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Interviews with content strategy experts.
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Interviews with content strategy experts.






Eric Best: Scenario Thinking – Episode 54

Eric Best Eric Best helps business leaders look into the future. As a scenario-thinking consultant, he helps you discover insights that let you formulate an actionable strategy in the face of uncertainty. Scenario thinking gives you tools to explore the differences between your currently planned future and the one that may actually unfold. Eric and I talked about: his background in journalism, strategy consulting, and scenario planning how a couple of inaccuracies in my introduction...


Rob Mills: Content Operations – Episode 53

Rob Mills Rob Mills thinks a lot about content operations. As Head of Content at GatherContent, which provides a content operations platform, he both manages and writes about content ops. So, yes, this episode gets a little meta at times :) Rob sees the growing multidisciplinary nature of content work as a "fun challenge." He revels in the demands of connecting the many ops worlds that converge in his: content ops, design ops, research ops, and dev ops. Rob and I talked about: his background...


Emily Triplett Lentz: Inclusive Content – Episode 52

Emily Triplett Lentz Emily Triplett Lentz is committed to making her content as welcoming as possible to everyone who encounters it. Her inclusive-content work not only ensures that traditionally excluded groups feel included. It also delivers stronger business results and promotes better writing. We talked about: her background as a writer and content strategist their focus at Help Scout on the customer experience, including their attention to inclusive content how easy it is to carelessly...


Jonathon Colman: Content Champion – Episode 51

Jonathon Colman Jonathon Colman knows how to build content teams and integrate them into big digital programs. He deftly navigates the challenges that come with creating complex products in fast-growing organizations, always championing the best content practices. Jonathon's career arc mirrors the growth of content strategy and content design. He started out as a technical writer and webmaster. He was a content marketing pioneer. He worked in both SEO and UX at REI. Recently, he has...


The Evergrey: Conversational Journalism – Episode 50

Caitlin Moran & Monica Guzman Mónica Guzmán and Caitlin Moran are thoughtful practitioners of a new kind of reporting - conversational journalism. Their team at WhereBy.Us builds community in five U.S. cities with newsletters that engage their readers in ways that old media couldn't. I invited Monica and Caitlin to the podcast because I was impressed with how they had maintained a consistent voice in their Seattle publication, The Evergrey, during a staff transition. We talked about: their...


Tracy Playle: Content Strategy Workshops – Episode 49

Tracy PlayleTracy Playle has a super-power: people skills that help her run effective content strategy workshops. Clarify your "why." Get the right people together. Engage them in focused and creative activities. Great strategy is the result. Tracy and I talked about: her content strategy consulting work in the education sector ContentEd, the conference she organizes how she gets people together to get content strategy tasks done how she uses the user story framework to introduce the concept...


Phillip Hunter: Designing Digital Conversations – Episode 48

Phillip Hunter Phillip Hunter has been designing digital conversations for 20 years. He started with touch-tone phone applications. More recently, he has worked on Alexa and other voice-based technologies. Phillip and I talked about: how fun it is to "talk about talking" his current work at [24]7 his early work developing touch-tone applications back in the 90s his evolution from developer to product designer and product manager the history of voice interfaces, from trying to mimic the human...


Colleen Jones: The Content Advantage – Episode 47

Colleen Jones Colleen Jones is a Jedi Master of content effectiveness. She helps organizations plan, create, and improve operations that produce user-focused content. Colleen and I talked about: her return to consulting after 9 months leading the content team at Mailchimp content effectiveness - how it's a needed new way of measuring content succcess that fits conceptually between content quantity measures and ROI calculations how the six dimensions of her content effectiveness framework...


Torrey Podmajersky: Strategic Writing for UX – Episode 46

Torrey Podmajersky Torrey Podmajersky is a true UX writing pioneer. As a "content developer" for Microsoft's Xbox she cultivated the skills she now uses as a UX writer at Google. Her new book, "Strategic Writing for UX," shares the insights she has gleaned over 10 years of UX writing practice. Torrey and I talked about: how her new book, Strategic Writing for UX, arose from her attendance at Confab 2018, how meetups there of the small crew of UX writers led to insight about how to make it a...


Laura Robertson: In Search of a Content-First CMS – Episode 45

Laura Robertson Do you love your CMS? Laura Robertson asked the audience at her Confab 2019 talk whether any of them loved their CMS. In a room of 750 people, only one hand went up. This sad state of affairs has prompted Laura to reflect deeply on content management systems. Laura and I talked about: her content strategy practice in London, working mostly with non-profit organizations where there is room for improvement in content management systems: most CMSs were designed to publish...


