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CW 1085 FBF - Interest Rates, Low Housing Supply, LA Prices, Disrupting Real Estate with Autonomous Cars & Flying Cars with Pat Donohoe

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 825, originally published in May 2017. Jason welcomes Pat Donohoe back to the show. Pat is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life and host of the Wealth Standard podcast. Together, Jason and Pat analyze a Wall Street Journal article which addresses lower mortgage rates and how the lower rates may affect the already ‘hot’ real estate market, how autonomous cars will create a resurgence of the suburbs and how the upper middle-class is rethinking...


CW 1084 - Mortgage Questions, Appreciation vs Cash Flow & Contest Winner Announcement

Jason Hartman starts today's episode by answering more of the mortgage FAQs that were started in episode 1083 that were spawned from the recent Profits in Paradise event. He looks at his idea of Refi Til Ya Die and what it takes to finance your first 10 properties. He also unveils the Ring Doorbell/Amazon Echo contest winner(s)! Then Jason finishes his interview with client Drew Baker. This time the two tackle cryptocurrency, higher education, the investment landscape as it stands today,...


CW 1083 - Self-Management Mistakes, A Strong Economy & Mortgage FAQs

Today's episode starts off with Jason Hartman, in the car, back from Hawaii. He tackles the average length an American stays on the job these days, how technology is changing our buying habits, and starts answering some mortgage FAQs he's been getting lately. Then Jason talks with client Drew about a mistake he made in self-management that shifted his views on contracts, as well as exploring dividend stocks and the economic disaster that is Argentina currently. Key Takeaways: [6:46]...


CW 1082 FBF - Jason & Naresh - Critical Thinking, the Financial Media Talking Heads, Tax Liens & Cuba

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 773, originally published in January 2017. Welcome to Creating Wealth 2017! The most important takeaway from today’s conversation is to start investing in real estate income properties now. If you already have an existing portfolio beef it up. Time is short and the longer you own a property the more money you make. Preserve your financial future. On today’s show, Jason brings Naresh back after an 8-month absence to discuss the benefits of...


CW 1081 - Coming Stagflation, Pitfalls of Short-Term Rentals & The End of Ethics & Banking with Scott A Shay

Jason Hartman starts this episode with a look at former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's most recent article outlining his concerns with our current economic situation. Greenspan is concerned we're headed toward stagflation, so what would that do to the average real estate investor? One sector that could potentially get hit is short-term rentals, so Jason investigates one of his big concerns on that front. Then Jason finishes his conversation with Scott A Shay, co-founder of Signature Bank and...


CW 1080 - Dr. Gina Loudon - Mad Politics, Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy & Why The Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor

Jason Hartman starts off today's 10th episode taking a look back at this weekend's Profits in Paradise event as well as the Venture Alliance Mastermind experience with his guest Pat Donohoe. The two discuss the importance of asset protection and the impact of high tax jurisdictions. Then Jason speaks with Dr. Gina Loudon, co-host of America Talks Live on NewsmaxTV, certified hypnotherapist, founding writer at Breitbart and official Trump campaign surrogate, spokesperson to Donald Trump's...


CW 1079 - Booms & Busts, Mortgage Update, Bank Mergers & Glass-Steagall with Scott A Shay

Jason Hartman starts today's episode from the beaches of Hawaii, discussing booms and busts throughout history, the definition of an investment, while also recapping this past weekend's Profits in Paradise event. Then producer Adam has the November Mortgage Minutes with one of Jason's lenders, as the two discuss what impact the market pullback has had and where rates are going. Then Jason talks with Scott A Shay, co-founder of Signature Bank and author of In Good Faith: Questioning Religion...


CW 1078 FBF - The Value of Debt, How to Manage Both Sides of a Balance Sheet to Maximize Wealth with Thomas Anderson

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 798, originally published in March, 2017. Thomas J. Anderson joins Jason to discuss the value of debt. Mr. Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Supernova Companies and author of The Value of Debt series of books. He has broken down life into four financial stages and gives his recommendations for the amount of debt a person should have at each stage to reach a balance between life span and money span. Mr. Anderson says too many people take on...


CW 1077 - Big Tech & New Long Term Rental Experience with Onerent's Chuck Hattemer

Jason Hartman takes today's intro to discuss an interesting development with India's Central Bank that has some pertinence to what's going on today betweeen President Trump and the US Federal Reserve, as well as examining why business owners and landlords are two of the most successful classes of citizens. Then Jason talks with Chuck Hattemer, Co-Founder & CMO at Onerent, about how their technology is changing the property management game. Chuck and Jason discuss the big problems that face...


CW 1076 - Real Estate Economic Indicators, Renting as Choice #1 & the Deal Is Never Done

Today's episode features Jason Hartman looking at some economic data that's come out in regards to the housing market, and what that means for us as investors. You must be wary of misleading statistics and keep in mind that, even after you close, a real estate deal is never done. Listen in as Jason introduces you to the unconventional thinking when it comes to the demise of Sears for commercial real estate investors and more. Key Takeaways: [3:40] A look at one potential rental income...


