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Episode 54-How to allow entrepreneurship & abundance to unfold in your life w/Stephanie Bellinger -Dream Life is Real Life w/Hanna Hermanson

Back in 2015, I was in a massive transition phase, and recovering from what felt like a huge failure from my first venture into self employment. I had my own personal training business, and after about a year and a half of doing awesome and feeling on top of the world — I eventually allowed all of the doubts and fears to take over, which led me back to square one — getting a side job again, while shifting into what my SOUL was really pulling me to do. Not too long after that, I decided to...


Episode 53-Getting Unstuck and Structuring Your Success with Tracy Timm-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Tracy Timm is a quarter-life career coach and human capital advisor. Her program, The Nth Degree™ Academy, helps high-potential professionals discover their career “sweet spot” through a mix of self-discovery, tactical training, and some much-needed tough love. Tracy has a degree in behavioral psychology from Yale, a severely bruised ego from working on Wall Street, and has logged one trip around the entire globe. She believes that our unique purpose in life can be realized through our...


Episode 52-Improve your Mindset and Everything Else Improves with KrisAnn Connery-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

After 6 years of teaching in an inner city alternative high school helping students develop skills and beliefs they never knew they had, KrisAnn decided to step out of the classroom and pursue her passion to help women realize their potential through starting her business, Color Me a Dreamer. KrisAnn is now a life coach for women who are ready to say yes to themselves and no to self-doubt, perfectionism & all the things standing in the way of making the changes they desire. Because many...


Episode 51-Building a Heart-Centered Business with Yogi Stephanie Mitchell-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Stephanie Mitchell is the founder of The Rolling Mat – Mobile Yoga Studio, based in Atlanta GA. Since the start of her mobile yoga adventure, Steph (aka: Rollin’ Yogi) has been shaking up the yoga industry by providing well-round, community drive yoga experiences outside of the 4 walls of a studio space! She is the Beer Yogi of Atlanta! Catch her leading yogis through all level, energizing flows at Red Hare, Second Self and Slow Pour on a monthly basis. Over the last few years, The Rolling...


Episode 50-Outsourcing and Hiring Freelancers to Scale Your Business with Nathan Hirsch-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Nathan Hirsch is a 30 year old 10 year entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce business out of his college dorm room and has sold over $30 million online. He is now the co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com, a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, and much more. He regularly appears on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, and speaks at live events...


Episode 49-How to Build Your Online Course in 20 Minutes a Day with Janet Kafadar-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Janet Kafadar is an online business coach who’s passionate about helping coaches, entrepreneurs and experts to package their brilliance into a sustainable, profitable online business. A busy mom and entrepreneur, Janet has personally experienced the frustration and overwhelm of feeling stuck on the path to building an online business. She’s made some mistakes along the way, and she’ll share what she’s learned and how these lessons have shaped her perspective as an online business owner and...


Episode 48-Every Choice Impacts Your Profitability-How to Take Full Ownership of Your Financials w/Michele Williams-Dream Life is Real Life

Michele Williams is sought after for her ability to easily explain complex business principles and processes in a simple, straightforward way. She began her career in financial software design before starting her first company in 2000, providing soft furnishings for the home industry. With a varied background in working in small, medium and large businesses, Michele has a great grasp on the scalability factors that are essential to growing a Business. As a certified Profit First...


Episode 47-The Voice of a Leader with Arthur Joseph: how to break through the white noise & inspire your listeners-Dream Life is Real Life

Arthur Samuel Joseph, M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, is widely recognized today as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice. A renowned teacher/mentor, Mr. Joseph’s mission is to “Change the World Through Voice.” Vocal Awareness, his trademarked proprietary voice and leadership training program, is designed to teach Communication Mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly-specific techniques. These techniques...


Episode 46-Building a Multi Passionate Business-How to Explain Your Offers So Your Audience Doesn’t Get Confused w/Melisa Celikel

Melisa Celikel is an NLP-Certified Business Organization Consultant and CEO of Make SHT Happen. She has helped over 250 clients create amazing transformations in their homes, lives, and businesses. She provides tools to simplify the hustle by siphoning down the big ideas that business owners have & organizing their scattered plans. Learn More: www.letsgetyouorganized.biz Dream Life is Real Life https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/dream-life-is-real-life/


Episode 45-Creating a blended life and overcoming email overwhelm with Cameron Cegala-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Today’s guest is Cameron Cegala (si-GAL-uh), co-founder of AdKAddy, a mobile app that keeps your personal inbox free of brand clutter by giving you a new email address and platform to use for all your consumer needs. AdKaddy creates a personalized inbox for you, where you can direct email communications from your favorite companies. The app sorts your incoming emails, helping you keep promo emails, receipts, and shipping notifications separate and organized. Prior to AdKaddy, Cameron spent...


