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FT Digital Business looks at the use and management of technology in business, the issues surrounding investment in technology, and thought leadership in areas vital to business decision-makers.

FT Digital Business looks at the use and management of technology in business, the issues surrounding investment in technology, and thought leadership in areas vital to business decision-makers.


London, United Kingdom


FT Digital Business looks at the use and management of technology in business, the issues surrounding investment in technology, and thought leadership in areas vital to business decision-makers.






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Protecting against cyber-attacks

In this week's podcast Peter talks to Edward Amoroso, chief security officer at AT&T about critical national infrastructures and what countries and companies can do to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Also, Stephen Pritchard investigates what companies can do with the enormous amounts of data they collect. He talks to Stephen Brost, chief technology officer for Teradata, a data warehousing and analytics company.


The World Cup: spectators, players and tickets

In this week's pod: Peter asks Dilbagh Gill, head of sports for Mahindra Satyam, the company responsible for IT provision for the World Cup, what technology his teams will be implementing. Also we hear from futurologist Cordell Ratzlaff - director of user-centred design for Cisco - about his predictions for what's going to be hot in technology in the coming decade. Next week: How to plan a digital city Produced by LJ Filotrani


What's eating Michael Dell?

This week Peter has just one guest - the computer giant Michael Dell. Peter asks him about where the IT sector is headed. Produced by LJ Filotrani


What role do chief finance officers hold?

This week's guests are Phillip Arp, chief finance officer (CFO) for Mueller Inc, a steel company based in Texas and Dave Rich, global managing director for Accenture Analytics. Peter talks to Phillip about the recent research released by IBM on the changing role of CFOs and Digital Business reporter Stephen Pritchard talks to Dave about the management of data. Next week Peter talks to computer giant, Michael Dell, about the biggest questions facing the IT industry. Produced by LJ Filotrani


Is your business secure?

In last week's show we discussed what social media can do for a business. This week we're concerned about how secure your business is if you use it. Stephen Pritchard meets Richard Turner, CEO of Clearswift - a company which specialises in web and email security - to talk about the risks. Plus, is the public sector IT world up to delivering a digital government? Peter puts this question to Elizabeth Sparrow, president of BCS, the chartered institute for IT. Next week: The developments...


Understanding the benefits of social networking

This week Peter asks the questions what is it that businesses have to understand to drive benefits from social networking and what business benefits flow from this understanding? He puts his questions to David Elton, IT and change management expert at PA Consulting Group, Malcolm Mullins, director of strategic projects at Balfour Beatty Workplace and Jennifer Grenz, head of marketing at Symbian, the mobile operating system.


The analogue future

If you thought the future was digital, think again - it could be analogue, after all: we talk to HP about memristors. Plus part four of our series on getting the best out of an IT team


New applications, new security concerns

As data and applications move to the cloud, what are the key questions you should be asking your IT security team?


The stressful side of web surfing; plus the future of music

How the web can stress us out; plus, a cloud-approach to consuming music.


Do people lose data more in a recession? Plus: software 'autopilots'

People can lose data at any time – but they seem more prone to it in times of recession. So is history is repeating itself when it comes to data loss? Plus - about a sort of "autopilot" for workers who are struggling to deal with several processes at once


From 'technological dinosaur' to Lord of the mobile

In the 100th Digital Business podcast, we talk to Lord Digby Jones about how he runs his business from a virtual office. Plus: fake websites, mobile business apps, a company chairman who tests mobile devices in a dishwasher – and using mobile phones.


Is remote working sustainable? Plus the problems of virtualisation

Two years on, how have two remote workers coped without the office? Plus, what happens when virtualisation goes wrong?


Virtualisation today

Peter Whitehead, editor of Digital Business, speaks to Bob Meyer, Hewlett-Packard’s worldwide lead on virtualisation solutions


Critical systems

Would better technology have stopped the Detroit bomber? Peter Whitehead looks at the problems of data overload and risk.


Data demand

Where are new datacentres being built? In city centres, the suburbs, or where renewable energy is plentiful? The answers may surprise you.


Capturing the mood

How can businesses break into social networks without interrupting the conversation? And how can machines understand the sentiment of all that data?


Tracing food scares

When dangerous food gets into the supply chain, it can take 50 days to trace the source. Surely technology can change that?


How can IT help companies to measure the unmeasurable?

Will new technology from talent development specialists SumTotal enable companies to measure their employees'productivity and calculate performance-related pay?


Public sector, clouds and avatars

Mike Laphen, chief executive of CSC talks to Peter Whitehead about the public sector, cloud computing and virtual worlds; plus Toby Redshaw of Aviva on business process management


Digital Olympics

With just under 1,000 days to the London games, it isn't just the facilities that need to be finished - there is a whole IT project as well. Peter Whitehead finds out.