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What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.

What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.
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What matters in the world of business, from the US to Asia.



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Migrant Caravan Heads to the US

Thousands of migrants from countries in Central America, who are determined to reach the United States have arrived in southern Mexico on their walk north. President Donald Trump has reacted to what he sees as the failure of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to stop the caravan of marchers, by starting the process of cutting aid to the three countries. The BBC's Ana Gabriela Rojas reports on the tough conditions they face as they to make the twenty mile journey north to Huixtla today....


Kandahar Poll Delay After Assassination

Former economy minister Anwarulaq Ahadi reacts to the assassination of General Abdul Raziq and considers the role the economy will play in elections which are going ahead in the rest of Afghanistan. Also in the programme, we have a report from the Indian state of Sikkim, which has become India's first fully organic state. There's an international economics of happiness conference taking place in Bristol in the west of England this weekend. Liz Zeidler is chief executive of the charity Happy...


Jamal Khashoggi case: Mnuchin and Fox quit Saudi summit

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox have pulled out of an investment conference in Saudi Arabia. Daniel Lipmann of Politico in Washington tells Roger Hearing his thoughts. Online auction site eBay has accused its rival Amazon of poaching sellers illegally, US technology journalist Melissa Jun Rowley tells us more. Roger is joined by Professor Jasper Kim, Ewha University in Seoul and Journalist Diane Brady in New York. Plus we hear about...


Canada Legalises Recreational Cannabis

Canada has become the second country, after Uruguay, to legalise recreational cannabis. Vik Adhopia, a reporter at CBC in Toronto tells us what it's been like today. As European leaders gather to discuss the latest round of Brexit negotiations, Sir Vince Cable, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats in the UK parliament gives us his take on the deadlocked talks. Plus animal print sales have led to a 30% jump in profits for one retailer, fashion editor at a british newspaper, Amber...


More Bank Chiefs Pull Out of Saudi Event

HSBC, Credit Suisse and Standard Chartered have pulled out of a Saudi investor conference. We get analysis of the latest move, in the wake of the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, from Karen Young of the American Enterprise Institute and George Washington University. Also in the programme a YouTube gamer who posted videos of himself cheating at Fortnite is being sued by its developer Epic Games. Jon Fingas of technology website Engadget tells me more. Plus our reporter...


Fracking Restarts in UK

Amid protests, fracking for shale gas has begun at a site in Lancashire in the UK. Kate Blagojevic is UK head of energy at Greenpeace, and explains why there is resistance to the practice. Crossing the Atlantic, we also hear from Seth Whitehead, a spokesperson for Energy in Depth, the education and outreach arm of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Also in the programme, we find out why the US retail giant Sears has been forced to file for bankruptcy protection. Historian...


Saudi Arabia: Companies Boycott Investor Conference

Companies and media organisations are boycotting an investor conference in Saudi Arabia amid rising concern about the disappearance in Turkey of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Also in the programme, should lithium to be traded on the London Metals Exchange? And - you buy a purse at Walmart. There's a note inside - apparently from a prisoner in China - saying I made your nice new bag - and I'm incarcerated in terrible conditions and the guards are stealing my food. What do you do? What...


Indonesian Journey: World's Most Polluted River

We are in Indonesia's fourth largest city, Bandung, for the final instalment of our Indonesia special. We will hear about life on the world’s dirtiest river, Citarum, and the efforts to clean it up. Bandung may have its problems, but it's also a city of innovators - we hear how a new generation of street vendors is embracing a digital future. Also on the programme, how social media is shaping - and tainting - perceptions of Islam in the world’s most populous Muslim country. And we take a...


'Monster' Hurricane Lashes the US

Hurricane Michael has hit the southeastern US hard and suddenly. With winds of up to 250 km an hour and a storm surge of almost three meters in places, it is being described as the most powerful to hit the region in decades. We get the latest. More than 2000 people were killed by an earthquake in Sulawesi in Indonesia last month, with many parts of the city of Palu reduced to rubble. But, we hear that there are some signs of normal life returning. Also on the programme - what are the...


From Paradise, IMF Warns Of Trouble for Global Economy

Broadcasting live from the Indonesian island of Bali, Jon Bithrey takes a closer look at the issues facing the archipelago. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are hosting a conference on the island, and the BBC’s Karishma Vaswani tells us what is expected on the agenda. The conference is being held at a time when the IMF has warned ‘dangerous undercurrents’ are threatening the global economy and that trade tensions, inequality and Brexit all pose risks to...


