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E-commerce Marketing Tips - Neil Patel

Our guest started his career in marketing at the age of 16. The Wall Street Journal called him a top influencer on the web. Foltz says he's one of the top 10 marketers. An Entrepreneur Magazine says he's created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He's a New York Times bestselling author and was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Our guest is Neil Patel For more click here


How To Make $3500 In Sales With a $100 Facebook Ads Spend - Sherrie Micallef

I know that you often listen to the people on this podcast and you think man they seem so much further along than I am, well today I have Sherrie from lime lifestyle on and she is going to share with you exactly what she goes through in her business journey every single day. In this episode you will learn: For more click here


The Legal Implications Of Running A Promotion - Anthony Verna

Running your own business is fraught with danger. We all know that and sometimes we don't have access to instant legal advice. So I'm here to help you. And I've brought Anthony Verna on the show. He's a lawyer and he's going to help us really navigate what it takes. What you need to be doing and how to make sure that you stay within the law when it to running a promotion. Anthony is the managing partner of a boutique law practice focusing on intellectual property, trademark and copyright...


The Proven Formula to Create A Viral Facebook Post - Rachel Miller

I saw Rachel on stage and she talked about how to make a Facebook post go viral. Now just, last week of the week before when we were recording this I had a Facebook post going viral in a group and for all intents and purposes, it potentially should never have done so. But I want to get Rachel to give us the inside secrets, the inside scoop, on how you can make this happen. For more click here


6 Key Area To Maximize To Bring In Customers - James Cook

Driving traffic to your store can be such a difficult thing. So I thought who better to tell us about how we can do that but head of retail research James Cook In this episode, you will hear and learn 6 dimensions of retail experience For more click here


Tripling Your Sales With Visual Content - Scott Thomas

Retail is visual. And when it comes to visual marketing, whether you feel creatively challenged, like I do, or you are super comfortable with creating images for your brand, we can always grow by having some expert advice thrown our way. So I’ve brought Scott Tomas from creatively squared onto the podcast, to talk all things visual marketing. And more... you will discover if you click here


How To Get A 80% Increase In Email Open Rate - Matt Barnett

Welcome to the podcast show, our guest is Matt Barnett, Matt's from Bonjoro and if you joined my retail breakthrough series you would know exactly what a Bonjoro is. It is a personalized video message that I recorded over four of recently and welcomed every single person into the retail breakthrough series. I really love this platform because of the way that it connects. So, I asked Matt to come on and talk to you about how personalized video messaging can be used to significantly retain...


Who Are Hijackals - Dr Rhoberta Shaler

Hijackals - Have you ever had one of those people in your life? You know the type of person who you spend time with them and afterwards, you just feel completely drained. They just seemed to take so much effort to be around. And yet we still hang around them. Why is that? For more click here


Challenge Your Own Thoughts - Jasmin Terrany

Jasmine Tirani and she is going to challenge your beliefs and your thoughts on motherhood parenting work-life balance and even success is all of this actually possible For more click here


Using Purpose to Build Your Brand - Alexandria Agresta

I had a recent digital marketing conference, I know I've been harping on about it for quite some time. At that recent tropic and conversion conference, one of the repeating themes that came up was that, in order to grow, it is super important to automate your systems But once automation is paramount to business growth, I feel like some brands have forgotten that customers are real people. And in the ever-changing digital landscape, never has it been more important to build relationships,...


What's Holding You Back From Moving To The Next Level - Tommy Breedlove

Today's guest this week is Tommy Breedlove. Now Tommy chose to lead a very lucrative international financial consulting career to follow his calling to help others with the same securities and struggles he faces every day as a leader and as a man. Today on the show Tommy going to share with you his wisdom and his tools to rediscover your brilliance to achieve meaning balance and true happiness without compromising your financial and professional success. Now just before we jumped on to...


How To Add 25% More Revenue Using Email - Chloe Thomas

When it comes to e-commerce email marketing, it can be really difficult to work out what you should be putting in those emails. There's a big argument between transactional emails I like to call those buy my stuff emails and educational or informational emails and I thought who else better to have on the show then the lady who has been called the top one of the top ten ecommerce commentators in the world. For more click here


Take Back Control Of Your Money - Stephanie Thacker

We have been talking a lot about money in the last few weeks. We had money as one of our key features in the retail breakthrough series and here in Australia, it's pretty much tax time, so money is on everybody's mind. So, I thought to myself who better to get on the show then someone who can just really iron out all the wrinkles when it comes to what you need to know in keeping your books straight clean. I don't know what the technical term is for it but keeping them in in order let's...


Protecting Your Brand When Working With Influencers - Jamie Leiberman

We have all seen the stories of product brands that have been featured by people like Kim Kardashian and we wish that that could be us, we wish that we could just get a celebrity to take our product and flash it all over Instagram, but the fact, is that is not the beginning or the ending and there's a lot of technical stuff as well as legal stuff that we need to put in place before we use influencer marketing. So, I have influencer marketing expert Jaime Lieberman on the show to share her...


What You Simply MUST Know About Business Credit- Ty Crandall

You know as a small business owner that cash flow can be a rollercoaster not just for you for any business whether you're big or small and whether you're looking to grow or just to smooth out those peaks and troughs hands up who's had those me having access to external funds actually gives you and your business a little bit of breathing space, but when you're a business, it can be a little bit tricky navigating the paperwork and the legalese that comes with getting your business access to...


Why Your Probably Breaking The Law Online – Richard Chapo

the Internet has been a godsend for us it means that we can sell our products and services anywhere in the world, but as it grows it becomes a legal minefield so today's guest Richard Chapel is an internet lawyer and he is going to help us navigate just a teeny tiny part of the internet web laws that are out there we can't cover all of them. But I've asked him to talk about a few of the key ones that are going to be relevant to you no matter where you are in the world. For more click here


The Bootstrapping Method To Building Authority - Josh Elledge

Hello there. In this episode we've been talking a lot about PR and getting your brand out there, getting yourself out there in order to grow your business, but what happens when you just can't afford a PR agency well today's guest josh Ell edge is going to help you with exactly that he's going to share some fantastic tips on how you can generate your own PR. For more head click here


How Money is REALLY Holding Back The Growth Of Your Business - Jen Pierce

JENNIFER PIERCE is an intuitive coach of coaches that is sought after by fellow consultants, entrepreneurs and coaches to launch, leverage and scale their new or existing businesses. Committed to the upliftment and empowerment of her clients, Jennifer honors the foundational truth that every client has the answers they seek. Her foundation in soul centered facilitation supports the path to exponential success whether the challenge was an action based course correction or an inner...


Insider Secrets From The Billion Dollar Man - Thor Conklin

Trust me, you are really going to want to listen in to Today͛s episode, if you want insider secrets from someone who not only has successfully founded and sold multi-million dollar companies but has personally helped his top 15 clients amass revenues in the BILLIONS of dollars. In today͛s episode with Thor Conklin, Profitability consultant, we delve into how jumping from one sales or marketing strategy to the next is costing you money, the importance of customer experience, how tenacity...