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Building a Better Business - with Donnie Shelton

Donnie Shelton runs his own pest control companies and is the internet marketing guru behind Coalmarch, the CO2 Conference, Forgely and Sprout products. We get into tons of questions including: The future of the service industry - and a full breakdown of the challenges #1 Motivator at Work What kind of website is most effective for home service businesses NOW And - Fun Fact Do you know that 64% of Millenials WOULD NOT work in construction even if they made $100k or more a year? We...


Money Movers and Makers

Today we discuss our thoughts on the newly announced acquisition that we started talking about weeks ago. Why we think (and other experts do too) that the purchase of Assured environments by Terminix is a great thing for smaller companies. How the 179 deduction can help you save money And why you can expect an 8 - 14% increase in pricing in Pest control products. 2:55 The Big Buyout 12:25 Economy in 2019 - how to do well even in a tough economy 24:24 The next big thing


From the CO2 Conference - Innovation in Pest Control

Amazon, Uber, Netflix - are all well known disruptive innovators who completely changed "business as usual" in their field. So who are the innovators in Pest Control and what are they doing? That's what we're looking at in this episode from Raleigh NC at the CO2 Conference where some of the brightest minds got together to focus on Pest Control, Lawn Care and other Home Services Businesses. :46 Joe tells Ed the best way to CYA. 3:25 The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 14:22 An 86%...


Get to Work

We’re taking you back to the beginning with a listen to our very first recording... Hear some hilarious stories about Ed’s start in Pest Control *WARNING* This Episode is No frills - Hear us talk about our plans for the podcast and get a real honest look at how this all came together. 2:10 Aggravation tax 13:35 What are you crazy? 26:15 Eddie’s got a gun 33:20 Beef with the half a lunatic in the ktichen


The Fall and Winter Pest Control Conference 2018 Tour

This episode was recorded as Joe walked through the halls at the 2018 NPMA Global Bedbug Summit in Denver CO 11/26 - 11/29. Then we get into some of the details about the Coalmarch CO2 conference in North Carolina 12/4 -12/7 2018. MVP Tip - A VOIP System that works better and is probably cheaper than the one you’re using now. We share our plans for the Company Holiday Dinner and some of our favorite memories from holiday parties past. 1:55 Ed's Scheming 4:51 Anyone over the age of 70 is...


Colony Confidential takes on 2018 Global Bedbug Summit

In this episode we're shooting the shit about the 2018 Global Bedbug Summit and what we're hoping to see for future bedbug treatment options. We also get into some of the the benefits of having younger friends and the real housewives gossip. Want more? Here's the breakdown: 2:08 The Tale of Dingle Sole 4:35 How much $$ would it take to get Ed out of retirement? 9:00 Single for Life and Car Talk 13:33 Challenges in formulating gel bait 15:33 Old folks at the self checkout 16:38 I'm...


BedBug Slayer - Dr. Dini Miller talks urban pest management

The Global Bedbug Summit starts today in Denver and Dr. Dini Miller -Urban Pest Management Professor at Virginia Tech joins us to talk about her two loves. Roaches and Bedbugs! Listen in for her take on heat systems and what you need to know before treating low level vs. high level infestations. The next tech breakthrough for the pest control industry and where she’d like to see new ideas.


Thanksgiving Leftovers with Ed & Joe

Already miss Thanksgiving? Go ahead and eavesdrop on Colony Confidential's outrageous Thanksgiving and meet Uncle Marty.


You got Questions? We got Answers.

We have a ton of questions that need answering. This episode covers a question from a successful business owner that got us talking about employee morale. We also give you some real deal Networking tips and Who hasn’t wondered about those ultrasound plug in things for rodent and insect control? Hear our two cents, plus some traveling tips and Ed's #1 tip for striking up a conversation with a stranger.


