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What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.

What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.
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What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.




Facebook Reports Surge in Revenue Amid Data Crisis

The site's revenue rose to $11.97 billion and active monthly users topped 2.2 billion. We ask Russell Brandom, senior reporter at The Verge, why Facebook doesn't appear to have suffered from the data privacy scandal. We speak to our correspondent Robin Brant from the Beijing Motor Show about how the US-China trade spat could impact BMW. Also, when it comes to philanthropy who gives money and why? Anna-Marie Harling, UBS Head of the Global Ultra High Net Worth Philanthropy Centre tells us...


Trump and Macron to Work Towards Iran Deal

President Trump has strongly criticised the current international agreement on Iran. We speak to Trita Parsi, a president of the National Iranian American Council based in Washington about how US sanctions have impacted investment in Iran. We have a report from Barcelona, Spain, on a row that has erupted since the ride-hailing app Uber recently established operations in the city for the first time since 2014. Greenland, an island of just 56,000 people, headed to the polls on Tuesday. Thomas...


Toronto Van Attack Leaves Ten Dead

The driver fled the scene of the incident, but was arrested several streets away. We hear more from Natalie Kalata of CBC News at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where the victims were taken, and Caryn Lieberman of Global News Toronto, reporting from the scene. Emmanuel Macron meets Donald Trump in the US for bilateral talks expected to cover the Iran nuclear deal and trade. Alice Pannier, an assistant professor of International Relations at John Hopkins University in Washington, tells us...


21/04/2018 GMT

Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.


IMF Issues Warning On Global Debt

The International Monetary Fund says that high global debt is a concern. The BBC's Kim Gittleson gives us the latest from the IMF and World Bank Spring Meeting in Washington DC. A consultation is being undertaken to consider a UK ban on plastic straws and cotton buds. Rebecca Newsom, head of politics at Greenpeace UK, gives us her reaction. Plus, Yogita Limaye on efforts in India to get rid of plastic products. We hear former director of the FBI James Comey's on UK broadcast interview, in...


Cuba Nominates Castro Replacement

The parliament in Cuba has picked Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel as the sole candidate to succeed the 86-year-old Raúl Castro as president. We find out about the country's economic prospects from BBC Havana correspondent, Will Grant. President Duterte of the Philippines has ordered the closure of the country's most popular holiday island because of over-tourism. Jonathan Head has been finding out how local businesses to see how they are preparing for the shutdown. And Stephen McDonnell...


Can Japan Avoid US Steel Tariffs?

As President Donald Trump welcomes Shinzo Abe to Florida, we'll explore what the Japanese PM is after - in negotiations over North Korea and in trade terms too. Richard Bush of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC gives his analysis. Also, as the World Bank turns to the capital markets to raise money for the world's poorest - we ask if it's a safe investment? And what has the Commonwealth ever done for us? We'll canvas opinion in India ahead of the organisation's summit in London....


Does the shipping industry's pledge on carbon emissions go far enough?

Shipping ministers and representatives have agreed for the first time a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships by at least 50% by 2050. Shipping accounts for around two per cent of global CO2 emissions. So is this a sea change, or just a drop in the ocean? Niklas Hoehne, Founding partner at the New Climate Institute in Cologne and John Kornerup, head of sustainability strategy for the shipping giant Maersk, each join to give their take. Hundreds of years ago, windmills were...


Donald Trump talks to his allies about strikes on Syria

Russia has called another meeting of the United Nations Security Council for Friday, with their ambassador warning of war between his country and the United States. Meanwhile, President Trump has been talking to the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and the French President Emanuel Macron, to coordinate any action. But the White House says nothing has been decided yet, so what is actually going to happen? Whatever it is, it’s already moving the oil price, as Russ Mould from AJ Bell explains....


Mark Zuckerberg's Second Day Before Congress

Day two of Mark Zuckerberg’s ordeal in front of the US Congress: the billionaire founder and owner of one of the biggest companies on the planet was confronted for the second day by politicians over the misuse of user data. Could this mean that social media companies will face tougher regulation in future to tackle issues like fake news and foreign political interference? Donald Trump has declared he expects to send missiles against what he calls the "animal" President Assad of Syria,...


Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress

As Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the U.S. congress following the data-sharing crisis, we get analysis from Sarah Frier, technology reporter for Bloomberg. Since India became independent in 1947, the whole country has operated under a uniform time zone - Indian Standard Time or IST. Is it time for a change? Rahul Tandon reports. We cast the net a little wider to draw in some of the business headlines from elsewhere in the world and cross to Andrew Wood in Hong Kong. Volkswagen is...


Sanctions Hit Russia's Financial Markets

Markets in Moscow have fallen sharply after the latest sanctions announced by the US. Aluminium giant Rusal is among the worst affected, losing more than 40% of its value. We hear from Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory Ltd, which advises companies on doing business in Russia and we get further analysis from Pulitzer prize winning journalist Anne Applebaum. China has dispatched the largest naval fleet it has ever sent in to the South China Sea. At the same time, an American aircraft carrier...


US Issues Fresh Sanctions on Russia

The US has targeted key allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, including 17 senior government officials and seven oligarchs. We speak to Brian O'Toole, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington, for the reasoning behind Trump's move. As the UK brings in a sugar tax on soft drinks, we hear from Dr Corinna Hawkes, director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University in London, about how successful the tax has been around the world. Plus, following the death of...


Google Staff Sign Letter Against Drone Project

1,300 workers sign an open letter asking for work to stop on Project Maven, which uses artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of military drone strikes. We speak to Kate Conger of the technology website Gizmodo on what this means for Google's image, and future. More and more people are being tested for the presence of agricultural chemicals in their system, but how dangerous are they? BBC reporter Mike Powell investigates. And as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is accused of looking...


Brazil Awaits Lula Prison Ruling

Judges are voting on charges made against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. He could face twelve years in prison and elimination from October's presidential election. We get the latest from the BBC's South America Business Correspondent in São Paulo. The dispute over tariffs between the US and China continues, as the US government voices concerns about intellectual property theft. We hear from Harry Kazianis of the China Policy Institute in Washington. Roger Hearing is joined...


US ramps up China tariff threats

US trade officials have published a list of Chinese products that could be hit by new import tariffs -- ranging from television screens to jet engines. How will Beijing respond? Our Business Reporter Kim Gittleson reports from New York. April 4th marks the deadline for British companies that employ more than 250 people to report their gender pay gap - that's the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women. Some businesses have already submitted their data - and...


China retaliates with US import tariffs

Revenge is sweet - or at least that seems to be the hope in Beijing - as the Chinese government announced tariffs on a range of goods produced in America's heartland. Taxes of up to 25% will apply on 128 different US goods - including pork, fruit, nuts and wine. That's what happens when you don't follow WTO rules, says Zhang Jian-Ping of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. Emily Feng of the Financial Times in Beijing says it's a finely calibrated political...


Why is Youth Unemployment in the US so High?

Unemployment among 16-24 year-olds in the US - at 9.2% - is twice the national average. Andrew Leon Hanna of the McKinsey Social Initiative in New York tells us why. And have you ever been turned down for a job because you don't have enough experience? That's exactly what's inspired two young singers from Philadelphia, Nalani and Sarina, whose latest single is a lament to their jobless peers. Also in the programme, Dana Mattioli of the Wall Street Journal explains why US retail giant...


President Trump to Weigh up Trade Deals

Despite negotiating a trade deal with South Korea, President Trump has said he will wait to see what North Korea can offer.Dan Ikenson, director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington DC considers these tactics. Also on the programme, we hear from Egypt following the Presidential election that put Abdel Fattah al-Sis back in power. Victoria Craig reports on the growing popularity of Gin. Fergus Nicholl is joined on the programme from Seoul by Professor...


The Cost of Missing out on Education

The numbers of refugees or displaced people around the world has risen dramatically in the last two decades. This increase conflict has also disrupted the education of millions of children, who go on to face an uncertain start in the world of work. We examine what is being done, by speaking to Dr Mary Joy Pigozzi, director of the Educate a Child programme at the Education For All Foundation. Also in this edition: a viola player who suffered hearing loss during a rehearsal has successfully...


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