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The Bootstrapping Method To Building Authority - Josh Elledge

Hello there. In this episode we've been talking a lot about PR and getting your brand out there, getting yourself out there in order to grow your business, but what happens when you just can't afford a PR agency well today's guest josh Ell edge is going to help you with exactly that he's going to share some fantastic tips on how you can generate your own PR. For more head click here


How Money is REALLY Holding Back The Growth Of Your Business - Jen Pierce

JENNIFER PIERCE is an intuitive coach of coaches that is sought after by fellow consultants, entrepreneurs and coaches to launch, leverage and scale their new or existing businesses. Committed to the upliftment and empowerment of her clients, Jennifer honors the foundational truth that every client has the answers they seek. Her foundation in soul centered facilitation supports the path to exponential success whether the challenge was an action based course correction or an inner alignment...


Insider Secrets From The Billion Dollar Man - Thor Conklin

Trust me, you are really going to want to listen in to Today͛s episode, if you want insider secrets from someone who not only has successfully founded and sold multi-million dollar companies but has personally helped his top 15 clients amass revenues in the BILLIONS of dollars. In today͛s episode with Thor Conklin, Profitability consultant, we delve into how jumping from one sales or marketing strategy to the next is costing you money, the importance of customer experience, how tenacity and...


Finding And Creating A Team That Loves Working For You - Suzie Price

When you have a team that loves coming to work, are the biggest fans of your store and are more than happy to go above and beyond, that enthusiasm shines through. Customers can feel the energy, it comes across in your social media, ion your website and if you have a physical shopfront, in the "feeling" that customers instantly connect with when they walk in the doors. Find out how you can build that kind of team. For more click here


How To Read Minds - Jonathon Pritchard

I’m always fascinated by the science behind how we humans behave. So when I interviewed a mindreader, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. From my vast experience of watching the tv show The Mentalist many years ago, I appreciate that the concept behind mind reading is more about watching for behaviour cues, but, like a magic trick, I still don’t know how the heck they do it. Listen in as Jonathon Pritchard, magician, mentalist and entertainer, shows you, how to read minds. For more...


The Story That Could Change Your Entire Business - Stacy Brookman

What I love about people's stories is their stories are typically overcoming, you don't really hear about stories very much about people not overcoming obstacles or a lot of failing and that's what I love to help people see is that they're failures and I love hearing stories about failures because then we can turn them into success stories, we can turn them into where people can live joy filled lives and that's a thrill for me. I love listening to people's stories because I mean we're all...


Using Conflict To Create A Thriving Retail Business - Amanda Semenoff

No one ever wants to confront conflict, especially in the workplace. It’s icky, it makes you feel tense and perhaps, even fearful. But we need to accept that there will always be conflict and discover how to lessen the pain and stress caused by unresolved conflicts, to truly cultivate a thriving workplace culture. How to rectify bad mood and get rid of stress? [18:18] How to get out of your own headspace? [23:06] How do you react to people when you notice they are not OK? [26:12] What...


How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Manufacturing - Krizstina Holly

When it, comes to manufacturing, it only takes one mistake, to end up losing tens of thousands of dollars. Discover some of the most common pitfalls and hurdles that novice manufacturers make, plus hear whether onshore of offshore manufacturing is better for your product. What is that actually entails? [12:02] Using technology ability to talk to anybody anywhere in the world, the processes should be easier - is that true [14:02] Hear the Krizstina's thoughts on manufacturing offshore vs...


How To Create A Podcast To Sell More Products - Rob Greenlee

One way to get ahead of your competitor, is to get straight into the minds of your customers. Being inside a customer’s head, with no interruptions and no distractions, that’s what all marketers dream of. When you can do this, you develop a relationship. And it is possible, with a podcast. For more click here


How to use Pinterest To Sell Products - Kathryn Moorhouse

Today's guest Kathryn Mohast is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business using Pintrest and she is one of the leading experts on Pintrest marketing. Kathryn has become the go to expert for helping high performing entrepreneurs grow their audience and income using Pintrest. Clearly, I'm so excited, I can't even speak properly. Best of all, what I'm really, really loving is Katryn has also got her own retail store. So the best part about today is, she is going to blend in how...


