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Dream Life is Real Life Ep 4 How to Take the High Road After Failure with William Hung

With so much pressure on the numbers and fear of failure, people are on the verge of burnout. We need to find our own creativity, voice, and gifts to help those things shine through in our everyday work. We also need to find the connection to other people that’s been lost to the focus on increased production. This is possible with the right mindset toward growth, something the “She Bangs” star William Hung brings in spades. From a failed American Idol audition, to an inspirational speaker...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson –Ep 3 with Jennie Yang on How to Make Dreams Real with tNLP

Jennie Yang is a leadership coach and facilitator who helps unlock the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Certified as a Master Practitioner of Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP), Jennie runs her own coaching business to serve women who have a wholehearted desire to experience a life well lived. By integrating meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and tNLP, she helps her clients shift their inner experience and discover their joy of being....


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson – Ep 2 with Zander Fryer on Sh*t You Don't Learn in College

Zander is a former I.T. account executive, best selling author, certified success coach, and the Founder and CEO of Sh*t You Don't Learn in College, a coaching company that has helped hundreds of coaches build 6-figure business around their passion so they can have a bigger impact in this world. He went from no idea what we wanted to do with his life to a 6-figure coaching business in 3 months after quitting his corporate job, and now (less than 2 years later) leads a team of 5 who have...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson - Ep1

Hanna Hermanson is the founder of Dream Life is Real Life, which educates and inspires by showing people what’s possible for their lives. We no longer need to wait for the lottery or retirement to “live the dream” - Our Dream Life is our Real Life! A former academic advisor and yoga teacher, Hanna marries her passion for helping others achieve their goals and coaching practice. Hanna quickly realized that in order to dream big you need to take care of the most basic need -- income! Hanna...