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CW 1029 FBF - Greg Saylor - 6 Properties In 6 Months, Client Case Study

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 665, originally published in April 2016. Just last year Greg Saylor was a corporate software engineer looking for a reliable investment strategy. He found the Creating Wealth podcast and listened during his long commute. He decided to pick up the phone and call one of Jason’s investment specialists. It’s now six months later and Greg has six income properties earning him $4000.00 in monthly income. His due diligence partnered with the extensive...


CW 1028 - Housing Starts, Equity Stripping & The Birthplace of Capitalism with Dr Nima Sanandaji

Jason Hartman starts today's episode from Naples, discussing how, despite what you may think, the demise of America is greatly overstated when you start asking the question "Compared to what?". He also brings a morsel of hope to real estate investors, as housing inventory is showing signs of increasing and home owner equity is at an all time high (but fewer owners than ever are stripping that equity). Then, in part 1 of the interview, Jason talks with Dr Nima Sanandaji, author of the new...


CW 1027 - Life Changing Food, European Attitudes, The Banking Conspiracy & Rental Demographics

Jason Hartman is joined by Venture Alliance member Carmen today in Naples, as the two discuss the importance of music on society (and why it might be more important than monetary control), why complaining is actually important, and some good book recommendations for those interested in learning more about the economy and real estate. Jason also explores the current single family rental demand and what the demographics are looking like for the next 10 years. Key Takeaways: [2:50] North...


CW 1026 FBF - The Empowered Investor, Automated Self-Management Technology from Key Please Divyesh Panchal

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 785, originally published in January 2017. During today’s episode, Jason shares his appreciation for the ability to self-manage rental properties and the dis-intermediation of single family home sales. The Chief Product Officer for Key Please, Adam Lorentzen joins Jason to describe the sought after service of landlord free, self-showings of rental properties. The Key Please business model focuses on automating the self-management process for...


CW 1025 - Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy, Reconfiguring the Three-Player Game between Markets, Speculators & the State with Bill Janeway

Jason Hartman starts off the show from Croatia discussing the difference in investing when there are private companies involved versus when the government is involved. With private companies you know what you're going to get, they're going to follow supply & demand and try to maximize profits. With governments, however, they're much more of a wild card, which can make successfully investing more difficult. Then Jason talks with Bill Janeway, an active venture capitalist, director of...


CW 1024 - Real Estate Hucksters, Trolls, Sourcing Product & Selling On Amazon

Jason Hartman does episode 1024 from the bow of a yacht outside of Croatia with Venture Alliance member Carmen. The two discuss inflation's impact on everything from our savings to our real estate, how to deal with trolls in business (and the lawsuits that inevitably follow), and the need for a side hustle. In the second half of the show Carmen and Jason discuss her Amazon business, which includes how Carmen sources product, the trials of selling on Amazon, and how your business should...


CW 1023 FBF - Patrick Donohoe - What's NEXT for REI & The Economy, Perpetual Wealth, Infinite Banking & More

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 783, originally published in January 2017. Jason’s guest, Patrick Donohoe is the CEO of Paradigm Life. Paradigm Life is an insurance-based financial services company. Patrick shares his thoughts on the recent political changes and how the U.S. economy will be affected, he shares his thoughts on the new administration with a high-level worldview and he recalls his recent experience at the Meet the Masters of Income Property event in...


CW 1022 - Double Rent Arbitrage, RV Ratios Worldwide, Unwinding Depreciation & Leveraging Debt

Jason Hartman takes a turn to the listener mailbag while talking with Kerry Lutz, founder of the Financial Survival Network. Today's topics run the gamut from when to rent your personal residence, how RV ratios work around the world, how to work with Jason, and how to get OUT of the real estate game as you get older. Key Takeaways: [2:41] Why Jason has long believed the idea of public unions is ridiculous [6:27] The stigma between renters and home owners seems to be disappearing, if not...


CW 1021 - Prepare for the Next Recession, Strategic Defaults, Leveraging Debt Properly with Kerry Lutz

Jason Hartman spends the episode talking with Kerry Lutz, founder of the Financial Survival Network, as the two discuss the ever important issue of preparing for the NEXT recession (because we all know there's going to be one eventually). The two discuss the importance of using debt prudently, how the banks were active participants in the mortgage meltdown, how to find true asset prices, and more. Key Takeaways: [7:45] Planning for the next recession [13:06] We are in a boom economy, so...


CW 1020 FBF - The Four Purposes of Life, Finding Meaning & Direction in a Changing World & Way of the Peaceful Warrior, A Book That Changes Lives

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 640, originally published in February 2016. Jason starts things off with his thoughts on cycles of opportunity, autonomous cars, and information about how you can win free tickets to the next JHU event. The JHU event will highlight how to evaluate properties for the most historically proven asset class in the world. And returning guest, Dan Millman who is the author of 17 books, talks about his new book “The Four Purposes of Life”. He shares...