Episode 44-Where to stop pushing in your business and step into your higher self - Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Tiffani Purdy is a life coach who helps people have a better relationship with themselves, and each other. Specializing in emotional communication and family alchemy, Tiffani changes lives by fostering an atmosphere of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and radical self-love. She leads the #RelationshipOfOne Movement: the philosophy that by developing a deep relationship with our Highest Self, we can become fearlessly loving in our relationships with any (and every) one. She is the author of...


Episode 43-Balance the hustle, work and family while sharing your passions with Dave Domzalski-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Dave Domzalski is the Founding Editor and Writer of Hero Story (herostory.org), a newsletter that highlights amazing entrepreneurs doing incredible things for their families, communities, and the world. His coverage of uplifting, positive stories of entrepreneurs making an impact provide readers the inspiration, education, and motivation to be heroic in their own lives. Dave’s writing and branding expertise has been featured in AOL, Forbes, MSN, Skillshare, Thrive Global, and Yahoo along...


Episode 42-How to Ignore The Joneses, Carve Your Own Path and Make Your Dream Life your Real Life with Laura Gassner Otting

Laura speaks with change agents, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and donors to get them past the doubt and indecision that consign their great ideas to limbo. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and catalytic perspective informed by decades of navigating change across the start-up, nonprofit, political, and philanthropic landscapes. Learn More: http://www.lauragassnerotting.com Dream Life is Real Life https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/dream-life-is-real-life/


Episode 41-Gaining Capital for Your Mission (even as a go-getting mom)-Investor & Founder Sara Adler-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Sara Adler is a General Partner of Wave Capital, an early stage venture firm she co-founded in early 2018 that focuses on backing promising marketplaces. Previously, she was Director of Corporate Development at Airbnb where she built and led their merger and acquisitions efforts. Before joining Airbnb, Sara held similar positions as part of Dropbox and Facebook’s corporate development teams where she led and closed over 25 acquisitions. Prior to that, she was on the investment team at Menlo...


Episode 40-How to Leverage Podcasts to Grow Your Clientele With Tom Schwab-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Tom Schwab knows how to build an online business. He’s done it successfully several times, and now helps others find online success with podcast interview marketing. Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Tom helps thought leaders (coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, emerging brands) get featured on leading podcasts their ideal prospects are already listening to. The Interview Valet system then helps them to turn listeners into...


Episode 39-Why You Can’t Stick to Your Diet with Erin Wathen-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Erin Wathen (WAH-thin) is a holistic health coach, food abuse counselor, and the inspiring author of Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: How To End The Food Drama. Her philosophy, simply put: Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as a whole. Several years ago, Erin was not at peace with her body — despite her wealth of knowledge on diet and exercise. She was always on a diet, and yet never reached her goal weight. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative...


Episode 38 -Connect the Dots and Live an Energetic Life with AMYG-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Amy Goldberg aka AMYG is an international inspirational speaker, wellness professional, entrepreneur and writer – best described by those that know her as a trailblazer unleashed. She has done a lot of firsts in her 25+ years. As both a collaborator and leader she helps inspire lives through her work within; Women’s Groups, Not-for-Profit, Corporate, Health Care, Foundations, Education, Government, Community, Media, Entertainment, and Start-Ups. Today, Amy’s work shows people, groups and...


Episode 37-Tapping into Heart Energy to Realize your Purpose and Dream Life with Lisa Clayton-Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Lisa A. Clayton, MS, Author, Intuitive Coach and Master Facilitator. Founder and President of Source Potential, a human development company, Lisa offers more than 35 years of experience in professional training, coaching and consulting. Lisa created a unique learning method for developing individual potential and application of learning concepts which was used worldwide by clients such as American Express and HSBC in facilitator certifications. Lisa conducts intuitive readings as an ordained...


Episode 36-Use the AWESOME method with Wade Lightheart to achieve optimal health and success--Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson

Wade is an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, certified sports nutritionist, 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, former Mr. Universe Competitor, author of the book “Staying Alive In A Toxic World”. He’s been in the health industry for over 25 years and coached thousands of clients worldwide. He is also a President and co-founder to BiOptimizers – the supplements company dedicated to discovering, presenting and sharing strategies backed by cutting-edge research that...


Episode 35 EXPERIENTIAL NLP Process to Reclaim Your Power and Eliminate Anxiety with Art Giser--Dream Life is Real Life

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP. He is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, intuitive, and healer. Art's unique and diverse background includes NLP, spirituality, coaching, transformative and healing energy work, and intuition development. He managed a medical research lab for the University of California, San Francisco and works with Fortune 100 companies to develop exceptional leaders and teams. Learn More: www.energeticnlp.com/dreamlife Dream Life is Real Life...