Mike Atherton: Designing Connected Content – Episode 44

Mike Atherton Mike Atherton applies insights from information architecture to help content strategists develop domain models. These models help align content stakeholders and create a powerful way to organize, discover, and display content. Mike and I talked about: his discovery in the late 1990s of the field of information architecture (solving what was then known as "the pain with no name"), via Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld's book, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web how...


Flora Paul: Editorial Intelligence – Episode 43

Flora Paul Flora Paul developed an analytics practice she calls "editorial intelligence" during her time at BuzzFeed Brasil. She firmly believes that writers and content strategists "can be friends with numbers and data." Flora and I talked about: UOL, the huge internet portal in Brazil, her current employer her prior work at BuzzFeed Brasil how she came to coin the term "content intelligence" - which arose from the culture of data at BuzzFeed and her curiosity about the numbers behind their...


Rachel Van’t Land: Finding Your Brand Voice – Episode 42

Rachel Van't Land Rachel Van't Land helps businesses speak in a credible voice that aligns with their brand. She is a copywriter, brand strategist, and content strategist based in Seattle, WA. Rachel and I talked about: how she defines "voice" and how she helps her clients find theirs the importance of voice - it's every bit as, if not more important than, your logo and other visual branding elements how you can end up with an "accidental" brand voice if you don't pay enough attention to it...


Blaine Kyllo: The Power of Content Governance – Episode 41

Blaine Kyllo Blaine Kyllo helps enterprises understand and optimize their content processes. A key part of his work is helping his clients develop governance models that keep content operations on track. Blaine and I talked about: his background in journalism and publishing how large enterprises tend to have the big, sticky problems that governance can solve how media companies - whose business is content - can be a model for non-media enterprises how content crosses departments, how it's...


Crystal Taggart: Using AI to Optimize SMB Digital Marketing – Episode 40

Crystal Taggart Crystal Taggart helps small- to medium-sized businesses improve their business results with artificial intelligence. AI is rapidly emerging as a viable technology that even small businesses can use to optimize their marketing efforts. Crystal and I talked about: her company, Atlas AI, and its mission to empower SMBs to use artificial intelligence to better promote their businesses how AI lets you personalize your communication with your customers - way better than the...


Neal Sofian: Using Conversational Content to Build Relationships – Episode 39

Neal Sofian Neal Sofian leads a company that builds conversation bots for the health-care industry. Using algorithms, machine learning, and contextual storytelling, they create complex, customized content on the fly to help people change their health behavior. Neal and I talked about: conversational AI and how conversation bots can create conversations and build relationships how technology that permits the creation of unique compelling content helps people change their behavior their "Mad...


Jennifer Bourn: Small-Business Content Systems – Episode 38

Jennifer Bourn Jennifer Bourn helps small businesses create systems to plan and create their content. She also helps other small-agency owners streamline and systematize their operations. Jennifer and I talked about: the importance of systems and processes in both her business and personal lives her ability to identify and implement a systematic approach to any business activity - both hers and her clients the flow of content work in a typical client project the various interpretations of...


Kronda Adair: Stealth Content Strategy – Episode 37

Kronda Adair Kronda Adair helps mission-driven businesses succeed online. Helping her clients authentically share their expertise as digital content is a key part of this mission. Kronda and I talked about: her evolution from web developer to a full-service, results-oriented marketing agency her stealthy approach to eliciting content from her clients her new "Content Bootcamp" product how she helps her clients with their communication strategy: crafting a good offer that solves a real...


Jenn Marie: Brand Copywriting & UX – Episode 36

Jenn Marie Jenn Marie helps small businesses share their authentic selves online. She focuses on personality-driven content marketing that helps her clients start conversations with their customers and prospects. Jenn and I talked about: how her diverse business background prepared her for internet marketing work how her work in experiential marketing informs her branding expertise the confluence she observed about 10 years ago of experiential marketing and influencer marketing her first...


John Sechrest: Content Strategies for Startups – Episode 35

John Sechrest John Sechrest helps startups tell their stories. By managing the narrative around their startup idea, founders can improve their odds of raising money, attracting the right talent, and - most importantly - connecting with the right customers. John and I talked about: the importance in of startup founders telling an effective story and living it how content strategy is the art of managing a startup's story how neglecting your narrative leaves you "wallowing in the swamp" how...