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Interviews with content strategy experts: enterprise, UX, product, content design, content marketing, etc.

Interviews with content strategy experts: enterprise, UX, product, content design, content marketing, etc.


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Interviews with content strategy experts: enterprise, UX, product, content design, content marketing, etc.






Preston So: Omnichannel Strategy and Voice Usability – Episode 105

Preston So Preston So is an expert in both omnichannel strategy and voice design, as well as a number of other digital business and design practices. As communications channels proliferate and the variety of digital devices grows, we need strategies to give our customers and users a consistent experience, no matter where they are or how they are consuming our content. Preston weaves together elements of omnichannel strategy, voice usability, and other modern digital practices into an...


Aaron Bradley: Knowledge Graph Strategy for Content – Episode 104

Aaron Bradley Aaron Bradley uses knowledge graphs to create intelligent content experiences at Electronic Arts. Knowledge graphs are a relatively new technology that lets content engineers create more meaningful and versatile content experiences. We talked about: his work as a knowledge graph expert and content modeler at Electronic Arts (EA) his definition of a knowledge graph: "machine-readable facts about things derived from one or more sources" the role of knowledge graphs in content...


Margot Bloomstein: Trustworthy – Episode 103

Margot Bloomstein After showing up in the content strategy world and generously sharing her expertise for more than 20 years, Margot Bloomstein has earned the trust of this community. Margot's new book, Trustworthy, shows you how to earn the trust of your customers and users. As reliance on experts fades and is replaced with crowd-sourced trust, the work of content strategists must evolve to account for these new dynamics. We talked about: the cynical era we live in and its implications for...


Lisa Welchman: Digital Governance – Episode 102

Lisa Welchman Lisa Welchman recognized early in her career that companies would need help managing the business challenges that come with new technologies. In the ensuing 22 years, she has become the leading expert in the new field of digital governance. Today, Lisa helps large enterprises, NGOs, and other companies develop frameworks, policies, and standards that let them collaborate effectively and operate responsibly. We talked about: her education as a philosopher and how logic and...


Kristina Halvorson: Content Strategy Community Leadership – Episode 101

Kristina Halvorson Kristina Halvorson is to many the face and the voice of the content strategy profession. She came to prominence a dozen years ago with the publication of her book Content Strategy for the Web, and she had been practicing content strategy for a dozen years before that. Since 2011 she has organized Confab, the leading content strategy conference, and founded in 2020 the Button conference, which focuses on digital product content. She hosts the Content Strategy podcast. And...


Jeff Eaton: Content Modeling – Episode 100

Jeff Eaton Jeff Eaton looks at content modeling two ways, both the traditional boxes-and-arrows way and the title-case Content Modeling way. Thinking about how you'll structure and organize your content will always be important. But the real power of content modeling emerges when it rises to a higher level and accounts for the shared understanding the people across your organization have of your content. Jeff calls this more sophisticated approach "The Content Model." We talked about: his...


Beth Dunn: Cultivating Content Design – Episode 99

Beth Dunn Beth Dunn is the author of Cultivating Content Design, a book that shows content leaders how to create the kind of successful content design program she has built at HubSpot. The secret to Beth's approach is communication. First, she listens intently to her colleagues and stakeholders. Then she invites them to workshops and other activities where they co-discover content concerns and figure out together how to address them. The key to Beth's success is her pragmatic approach. She...


Patrick Bosek: Structured Authoring for Future-Proof Content – Episode 98

Patrick Bosek Patrick Bosek helps businesses author and manage content that is structured so that it can be used for many purposes, not just one-off publications. Structuring documentation this way creates intelligent content that both addresses current customer needs and anticipates future demands. The DITA standard underlies this approach to creating and managing the smart, adaptable content that modern businesses need to complete their digital transformation. We talked about: the benefits...


Patricia Gomez and Mario Ferrer: Content Design “Glue” – Episode 97

Patricia Gomez and Mario Ferrer lead the content design team at King Games, the makers of Candy Crush and other popular mobile games. Patricia Gomez Mario Ferrer They operate at a scale that might intimidate some people, designing experiences for nearly a quarter of a billion users. Serving that many customers forces them to be thoughtful about the tools they use and about how they work with their colleagues. They and their team have become the "glue" that connects designers, developers,...


Cheryl Platz: Design Beyond Devices – Episode 96

Cheryl Platz Modern digital experiences meet humans where they are. Talking to a voice assistant. Typing on a keyboard. Reacting to a vibration delivered by your smart watch. Operating a VR game character with a gesture controller. Wherever you want to be, there is now a device and an interaction modality to take you there. Cheryl Platz is the expert guide who can help you navigate the practice of multimodal design, the new UX approach that connects these many interactions to create one...


