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#99 - Sales for Non Sales Professionals - Part I

Sales for Non-Sales Professionals A segment of the audience who listens to the Catalyst Sale podcast are not practicing sales professionals. This week we discuss some high-level topics related to sales for non-sales professionals. For the sales pros out there, some of this may be a little basic, but you may want to share it with other members of your organization. Questions Discussed Key Takeaways Sales for Non-Sales Professionals is one of the workshops we facilitate at Catalyst Sale...


#98 - Coaching with Guest Christie Walters

Christie Walters, co-host The Why & The Buy Podcast, and President iCore Strategy Christie is a speaker, sales & marketing strategist, coach, Gitomer certified advisor, and co-host of the Why and the Buy podcast. This week Christie joins us to share her perspective and experience as a certified coach. We discuss what changed in her approach pre-certification & post-certification, and discuss how coaching can help you and your organization. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Designed...


#97 Prospecting - Building Pipeline

Prospecting - building your well before you need a drink. We have recently passed the mid-point of the year for most sales organizations. How does your pipeline look for the remainder of this year? What about next year? Q2 has wrapped up, we are moving into what many see as the most financially active period of their sales year. This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss the importance of prospecting and building pipeline. We discuss a couple of best practices, tools, and...


#96 - Motivation Based Interviewing with guest Carol Quinn

Carol Quinn, CEO of Hire Authority and the Founder & Creator of Motivation-Based Interviewing Hiring is one of the most important decisions you will make as a CEO, Founder, Leader, or Manager. Carol Quinn joins us this week to discuss Motivation-Based Interviewing (MBI), the importance of hiring, common mistakes, and important considerations when working through the interview process. Carol Quinn is CEO of Hire Authority and a national speaker with more than 30 years’ experience in...


#95 - Enabling the Organization

Transitioning from Sales Enablement to Organization Enablement This week on the podcast we discuss sales enablement as a function and the different lenses that an organization may use to inform their approach. We also discuss the idea of organization enablement and wonder if this will be the next evolution within organizations. Questions Asked Key Takeaways HubSpot Show Links Catalyst SaleTwitterLinkedInhello@catalystsale.comJennifer McClure ep 60Sales Enablement Society Catalyst Sale...


EP 94 - Gender Pay Gap, Building Business Acumen, and Networking

Compensation, Building Business Acumen, and Networking Round 2 with Guest - Jennifer McClure - Speaker, Executive Coach, President of Unbridled Talent & CEO of DisruptHR Jennifer McClure, CEO Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR joins us for her second appearance on the Catalyst Sale Podcast. We cover a number of topics this week, including the gender pay gap, building business acumen, and networking both inside and outside of your organization. The gender pay gap discussion was prompted by a...


#93 - Making the Transition from Inside Sales to Field Sales

Listener Question - Tips for Making the Transition to Field Sales This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we have a listener question. Chris from Ontario is the process of transitioning from an inside sales role to a field sales role, and he wonders if there are any best practices or tips to keep in mind when making the transition. We discuss the importance of planning, building rapport, being aware of your surroundings, and tips to keep the conversation on track. We wrap up the...


#92 - Leading, Doing the Work, & Communication

Leadership Lessons from Dan Cockerell This week Dan Cockerell joins us on the Catalyst Sale podcast to discuss leadership, experience, doing work, and his next journey. Dan recently retired from the Walt Disney Company, as the Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, and has recently launched his consulting, public speaking, and virtual COO practice. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Show Links LinkedInDanCockerell.comThe article of the Week Call to Action What do you think about...


#91 - Setting Expectations, Creating a Plan, and Adapting the Plan

Failing to Plan is a Plan to Fail Part II in our series on common challenges that we see across our customer and prospect base is focused on planning. Specifically developing the plan, adapting the plan, and execution. One of the biggest challenges organizations we work with have relative to planning, is clarity around expectations, which leads to issues with focus & expectations around speed. Setting expectations, establishing a plan, working the plan, and adapting the plan all play a...


#90 - The Art & The Science of Sales - Leveraging Data to Take Action

The Art & The Science of Sales - Leveraging Data to Take Action. This week Steve Wil, Revenue Champion & SaaS Sales Leader, joins us to discuss sales, data, common challenges, dealing with conflict, and what's next. We discuss Steve's background and experience, both as an individual contributor, and leading sales teams. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Show Links LinkedInCrucial ConversationsJill RowleyCatalyst Sale Twitter Call to Action How do you distinguish between the Art &...