CW 1075 FBF - Jackson, Mississippi Market Profile - $60,000 Gems, Employers, Exceptional RV Ratios

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 744, originally published in October, 2016. A local market specialist in the Jackson, Mississippi area joins Jason to share details of what makes Jackson a great place to live and to invest. Those looking for blue collar or white collar work are likely to find it in Jackson as employers abound. The well built, low-cost properties have a high RV ratio and the regulatory climate is landlord friendly. Brick on slab construction and agreeable climate...


CW 1074 - Increase in Credit Availability, Mortgages as Assets & Listener Q&A

Jason Hartman talks today about the expansion of credit in the past 50 years and how that's impacted our economy. There's also a look at Trump's war of words with the Fed, why you should stock up on low rate mortgage assets, and why a booming economy is a noisy economy. Key Takeaways: [3:40] You should be stocking up on low, fixed rate mortgage assets [6:56] The modern expansion of credit started somewhere in the 50s [10:56] The battle between Trump and the Fed is an important one to...


CW 1073 - Equity Insurance & Invitation Homes Inventory Shortage with Joe Melendez, ValueInsured

Jason Hartman starts the episode with a reminder to follow the commandments, and to make sure that you don't go into investments just because of their tax benefits. Then, Jason talks with Joe Melendez, Founder & CEO of Value Insured, which features a new product that can reimburse homeowners up to their full down payment if the market went down when they sold their house. The two discuss the lack of inventory in the entry level home market, the hazards of regulation on today's market, and...


CW 1072 FBF - Remote Self-Management, Expert Panel with Jason, Fernando, & Oliver

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 729, originally published in September 2016. Jason, Fernando and Oliver make up today’s expert panel. They are discussing self-management options for your income properties. The experts agree, a great property management company is worth their weight in gold but it is also important to be educated about your self-management options. The panel shares information about companies who use technology to save you time and money through automating...


CW 1071 - Interest Rates vs Cap Rate with Mike Zlotnik

Jason Hartman talks with Venture Alliance member Mike Zlotnik about cap rates in today's interest rate environment. Mike explains what happens to cap rates (and commercial real estate investing as a whole) when interest rates start rising. After years of artificially low interest rates, we're starting to see rates finally rise, so strap in and learn how to navigate the waters and get some real life numbers of the true impact. Key Takeaways: [4:54] Real estate is so tax favored that it can...


CW 1070 - Pruning Your Portfolio & Character & Grit, The Power of Passion & Perseverance with Angela Duckworth

Jason Hartman starts today's episode with his friend Matt Andrews, as the two discuss why they enjoy real estate and how they discover new ways to produce profit in their real estate deals, as well as the need for you to prune your portfolio. Then, for his 10th episode, Jason talks with Angela Duckworth, Founder & CEO of Character Lab, former advisor to the White House, World Bank, NBA & NFL teams, and author of the new book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. The two delve into...


CW 1069 FBF – How to Profit from The Coming Demographic Cliff with Harry Dent

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 722, originally published in September 2016. Today’s guest, Harry Dent is the author of multiple financial books designed to help you keep your wealth. Harry predicts an upcoming deflationary period followed by a huge debt bubble burst in the US. He wholeheartedly agrees with Jason and says the everyday house is where your money should be if you are a real estate investor. The uber rich and the Chinese will be the losers in this economic downturn...


CW 1068 - Prepare for the Next Recession NOW, Trade Wars & Inflation Today vs the 60s

Jason Hartman takes today's episode to look at inflation, the trade war, and how the economy lags behind things like these. To help him with that dissection he brings in one of the new additions to his team, in house economist Thomas. Thomas helps Jason decipher his charts that show how the home sales change along with inflation and mortgage rates. All of these things add up to important tools you can use as you prepare your portfolio for the next recession we all know is going to show up...


CW 1067 - 6 Reasons I'm Right About the Economy & Investing, Plus More Earnings for the Low Wage Workers

Jason Hartman starts off today's show talking about the disaster that is the American political system, as well as the truly remarkable thing that's happening in the US economy right now that's not getting enough attention. Then, Jason plays some of his segment from the latest Cash Flow Wealth Summit where he talks about the 6 ways the US government can solve their $220 trillion obligation and which one we can take the most advantage of as investors. Key Takeaways: [5:12] Politics have...


CW 1066 FBF - Garrett Sutton – Real Estate Tax Benefits & Millions Of New Renters

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 717, originally published in August 2016. The sharers, or those who participate in the sharing economy, are many. They are a huge untapped segment of opportunity for real estate investors. Jason summarizes Mike Willinger’s article, I Am a Sharer. Will the sharers create the next big real estate bubble Harry Dent cautions us about? And, taxes are the single largest expense in a person’s life. If you are a real estate income property investor or...