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Podcast by Catherine A. Mathews @ ARUDHA Corporate Alliances

Podcast by Catherine A. Mathews @ ARUDHA Corporate Alliances


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Podcast by Catherine A. Mathews @ ARUDHA Corporate Alliances




TONY GOOD, Chairman, Cox & Kings: the Indian commercial caste system, Tata & the future of travel

What influenced the demonetization of the Indian currency in 2016? Why did Coca-Cola leave India and how can a person overcome adversity to become one of the world's greatest PR and travel giants? Anthony BM Good reflects on doing business in India across the decades, and his great affection and respect for JRD Tata.


SWARA BHASKAR Hindi film: inspiring truth as the New India takes centre stage

Actress Swara Bhasker gives a refreshingly honest interview on the role of commercial and Indie film in India, as a medium for social change. Swara speaks her truth on mental health in India, women and accepting the challenging and non-conforming gender film roles, in order to prove her skills in the competitive world of entertainment.


TAKILA WOOD: Out of the(Tolly)woods: a change agent & delivering inspiration through film

Vibrant Takila Wood speaks on her modern 18th century Grand Tour enlightenment following her first Indian feature film. At 17 years of age, Takila leaves her mother and family home in South Australia, only to revel as she moves closer to her life wish. Takila highlights the importance of maternal wisdom, culture, and the business of film tourism when finding the right (auspicious) time to launch the film.


DR SANJEEV BAGAI Beam it up Watson: bringing e-health to 'life' in India

Dr Sanjeev Bagai is an inspiring, entrepreneurial healthcare and clinical innovator. He believes digital health and AI is the way forward, to make health accessible and affordable for all. As a hospital administrator & physician, he will oversee the new iconic hospital in Dwarka, Delhi. This facility will incorporate IBM Watson in India, to compliment the Hospital's delivery of e-health initiatives.


DANIEL MILKY, Argos: the hierarchy of millennial needs, Gen Y leadership & cognitive overload

Less processing of food and packaging the better, according to Daniel Milky, Co-owner of Argo Cafes in Adelaide. Daniel is a Gen Y leader, entrepreneur and disruptor, and he speaks on the hierarchy of the Millennial-generation and their needs, their bowels and reducing customer cognitive overload. Daniel is one of the pioneer disruptors in fresh and organic food offerings, choosing to use his branded cafés and juice bars as a bricks and mortar educational establishment for brain, gut-health,...


SEAN HOLDEN:Revisiting India and the sport of doing business with JAGJIT UPPAL

An honest, no-barred update with Mr Sean Holden at the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy on business, government regulations, spirituality and proposed cricket schools in India.


Dr Lindsay Falvey: food technology, faith and foreign investment

The way we treat animals and the land reflects our values and culture. Dr Lindsay Falvey is Australia’s distinguished scientific, and agricultural voice on environmental intervention, institutional development, world governance and capacity building in food production and adjustment strategies. We discuss issues, such as the: live cattle trade from Australia, foreign investment and trust in business. Dr Lindsay Falvey sanctions those who dismiss the relevance of the various philosophical,...


SANDEEP KOACHAR: Motivational speaker & Astrologer - Understanding people

Sandeep Koachar needs little introduction. He is dubbed, the ‘Nostradamus of India’ and known throughout India, Asia, USA and UAE for his extraordinary accuracy in understanding human personalities. Using humor and positivity, Sandeep is an acclaimed advisor and motivational speaker, philanthropist, actor, media host, and who has an army of Facebook followers. Sandeep has been instrumental in changing the negative perception of cosmology, using his longest astrology television show as a...


ASHISH MEGHANI: Wrapping India's future with the next generation of leaders

Ashish Meghani, MD, Wrap Tech Machines, India, gives his first-hand no-nonsense advice to those wanting to enter the India market in this digitally savvy environment midst the backdrop of global multi-nationals. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family - in family businesses, there is a new vitality.


SEAN HOLDEN: the sport of doing business in India with the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy

Sean is our first case study in our business, culture and strategy podcasts. Using his leadership, experience and skills with the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy, Sean is passionate to bridge the gap amongst under-privileged teenagers in Australia and India through sport, in order to build confidence, team work and a healthy lifestyle. He has a small, yet growing knowledge of the cultural headset of doing business in India. Synonymous to India, is applying astrology to business and life...


JAGJIT UPPAL: Astrologer - the Saint in Jeans and the Art of Nothingness.

From a very young age, Jagjit had a love for the Himalaya Mountains. Fighting not only his father’s expectations to achieve a career in the National Defence Academy of India, but also the contradictory demands of daily life, Jagjit immersed himself in the philosophical, spiritual and divination writings to become one of the world’s well known Astrologers and a preacher in the art of nothingness.


AJAY KOTHARI, IAC GROUP - Reverse Engineering: at the Heart of Defence

Ajay is vibrant, inspirational, dynamical yet humble. Using reverse engineering, Ajay’s third generation, family business produces India’s defence spares, armaments and sophisticated equipment. Refusing to go under the knife and have heart surgery following a sudden attack in his early 40’s, Ajay, ironically, opted for Dr Ornish’s reversal of heart disease program (under the guidance of Dr Bimal Chajjer), a complete change of diet and a more holistic approach towards life. PS. This was my...