Smartphone Hacks to Grow your Social Media Fast-Tabitha Carro

In this episode I interview Tabitha Carro, a former school teacher turned small business owner. She shares her experiences transitioning from her full-time teaching job, to selling teaching aids on the side, and then developing her smart-phone marketing business. Tabitha is a veteran elementary school teacher who got her start as an online entrepreneur filling the need for educational materials to her fellow teachers. From there, she opened the Smartphone Marketing School, a blog and...


Protecting Your Biz From A Ransomeware attack - Doug Endersbee

Today we are going to be talking about something that scares the hearts and minds of just about every person who has ever opened an email in their life, today we're going to be talking about ransomware and cybercrime and I've got my friend Doug Endersbee back on the show to talk all things security and making sure that you don't get locked out and ransomed to your own information. How to be safe from the cyber criminal? [05:30] Is there any other kind of cybercrime that we should be...


Charles Palleschi - How To Make Dropshipping Work For Your Store

The best inventions are born of necessity. When Charles Palleschi purchased a site that sold popcorn, popcorn kernels, and popcorn related accessories ecommerce business, he quickly realised that he needed to scale and parts of his business. That need inspired Charles to create Spark Shipping, the leading dropship software which automates millions upon millions of orders for eCommerce and retail entrepreneurs every month. 00:02 Salena: Hey there, and welcome to this week's episode of the...


Using Trade Shows as a Powerful Retail Marketing Tool - Katie Hunt

Trade Shows...Have you ever considered them in your store's retail marketing plan? If not now is the time to reconsider! We have Katie Hunt here today to educate us on using trade shows as a powerful retail marketing tool! Katie is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, host of the Proof to Product podcast, a business strategist, and mentor to creative entrepreneurs. Katie launched her wholesale line for Kelp Designs in 2009 and was selling in retail stores nationwide until 2016, when she...


Ecommerce Tips To Increase Sales - Jeff Wenberg

Today we are jumping into to learn more about e-commerce strategies to make you more money with Jeff Wenberg from Smart Marketer. If you don't already follow Smart Marketer you must check them out. The team at Smart Marketer puts out some of the best content when it comes to what's working and what's not when it comes to e-commerce. Jeff talks to me all about some of the best apps you can use to help grow your e-commerce sales and what actually stops people from investing in tools that...


Photography That Sells More Products - Lauren Carnes

With the ease of the internet, who doesn’t shop online in today’s world? It’s so convenient, quick and easy to get everything you need right to your door! But have you ever ordered something online and then received it and it was nothing like you thought it was online? That’s no fun, right?! So, What about your e-commerce shop? How do your shoppers feel when they are checking out all your store offers online? Can you really connect your products to your customers when they can’t...


How To Make Facebook Ads Work For Retailers - Miranda Ivey

When thinking about advertising your business online most likely one of the first places you think of is Facebook Ads, and for good reason. With over 2 billion active monthly users your target audience is bound to be abundant there, right?! But the real question is are you doing everything possible to optimize your ads on Facebook or are you just throwing away money? Well, get ready to review your Facebook strategy because today I’m talking to Miranda Ivey of Miranda is a...


3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever – Day 3

In the last 2 episodes of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast we have been going through my 3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever. If you’ve missed out and need to catch up check out Episode 1, where we discussed Cash Flow and discover how you can Stop Being a Shopkeeper and Start Being a Business owner in Episode 2. Plus, don’t forget to download the full 3 Days to Your Most Profitable Year. In today’s episode we are going to talk about “YOU”, where you want to be in your business...


Stop Being Shopkeeper And Start Being Business Owner

Today is day 2 of my 3 days to your most profitable year and we are looking at how you can construct a plan for profit. But before we get started if you haven’t yet head on over and check out day 1 here. There you can get jump started on reviewing your cash flow and brainstorming your 2018 “business word of the year.” So think for a minute about your favorite store. Why is that store your favorite? What does it have that makes you just “have” to go there? Now think about your shop?...


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