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#FashionOGnews: Fashion protests, The Sims x Moschino and digital clothing?

Whether it’s digital-inspired, or literally digital, clothing, last week’s fashion news was all about technology and the democratization of style. It’s an exciting time to be in fashion -- the protests, the technology, the out-of-the-box nostalgic collaborations (I’m a big Moschino x The Sims fan -- can you tell)? As always, I hope you guys enjoy the news update and all the stories I hand-picked this week (with a sprinkle of sassy commentary -- naturally). Have show feedback? It would mean...


#FashionOGnews: 'Victim fashion', trademark squatting and ASOS crack-down?

On this week’s #FashionOGnews, I dug up some really cool stories! Whether you’re wondering why there's a Supreme store in Shanghai, or who ASOS is changing their returns policy, #fashionOGnews has ALL the answers for you. Have show feedback? It would mean the world if you filled out my quick 5 question survey HERE. Want to get an exclusive discount for Fashion Originators listeners? Click here and use the code FREEDOM10 for 10% off any Ebooks4fashion ebook! To keep up-to-date with...


#FashionOGnews: wearable vibrators, short wedding dresses and the end of Roberto Cavalli?

On this week’s #FashionOGnews, I dug up some really cool stories! Whether you’re on the hunt for a vibrator necklace, or are wondering if you should expand your brand into China, #fashionOGnews has ALL the answers for you. Have show feedback? It would mean the world if you filled out my quick 5 question survey HERE. Want to get an exclusive discount for Fashion Originators listeners? Click here and use the code FREEDOM10 for 10% off any Ebooks4fashion ebook! To keep up-to-date with...


#42: Fashion nostalgia and finding your voice with @capsule98

This week, I have the joy of chatting with Randi Bergman - an award-winning freelance fashion writer (Teen Vogue, The Cut, Interview Magazine, Into The Gloss), digital strategy pro, Globe and Mail Style columnist and host of the AMAZING Capsule 98 - -a podcast and hit Instagram account dedicated to 90s nostalgia -- and the time capsule Randi created in 1998 at the age of 13. Before going Freelance, Randi was the executive digital editor of FASHION magazine (she lead the integration of...


#FashionOgnews: Hermes skincare, J. Crew in crisis and Tim Walker at the V&A?

This week on #FashionOGnews , I have some really epic stories (these days, we’re drowning in news after all). In addition to the People’s Vote March having epic fashion (loved all the EU berets), we have some epic developments ranging from Hermes skincare to J.Crew’s ten millionth rebrand being an epic fail. Have show feedback? It would mean the world if you filled out my quick 5 question survey HERE. Want to get an exclusive discount for Fashion Originators listeners? Click here and use...


#FashionOGnews - LV men's backlash, heat-up jackets, American Eagle streetwear?

On the latest edition of #fashionOG news I picked 4 stories (and a bonus) that I’ve been following this week — plus my opinions on each of them (I went IN — don’t worry). For links to all of the full stories, check out my blog post here. 2019: for some new year improvement, I have created a feedback survey -- it would mean the world if you filled it out -- just 5 quick questions on how I can make the show better: To keep up-to-date with everything...


#41: Why you should care about Canadian fashion with Fashion Talks host Donna Bishop

Donna Bishop is the Canadian fashion journalist behind the Fashion Talks Podcast. Fashion Talks is a Canada-based show (supported by the Canadian Art and Fashion Awards), which features stylists, designers and entrepreneurs, reflecting on how the industry shapes our world. Basically if you enjoy this show, then you’ll LOVE hers too! While Donna is an accomplished journalist, she’s so much more than just a ‘podcaster’. Currently, Donna serves as Director of Programming at the Canadian Art...


#FashionOGnews: Baby Phat is back, Vogue Hong Kong controversy and Rent the Runway homeware?

On this week’s edition of #fashionOGnews, I’m sharing 5 stories from last week that really piqued my interest. While there’s always WAY too much happening, the rental market, asian fashion, Calvin Klein, and Farfetch are among my favourite things to debate ad nauseum. The articles I referenced: Rent the runway partners with west elm to rent out home decor Vogue Hong Kong launch Calvin Klein shutters runway offering, debuts ‘Tik Tok’ campaign Farfetch boosts platform with new content...


