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Dream Life is Real Life Ep 20 with Erin McGuire

Erin is a lover of world travel, nature, wellness in all aspects and living simply. She started her entrepreneurial journey teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga. She has taught extensively all over the world for almost a decade. She transitioned into coaching and energy work after working extensively with her coach on mindset and beliefs for several years. Her passion is assisting young girls and women to get out of feeling not good enough, not living their passion and not feeling empowered...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 19 Nicole Middelton Use Exploration to Discover Your Purpose and Live on Fire

Nicole Middleton : Lifestyle Designer. A fearless self-explorer, empowered freedom mentor and transformation coach. share practical wisdom to cultivate the magic within. My mission is to be the spark that initiates change, helps transform lives and creates abundance. I am committed to #awakenthebrave part of your soul that has no doubt in your potential for this life & set you on a course for self discovery and alignment so that you ignite the fire within you and live your life in service of...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 18 Whitney Cox From Wall Street to Cancer to Becoming a Warrior Girl

Whitney Cox is a Colombia based, native New Yorker and owner of the life coaching business Warrior Girl and the clothing line Flan de Coco. Whitney was raised in NYC, and has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, and Colombia. A formally trained Economist, Whitney received her bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a Masters Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. After a nearly 15 year career on Wall Street, Whitney embarked on an...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 17 Sophie Dalton on How to Start your Personal Branding Journey

Sophie Dalton is a Personal Branding Strategist and Life Coach that works with ambitious women to accelerate their success by owning their personal story and leveraging it into professional expertise. Her approach to personal branding is founded in life-coaching and strengthening her clients connection to their own intuition. To Sophie, a truly authentic personal brand will not only effectively recruit clients, get featured in media, and legitimize her clients' expertise, but it will also...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 16 with Gin Stephens using an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle to simplify your health, life and business goals

Gin Stephens is the author of Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and Feast Without Fear: Food and the Delay, Don’t Deny Lifestyle. She lives in Augusta, Georgia, where she has been following an intermittent fasting lifestyle since 2014. Thanks to intermittent fasting, she lost over 80 pounds and has been effortlessly maintaining the weight since March of 2015. Gin manages three intermittent fasting Facebook groups of over 125,000 combined members, and these groups...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 15 with Mike Saunders How to market and sell from a place of service

As the Authority Positioning Coach, I help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position of prestige & become THE go-to Authority & Expert in their industry. The Authority Positioning Coach is a Boutique Marketing Agency providing "Done-for-You" Authority Positioning Packages to elevate your brand to a position of status and prestige. I am the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, contributor to The Huffington Post, Adjunct Marketing...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson Ep14- Njeri Cooper Global Investment $ociety

Njeri is a 24 year old entrepreneur. Last year, she dropped out of college because she couldn’t afford it. Things were tough. She was broke. So, Njeri decided that she would never let herself be homeless again like she had been in the past. Her grind mode was activated. She went on a journey for financial freedom. In 2017, Njeri started an agency and a entrepreneur society called “Global Investment $ociety”. The message she ingrains for Investing is; We must invest in our minds, our...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep13 Hannah Morth Personal Business Coach - Limitless Millennials

Hannah wasn’t always so sure about her path in life. From graduating from college to dead-end cubicle jobs to network marketing, Hannah found herself wondering, “is this it?” Until she discovered that so many others have been asking themselves the exact same question. Hannah is on a mission to help people live Limitless lives by pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors to leave their 9-5's. One, because they deserve it and two, because they are ABSOLUTELY capable of doing so. Currently, she is a...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep12 – Telling and Creating Transformational Stories with Heather Krakora

Heather Krakora has been telling other’s stories through graphic design, art and photography for over 20 years. Beginning 5 years ago, Heather’s life transitioned into something unrecognizable. Somewhere in-between a personal health crisis, her son's abuse at school and her mother's death she discovered the power of creative self-care as a powerful way to help her move through her grief. This period of awakening helped Heather to realize that to achieve true and effective change for her...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep10 Focus on Progress with Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan is a former professional golfer who now is part owner of The Plan2Profit Group, where he is in charge of the Business Development and Marketing Strategies of the company. Colin is also, the host of The Daily Grind Podcast, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs 5 days a week. Colin's main obsession is with human growth and development. Colin strives every day to seek progression in one area of his life. Learn More: https://dailygrindpodcast.com Dream Life is Real Life...