Pakistan Turns To IMF For Bailout Talks

Pakistan's finance minister has announced the country will ask the International Monetary Fund for a bailout. We'll hear from Nadeem Haque, a former Pakistani official and former IMF representative, and Saeed Shah from the Wall Street Journal in Islamabad. Then, Jair Bolsonaro is the favourite in the second round of Brazil's presidential election. The BBC's Julia Carneiro gives us the latest on the country's reaction and what happens now. It’s an age-old question, how do women balance the...


Key US Senators Back Embattled Kavanaugh

Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, now seems certain to be confirmed by the US Senate on Saturday. Republican Senator Susan Collins was expected to be a swing voter. Not only did she back Judge Kavanaugh, she excoriated what she said were the political interest groups who had fought tooth and nail to stop him. We get analysis from Politico's Daniel Lippman and Carl Tobias, Professor of Law at the University of Richmond. Also in the programme, ahead of elections in...


Indonesia Special

In this special edition of the programme live from the Indonesian capital Jakarta, we'll get under the skin of how people make a living in one of the planet's most populous countries. One week one on from the deadly earthquake and tsunami, we'll hear about the continuing humanitarian challenges in Sulawesi. We take Indonesia's economic temperature with the nation's finance minister Sri Mulyani, brave the chaotic Jakarta rush hour to look for transport solutions on one of the world's busiest...


US Ordered to Ease Iran Sanctions

The International Court of Justice has ordered the US to ease sanctions it reimposed on Iran after abandoning a nuclear deal in May. The US must remove "any impediments" to the export of humanitarian goods. The US pulled out of its Treaty of Amity with Iran in response. David Mortlock, partner at the international law firm Willkie, Farr & Gallagher explains the links between the ICJ, the now defunct treaty and sanctions against Iran. Also on the programme, our reporter in Sao Paulo looks...


FDA Seizes Juul E-cigarette Marketing Documents

The Food and Drug Administration in the US has seized more than a thousand pages of documents from e-cigarette company Juul Labs - related to the company's sales and marketing practices. The agency says there's an epidemic of youngsters using e-cigarettes - which is creating a new generation of nicotine addicts.The Verge's science and tech reporter Rachel Becker has been following the story. The US midterm elections are just weeks away and President Trump is speaking at a rally in...


US, Canada and Mexico Agree 'New NAFTA'

There is a new NAFTA. Or at least there will be. The North America Free Trade Agreement has been replaced by the USMCA. Christophe Bondy was a top Canadian trade negotiator on NAFTA. Does he think that Trump's tough tariff tactic brought the NAFTA talks to a successful conclusion? We speak to Jeffrey Sachs, UN adviser and Professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia University. For him, it's time to redraw US Foreign Policy completely, focussing global cooperation, international law and...


Facebook Security Breach Affects 50 Million Users

At least 50 million Facebook accounts have been compromised through a vulnerability on site. How did it happen? The US Senate has decided to postpone the final vote on the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, allowing the FBI to conduct a week-long investigation. Also on the programme, the secret of happiness at work and why local businesses are suffering due to a lack of public toilets. Presenter Roger Hearing is joined by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Clive Hunton in Canberra.


Elon Musk Charged With Securities Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit accusing Tesla boss Elon Musk of securities fraud.The US financial regulator says Mr Musk's claims that he had secured funding to take the electric carmaker private were "false and misleading". We hear from professor John Coffee, an expert in securities law at Columbia Law School. One of the biggest oil companies in the world, Brazil's Petrobras, has agreed to pay millions of dollars to settle a corruption investigation in the United...


US Raises Interest Rates

Jerome Powell, the chairman of America's central bank has announced the decision to put up the cost of borrowing in the US. We get analysis from David Wessel, a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution in the US. Many video games let players using a PC, Nintendo or Microsoft Xbox play together online. But Sony had blocked Playstation users from competing across platforms, infuriating gamers. It's now relented and Steven Messner from the website PC Gamer explains why....


Trump Attacks 'Globalism'

In his attempt to 'make America great again', President Trump has already vowed to put America First. In an address to other world leaders at the United Nations general assembly, he launched a scathing attack on what he called globalism. We get analyis from Harry Kazianis, Director of Defence Studies at the Centre for the National Interest in Washington DC. We get the latest on Argentina's financial crisis from our regular commentator Roger Bootle of Capital Economics. Hot pot is a favourite...