CW 1019 - Leveling the Tax Playing Field, Inflation vs Technology, Popular (Stupid) Economic Ideas, Improve Your Quality of Living

Jason Hartman has a solo episode today as he explores some recent news stories and examines a few items of the day. Venturing all over the topics, Jason mulls over why it's pretty common for the most popular economists to have the worst economic ideas (a la Karl Marx) and why the best economic ideas have the most disliked economists. Which leads to the question, what stupid ideas are we as a society embracing today? He also discusses the Supreme Court ruling that will somewhat level the...


CW 1018 - Jobocalypse: Jobs That Are Disappearing & How Robots Will Replace Us with Ben Way, Part 2

Today's episode is all about jobs. Jobs that are vanishing to be precise. Jason Hartman takes a look at a Business Insider article that discusses 41 jobs that are disappearing in today's world. Not surprising, many of them involve middle men/women. Then Jason finishes his interview with Ben Way, CEO of Digits, about how technology (robots in particular) will be changing the way we think of things throughout our society, from dating to working, to risk aversion. Information is more...


CW 1017 FBF – Why Income Property is the Most Tax-Favored Asset Class with Diane Kennedy, CPA & NY Times Best-Selling Author

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 491, originally published in March 2015. Jason invites Diane Kennedy on the show to talk about taxes and how to save you money. Diane is an experienced CPA and helps her clients all over the world with their taxes, accounting, and investing. The main subject of today's focus is why you should get real estate professional status, the benefits it provides, and what you need to do in order to qualify. Key Takeaways: 2:40 – The government takes a...


CW 1016 - Danger of Short-Term Trends, Turn Your Credit Card Into a Cryptocard, & Future of Artificial Intelligence with Digits Ben Way, Part 1

Jason Hartman starts off the show by discussing alligators, both real life ones and real estate ones, and how we need to avoid both. As we go through life, it's easy to look back and say "If only I'd invested then", so the current you should invest for the sake of future you. Then, Jason talks with Ben Way, CEO of Digits, about how the future is going to look in the first part of their interview. The two start off discussing how Digits is going about turning regular credit cards into...


CW 1015 - Suburb Revival, Lack of Home Inventory, Triggers for the Next Business Cycle Recession & Boomerang Buyers with Matthew Gardner, Part 2

Jason Hartman begins today talking about a recent article on Globe St that discussed the 7 ways Generation Z will impact the commercial real estate world. Jason also discusses how it also impacts residential real estate. Then Jason finishes his interview with Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at Windermere Real Estate. The two discuss the lack of home inventory and why the loosening of credit regulations isn't going to impact home sales as much as some are hoping. Then they also delve into...


CW 1014 FBF - Investment Property SWOT Analysis

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 692, originally published in June 2016. This episode starts out with an introduction on buy downs and then finishes up with a live recording of Jason’s session on SWOT aka Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, as they apply to the most historically proven asset class in the world. Jason explains why the imperfection and fragmentation of the U.S. real estate market make it a beneficial investment vehicle and why it outperforms Wall...


CW 1013 - Facebook Data Mining, New Home Development, Regulatory Impact on Home Prices & Millennials Trying to Buy Homes with Matthew Gardner

Jason Hartman starts off the show giving President Trump credit where credit is due, and that's in regards to the summit in Singapore with North Korea. Trump has been able to get them to the negotiating table, which no other US president has been able to accomplish. Then, Jason gives a little warning about one of the scariest companies in the world today, Facebook. In the interview portion today we have the first half of Jason's interview with Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at...


CW 1012 - Better Financing Sans Dodd Frank, Fair Housing, Avoiding Identity Theft

In today's episode, Jason Hartman is joined once again by Financial Survival Network's Kerry Lutz. The two discuss some important news coming out of Washington these days, and that's the continued dismantling of the Dodd-Frank Act. As you know, Jason has long believed that the election of Trump would lead to this, and now it appears to be picking up steam as Obama holdovers are being replaced by Trump's people. Jason & Kerry also turn their attention to the importance of protecting...


CW 1011 FBF - Real Estate Tools, Remote & Self-Management with Bill

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 746, originally published in November 2016. This episode focuses on the opportunities which exist when self-managing an income property. First, Jason reviews a Business Insider article regarding dwindling investment property inventories. And later in the podcast, Jason is joined by Bill, who helps manage Fernando's Atlanta and Texas properties. Bill discusses the steps necessary when self-managing income properties. He shares how to show a...


CW 1010 - Setting Up Your Mini-Family Office & Turbocharge Your Focus, Secrets of the ADHD Brain with Peter Shankman

Jason Hartman takes some time before this 10th episode interview to discuss the concept of the mini-family office and how you can incorporate VAs (virtual assistants) into the mix. Jason provides a litany of websites where you can find VAs, as well as an insight into what characteristics you need to be looking for. Then there's the monetary side of it: does it make financial sense to hire a VA to do this? Well, you can use the Hartman Property Management Metric to figure that out. Then...