Dream Life is Real Life Podcast Ep11 How to Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Jeremy Ryan Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, to create life on their own terms. He studied literature at Oxford University, and is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur. Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category. Jeremy was named one of the top 26 podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to in 2017 by CIO Magazine and Millennial Influencer to...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep9 - Overcome Hardships and Do What You Love with Terrease Aiken

Terrease Aiken is an actress,entrepreneur and producer from New York. Since graduating from NYU two years ago she has been committed to creating her own reality by focusing on making her passion into her career. This quest has led her to create EmergeX, the first ever event series merging professional and personal growth seminars with travel. She is now transitioning out of her “survival job” into a flexible lifestyle that allows her to act in and produce TV and Film as well as travel the...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep8 - How to Maximize your Money Mindset with Lena Elkins

Lena Elkins is the CEO of Lena Elkins Coaching, a white-glove consultancy for top-performing coaches, consultants and service providers internationally. She is also an international speaker, influencer, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and Host of the Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters. Specializing in digital marketing, copywriting, sales funnels, and personal branding, Lena takes a no-BS approach to breaking through major barriers and reaching accelerated success for her clients....


Dream Life is Real Life Ep7 How to create a life and a business from within with Bethan Arundel

Bethan Arundel is a brand strategist and website designer who exchanged her London City life for her dream life two years ago when she set up her business and moved to Portugal. She helps high powered female entrepreneurs all over the world step out of the shadows into the light by empowering them to brand from within with head turning visuals and websites. Currently on her vision board are dreams of international travel to work with her clients face to face, to expand her work into a killer...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 6 How to Use Media to Make Dreams Come True with Erika Ashley

Erika Ashley is an award winning entrepreneur, writer, feminist, and TEDx speaker who leverages over a decade of press, branding, and social media marketing experience in her work as a publicist and strategist for entrepreneurs, digital influencers, and small businesses. Her clients have included Grammy-winning bands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, and you've seen them in Refinery29, Yahoo! Style, HGTV, ESPN-W, Cosmopolitan, SELF Magazine, The Today Show, Brit + Co, + countless other media...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson-Ep 5 Using Mindfulness and Music to Make Dreams Come True with JusTme

JusTme (TJ Scott), Mindful Hip-Hop Artist and Mindfulness Instructor, has been working with the youth in schools nationwide, bringing self-love and care concepts and practices into their lives and early development. Through his coined “Mindful Hip-Hop” music and lyrics, JusTme has been sharing his message of mindfulness, We’ll-being, and love Since 2012. JusTme continues to share his talent with students around the globe through his engaging school visits, mindful hip-hop tracks, and social...


Dream Life is Real Life Ep 4 How to Take the High Road After Failure with William Hung

With so much pressure on the numbers and fear of failure, people are on the verge of burnout. We need to find our own creativity, voice, and gifts to help those things shine through in our everyday work. We also need to find the connection to other people that’s been lost to the focus on increased production. This is possible with the right mindset toward growth, something the “She Bangs” star William Hung brings in spades. From a failed American Idol audition, to an inspirational speaker...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson –Ep 3 with Jennie Yang on How to Make Dreams Real with tNLP

Jennie Yang is a leadership coach and facilitator who helps unlock the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Certified as a Master Practitioner of Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP), Jennie runs her own coaching business to serve women who have a wholehearted desire to experience a life well lived. By integrating meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and tNLP, she helps her clients shift their inner experience and discover their joy of being....


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson – Ep 2 with Zander Fryer on Sh*t You Don't Learn in College

Zander is a former I.T. account executive, best selling author, certified success coach, and the Founder and CEO of Sh*t You Don't Learn in College, a coaching company that has helped hundreds of coaches build 6-figure business around their passion so they can have a bigger impact in this world. He went from no idea what we wanted to do with his life to a 6-figure coaching business in 3 months after quitting his corporate job, and now (less than 2 years later) leads a team of 5 who have set...


Dream Life is Real Life with Hanna Hermanson - Ep1

Hanna Hermanson is the founder of Dream Life is Real Life, which educates and inspires by showing people what’s possible for their lives. We no longer need to wait for the lottery or retirement to “live the dream” - Our Dream Life is our Real Life! A former academic advisor and yoga teacher, Hanna marries her passion for helping others achieve their goals and coaching practice. Hanna quickly realized that in order to dream big you need to take care of the most basic need -- income! Hanna...