The Cheat Sheet on Handling Sensitive Accounts

Ed and Joe share some of the biggest loopholes to look out for when getting started with those big bids. These are also sometimes some of the most sensitive accounts We told you to get specific about your contracts and we get even more specific here, with actual instructions for you. Hear EXACTLY how detailed and specific your contracts should be structured —This will save you time and suffering - Guaranteed. Also hear how Ed worked a St. Patrick’s Day Miracle. ALLEGEDLY


How-To: Handle Sensitive Accounts

Cut the Cowmuffins and Quit acting like a Happy Ending! This episode gives a quick intro into the world of Working at Sensitive Accounts - think hospitals, daycare centers and zoos. Keys to your Success: Focus on Customer Service Know about the latest pitfalls in the Bidding Process Get clear and specific about Contracts


Get Money to work for you - Getting Started with Investing

Ed and Joe are back to teaching you the lessons they've learned over the last 70 + years of Successful Entrepreneurship. We all know (or at least heard) that to make money, you have to get money to work for you. Ed has been trying to get his hands on Joe's portfolio, so he can make sure he's getting the most out of his money and in this episode, that's what we'll do for you. Topics include: Useful info on 401K plans Dividend stocks vs. Roth IRA How to get started in the stock market


Today's Round-Up

Catch Up with the guys. Today, we're talking about: The best crawls for business Networking Know-How Top Moments from PestWorld '18 and Ed welcomes a new PR Guru PLUS Everybody who's Anybody gets a shoutout.


PestWorld 2018 Bonus

Dr. Nina Jenkins is an expert on safe pest control methods and she gives us the rundown on the science behind getting rid of bed bugs with the New Aprehend treatment from ConidioTec. Then Dan Fleischer from Pestex in Boston joins us and things get crazy.


K-9 Scent Detection in Pest Control Part 2

The guys get back into the discussion of K-9 Scent Detection. We talk about what's coming next with scent detection. Rodent abatement, Drones and Inspections.


Live from Pest World 2018 continued

A grant winner from Canada speaks about the challenges she faces and the state of the industry with our neighbors up north, she also shares one horrible encounter that will make your ears ring. The presenter of one of the most talked about seminars from Pest World 2018 "7 Sneaky Ways to create Publicity for your Brand” stops by, the owner of turf signs tells us how her product can help get you more customers and a new friend joins us to talk tech, hard work and succession planning. This is...


LIVE from Pest World 2018

Did you miss NPMA Pest World 2018? Hey - No worries because here's your chance to hear all that went down at the show and behind the scenes. This series includes our Exclusive Interviews with Pest World 2018 Professionals sharing great tips and insights on their businesses. We even get them to answer our questions on a bunch of our favorite topics like: the Newest Industry Technology, smoking hot Scientific Breakthroughs, Living the American Dream, Animal Birth Control, and even More! Also!...


K-9 Scent Detection Part 1

We've done a lot of work with Scent Detection Dogs over the years. And fresh off some recent training at CSI in Florida and Ocean City Maryland we're giving away all the Details with: Joe's Breakdown of NESDECA Training and Step by Step Instructions on How our Bedbug Dogs are trained. Is the dog a pet or Nah? It's no surprise that Ed and Joe don't agree on the answer AND Learn How you could be screwing yourself out of a more successful Scent Detection Program.


K-9 Scent Detection Part 1

We've done a lot of work with Scent Detection Dogs over the years. And fresh off some recent training at CSI in Florida and Ocean City Maryland we're giving away all the Details with Joe's Breakdown of NESDECA Training and Step by Step Instructions on How our Bedbug Dogs are trained. Is the dog a pet or Nah? It's no surprise that Ed and Joe don't agree on the answer AND How you could be screwing yourself out of a more successful Scent Detection Program


How to do Sales Right

The guys talk the talk on Sales in Pest Control and the Service Industry. Commercial and Retail. They spar on a bunch of stuff starting with: 2:00 Highlights of Ed’s trip to Russia 8:47 Joe sums up what Ed said for the last 8 minutes 19:50 The traits of the most excellentest sales person to hit the Pest control scene. We hope he’s not listening :| 16:36 THE keys to being a good salesman So you didn’t get the bid - what now? One killer tip that will help you turn a loss into gain$$