#89 - Coaching, Mentoring or Training?

Coaching, Mentoring or Training - What's the Difference? On previous episodes we have discussed Mentoring in Sales (42), we have also discussed Coaching vs Training (79). This week we discuss all three approaches in the context of personal development and improving capabilities. We share our thoughts on the differences between Coaching, Mentoring, and Training, why one approach may be better than another, and when it might make sense to combine methods. Questions Addressed Key...


#88 - Managing an Exit - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Managing an Exit - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly This week on the podcast, Mike & Mike tackle the question of a startup exit or merger from the perspective of the employee within the organization, to the founder/leadership team, to the company who is making the acquisition. Acquisitions & exits are tough, they become more complex as more information is shared, especially if too much of the wrong information is shared or gaps are left in the information. It is a delicate balance and a...


#87 - Helping People Do Things Better - Learning, Sales, & Doing the Work

Helping People Do Things Better - Learning, Sales, & Doing the Work This week Ryan Carson - Founder & CEO Treehouse joins us to discuss Learning, Sales, and Doing Work. Ryan continues to build and run his third startup, and according to him, you would have to kill him before he stopped working on his mission at Treehouse. He is passionate about helping people do things better. We discuss Ryan's background, why he started Treehouse, his experience with other startups, and what he's...


EP 86 - Using Data to Improve Sales Performance, Management, and Leadership

Using Data to Improve Sales Performance, Management, and Leadership Rob Käll is the is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cein, Inc. Rob is passionate about data, machine learning, natural language processing, and using these technologies to improve organizations. We met Rob through a listener of the Catalyst Sale podcast, and we think you will enjoy getting to know him as well. On this episode, we discuss measuring things that matter, using data to gather insight and improve outcomes, how...


#85 - Infinite Learning

Infinite Learning - How Can You Apply It To Your Role? This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast, we discuss Infinite Learning. Specifically, what is it, how you can apply it to your job, how it applies to sales, and how we apply it within Catalyst Sale. Mike Simmons first heard the phrase Infinite Learning on a recent Masters of Scale podcast with Reid Hoffman and Barry Diller. A link to that episode is included in the notes below. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways targeted Call to...


Episode 84 - Insights and the Importance of Story - Guest Anne Wolf

Storytelling, Entrepreneurship, and Lessons Learned from Working with Steve Jobs - Guest Anne Wolf Anne is the President & Founder of Wolf Communications. She is a Chief Marketing Officer by trade, she has carried a bag, starting her career in sales. Today, she works with entrepreneurs, many times in a Chief Strategy Officer role. We met Anne through the TLDC18 conference. This week we cover a lot of ground, from the transition between sales and marketing, to Anne's time at Apple, to...


Episode 84 - Be Careful What you Measure

Be Careful What You Measure Mike Simmons started the year attempting a 10k steps a day objective. Four to five days into the test he decided it would only be a 28-day experiment. This week we will discuss how this test applies in business and in life. We discuss the importance of choosing the right things to measure, choosing the right goals, and choosing the right tools to capture the data. We also talk about goal setting, and include a request at the end of the show notes. Questions...


Episode 82 - Blind Spots - Do we all have them?

Blind Spots - We all Have them This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast, we have a listener question from Ann in San Diego. Ann asks - What is something you consistently find within organizations you work with? One of the most consistent things we see across all of the organizations we work with, are the blind spots they have created. Many times these blind spots are a function of focus, attention, and passion. The challenge with blind spots, everyone has them, they require help to...


Episode 81 - Personal Relationships - Do they help in Sales?

Personal Relationships - Do they help in Sales? Is this the first time Mike & Mike are going to have conflicting viewpoints on the podcast? This week on the podcast, Mike & Mike tackle the question of personal relationships in sales. You may be surprised to see who takes which perspective. We hope you enjoy the discussion, and look forward to your feedback on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Call to Action We are actively increasing our engagement...


Episode 80 - OODA Loop & Leadership with Guest Dave Berke

Feedback Loops, including the OODA Loop & Leadership Lt Col. Retired, David “Chip” Berke is our guest this week. Dave served 23 years as a Marine, mostly flying airplanes as a fighter pilot. He is currently with Echelon Front as a Leadership Instructor. Dave shares his experience with the OODA loop as a pilot, forward air controller, and in the business environment. We also discuss the science and art of this process, and how this applies in sales, learning, and leadership. Questions...