybody wants it or everybody’s doing it. In doing so, we may not feel genuine happiness once we accomplished it. It’s best to be clear on what we really want. On this episode, we have Dr. Craig Hazel. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2004. He is currently the president of the AFC (Alliance for Chiropractic in...


Growing Confidence - Dr. Pier Tierney

Growth in different aspects of a person does not end. It may pertain to personality, emotions, or even way of thinking. What is important is there is the willingness to grow. For some people, confidence is really hard to grow. However, with the help of the people that surrounds you and most importantly, it should come from yourself. On this episode, we have Dr. Pier Tierney, who is originally from Canada. She completed her degree in Chiropractic in Australia in 2009. Dr. Pier talks about...


Growing the practice - Dr. Theo Koenen

For some people who are starting their practice, you can begin with a small practice. You don’t have to start with a big practice right away. Starting with a small practice lets you grow your practice with you. You may experience struggles and trials while growing the practice and this is normal. These experiences will surely help you in your practice or personal life later on. On this episode, we have Dr. Theo Koenen. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1999 and he’ll be...


Learnings From Working With Chiropractors - Brandi MacDonald

In every practice or service, there are strengths and weaknesses. At times, people are oblivious of these weaknesses. These weaknesses can come from a person’s personality, process or financial aspect. There are ways to know and combat these weaknesses. One of them is feedback. Getting feedback gives the people the opportunity to learn and from these learnings comes wisdom. On this episode, we have Brandi MacDonald. She shares her thoughts about the top learnings from working with...


Get Inspired - Dr. Chuck Ribley

When one has the passion for the things they do or their profession, it is the road to success. It could also mean that one is inspired from within. If Chiropractors are inspired from within, wherever they will be, it will mean success in what they’re doing with the inclusion of confidence and faith in what they have. On this episode, we have Dr. Chuck Ribley. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1960. He is a co-founder of Life University and was the spearhead in seeing it...


Looking After Yourself - Dr. Alison Young

There are times that people feel exhausted with their business or profession. There are a lot of ways to cope with this exhaustion. One thing is to look after yourself. You need to take care of your self first before you can be able to serve others. You can also result in other activities that make you happy which is totally outside your profession or business. On this episode, we have Dr. Alison Young. Dr. Alison talks about how she got into chiropractic, and how she deals with burn out....


Retention Strategies, Communication, and Having Certainty - Dr. Martin Harvey

There are a lot of ways to be successful in a business or a profession. It is a little bit of everything. Every aspect should be accounted for. It can be from your certainty in your abilities to how you deal with your customers. Each person has his/her own road to success. As long as you and your customers’ beliefs are aligned, then you’re on the right track. On this episode, we have Dr. Martin Harvey. He talks about his idea of certainty and how it applies to the profession. He also talks...


Finding Your Technique - Dr. Peter Kevorkian

Every person has their own needs and wants in life. It differs for everyone. The needs and wants of one person may not be as important to the other person. This also applies to any profession or service. For chiropractors, being sensitive to the people that you adjust is important. Some people are receptive to delicate touch while others may need a different approach. When providing service, it must be catered to the customer’s needs. On this episode, we have Dr. Peter Kevorkian. He talks...


Overcoming the Distance - Dr. Jorge Campos

There could be a lot of barriers to something that you love to do. It could be distance, money, and a whole lot of factors. However, if you are driven and passionate, you will be able to overcome it. If you love what you’re doing, you’ll find a thousand ways to make it work. You just have to believe in yourself and never give up. On this episode, we have Dr. Jorge Campos. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is currently practicing chiropractic in Chile. Dr. Jorge talks...