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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.

The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.


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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Following the Money – Detroit’s Depressed Economy with Bill Mosley, JD, CPA

As America recovers from the Recession, Detroit remains in an economic Depression. With stats worse than the Great Depression, Detroit suffers from one third of the homes being abandoned, one third of the city is unemployed and only about one third of the students graduate from high school. The community leader, William Mosley, JD, CPA reviews the depth of … Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – The Recession and where is the Recovery with Joshua Mosshart

If the largest Recession in our lifetime is over then why is our unemployment remaining high and the mortgage markets remain in a crisis? This in-depth discussion of the historical traits and unique issues of our economic recovery. Joshua Mosshart brings a wealth of experience navigating clients through the last decade. We learn what are the patterns and problems with … Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – THE FEDERAL RESERVE MEETING OF NOV 2010 with Sasan Faiz

The Federal Reserve provides the cash for the hundreds of billions of dollars distributed during the current economic stimulus. The meeting of November, 2010 proved to be one of the most significant in recent history. One of the nations top Registered Investment Advisors, Sasan Faiz discusses the impact of this crucial meeting on our economy and every American’s plans.… Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – NATIONAL FINANCING IN STATE ELECTIONS with Denise Roth Barber

Your State elections and State representatives are receiving money from sources outside your State. The increase from outside sources is increasing and it is hidden from the electorate. Ms Barber is a Research Director whose national organization has been tracking political contributions to State politicians and offers. Roberts’ site provides a myriad of organizations fighting for election transparency.… Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & CORPORATIONS with Madea Benjamin

A small business is not represented by the Fortune 500. In a startling expose of what the century old Chamber has become since taken over by lobbyist paying themselves millions of dollars each year. Madea Benjamin working for Chamber Watch reveals the highly bias political activities of the new leadership. Roberts Web Site on economic inequality documents these scathing insights.… Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – PAYING FOR THE NATIONAL DEBT with Ryan Ellis

You owe hundreds of thousands of dollars of the National Debt. In an intriguing discussion with Ryan Ellis of the Americans for Tax Reform, Roberts delves into the areas of national borrowing that threatens our credit, debt and health of our economy. Every American must make a choice, learn about your money or lose it. Prepare to be fascinated … Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – UNEQUAL TAXATION with Chuck Collins

You can work hard, own a family business and pay three times the tax rate the very rich pay. Why and what can we do about it? Chuck Collins from Boston’s Institute for Policy answers the effect taxes have and how unequal taxation hurts us all. For links into the myriad of organizations working to this end, please visit the … Read more about this episode...


Following the Money – THE PROFITS AND COSTS OF WAR

What are the costs of a war and who makes the profits? Julie Levine discusses her experiences leading the Topanga Peace Alliance by informing students of their right not to have their personal information automatically turned over to the military. Veteran Roberts adds his experiences and insights into war. His Web site on economic inequality documents the 20-25% net profits … Read more about this episode...