Marcelo Lewin: Content Modeling for Headless CMS – Episode 95

Marcelo Lewin Marcelo Lewin focuses on content modeling, a long-standing practice that is growing in importance as the need for intelligent content emerges. Content modeling helps you manage your content separately from its presentation in any one medium. This skill is crucial in the new world of omnichannel content delivery, where your content is as likely to show up in a voice app or chatbot as in a mobile app or website. Marcelo is a natural educator and evangelist who can help anyone -...


Patrick Stafford: UX Writing and Content Design Education – Episode 94

Patrick Stafford Patrick Stafford has a unique view of the state of content work in the fields of UX design and product management. As the CEO of the UX Writers Collective, his livelihood depends on understanding where the profession is going, which skills are in demand, and how writers and designers can best prepare themselves for UX writing and content design careers. We talked about: his new role as CEO at the UX Writers Collective the current scope of courses they offer and their plans...


Rachel McConnell: Content Operations Leadership – Episode 93

Rachel McConnell In Rachel McConnell's world, if content strategy is the engine, then content operations is the oil that keeps it running smoothly. Rachel leads one of the biggest content operations in the world, a team of 100 content designers and editors at BT, a large communications services company in the UK. Her team is a mix of content professionals from both UX and publishing backgrounds who work across a variety of products. This gives her plenty of opportunities to optimize their...


Nicole Buckenwolf: Making Sense of Complex Product Graphs with Taxonomies and Ontologies – Episode 92

Nicole Buckenwolf Nicole Buckenwolf organizes the product information that you see at businesses like Amazon and Etsy. Big retailers use product graphs, ontologies, and taxonomies to classify and categorize the millions of products they carry. Building these massive catalogs involves a variety of users and collaborators. Both the vendors who provide the products and the shoppers who buy them - as well as the in-house teams that build these complex shopping systems - benefit from the valuable...


Scott Berkun: How Design Makes the World – Episode 91

Scott Berkun Scott Berkun can help you understand design. His new book, How Design Makes the World, helps both practitioners of the discipline and consumers of the products that they create understand how design shapes our world. We talked about: his journey from computer programming to UX design his early switch at Microsoft from UX research to project management the distinction between building things and designing things the hazards of building things that don't solve a problem his take...


Sabine Ocker: Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Content Metadata – Episode 90

Sabine Ocker Sabine Ocker helps enterprises organize their content. She uses taxonomies and other content metadata to make sure that customers get the information they need, when they need it. Sabine's superpower is her ability to talk about her work in a way that resonates with business decision makers. This ensures that she always has the budget and other support that she needs to do this important work. We talked about: her work as an enterprise information architect focused on taxonomy...


Noah Iliinsky: Data Visualization and Information Design – Episode 89

Noah Iliinsky When you're drowning in data, it's good to have an information designer like Noah Iliinsky looking out for you. Noah takes a human-centered approach to a data visualization, connecting people with information tucked away in massive datasets. His purpose-driven process is designed to help users quickly extract the insights they need from a flood of information. We talked about: his new role as Principal UX Architect at Collibra, a data-governance company how he accidentally...


Tom Johnson: Documenting APIs – Episode 88

Tom Johnson Documenting APIs is one of the newer jobs in the technical writing domain. Tom Johnson enjoys the unique challenges of collaborating with and writing for the developers who create and use these Application Programming Interfaces. He also enjoys reflecting on his work and sharing his insights with his fellow technical communicators. We talked about: his evolution from writing to teaching to technical writing to his current focus on API documentation the things he likes about...


Chris Savage: Video Content Marketing and Analytics – Episode 87

Chris Savage Chris Savage founded Wistia to help businesses understand how well their video content was performing. Early on they stumbled across content marketing, using their own how-to videos to grow their own business. When COVID-19 hit and customers started interacting with companies virtually, Wistia really took off. We talked about: how he founded and has grown Wistia as a video platform to help marketers understand how well their videos are working their focus at Wistia on educating...


Rahel Anne Bailie: The Content Empress – Episode 86

Rahel Anne Bailie Rahel Anne Bailie has earned the title Content Empress. One of the original cohort of content strategists, over the past couple of decades she has become a leading expert on content operations. While she focuses on content, she might better be described as a business analyst and consultant who helps companies with their digital transformation. We talked about: her title of "Content Empress" and its origins, as well as its convenient over-arching-ness for the many roles she...