#40: What 'diversity' in fashion really means with fashion journalist and activist Lottie Jackson

This week, I had the joy of speaking with fashion journalist and activist Lottie Jackson, about her thoughts on what 'diversity' really means in fashion. I think it’s important that you all learn more about Lottie’s work -- she’s more than just a fashion writer. Lottie is a diversity advocate, Oxford graduate, writer and correspondent for the amazing fashion roundtable organization, and a contributor to publications we all know and love like Sunday Times Style, ES Magazine and The...


#39 Wearing corsets to the gym with Ernest Leoty founder Marion Rabate

This week, I have the joy of interviewing Marion Rabate, the founder of Ernest Leoty. Ernest Leoty is not just another activewear brand -- rather it’s THE brand that will make you want to wear corsets to the gym. Yes, really. With a design team that combines couture brand experience with technical expertise, Rabate is building ‘couture for leisure’ that the likes of Vogue, Financial Times and Wallpaper can’t get enough of. Named after the inventor of the modern corset, Ernest Leoty,...


#38: Build business and sustainability sense with fashion designer Patrick McDowell

On the latest episode of Fashion Originators, I have the joy of interviewing Patrick McDowell, who, as aptly put by L’Officiel Magazine, is the ‘CSM graduate already dressing the stars.’ While that is very true (the likes of Rita Ora, M.I.A and Slick Woods on the cover of Elle UK serve as evidence), Patrick’s brand and vision go far beyond straight-up glamour. During his placement year at Burberry, Patrick learned that Burberry only used 30% of their sampling fabric. After writing...


#37 Set your fashion career #goals for 2019

On the latest episode of Fashion Originators, I'm sharing my 2019 fashion career and life goals -- and how you can set your too! Want to share your goals with me? I'd love to help! Be sure to reach out via the links below and see you next week: Listen to the Enty Episode HERE To keep up-to-date with everything Fashion Originators: For podcast updates - For Instagram fun - For Facebook updates -...


#36: Make your art a fashion brand with Jemima Sara

This week, I have the joy of interviewing Jemima Sara, who made her art into an eponymous ethical fashion brand. Not only did we chat about her story (she studied puppetry), but we also discussed how YOU can turn your art into a charitable fashion brand. Featuring her 'martini ladies' illustrations, Jemima's fashion garments are empowering in their hilarity, body positivity and charity association (she donates 10% of proceeds to Young Women's Trust). Worn by the likes of Daisy Lowe and...


#35: Become a sustainable fashion expert with What's your Legacy

This week, I have the joy of interviewing sustainable fashion expert and entrepreneur Madara Fremaine, one of the founders behind What’s Your Legacy – your destination for sustainable fashion. Featuring a directory of over 250 sustainable fashion brands on their site, What’s Your Legacy is your go-to guide to becoming a sustainable fashionista. More than just a directory, What’s Your Legacy is also a creative agency, guiding others with their fashion-first bright and fun aesthetic. This...


#34: Start a fashion footwear business with The Shoe Consultant Susannah Davda

This week, I have the joy of chatting with Susannah Davda, Director of “The Shoe Consultant” – a footwear fashion business consulting service for startup and established footwear brands. With over 20-years experience in the footwear fashion industry, working for brands such as Dr. Martens, Susannah is your go-to for all things shoe. If you’ve been a long-time listener, then you probably know that I have a bit of a thing for fashion footwear (sneakers in particular). For this week’s episode,...


#33: Build your fashion photography career with TopShop go-to Nastassja Thompson

This week, I chatted with Nastassja Thompson, a freelance fashion photographer who creates fashion photography for brands ranging from Marlow London to Top Shop (she's their go-to for Ecommerce, LFW and that ICONIC Stranger Things campaign)! On the show, we chatted all about Nastassja's fashion photography career, how to get started in photography, what makes a great photo, social media, and the key to standing out in such a crowded space. Whether you're a professional fashion photographer,...


#32: How troll-free social shopping will change your life with Enty founder Sophia Matveeva

This week, I have the joy of chatting with Sophia Matveeva, the founder of social shopping platform Enty, the troll-free social shopping platform that will change your life. On the app, you can receive immediate feedback on your outfits from styling pros – no more guess-work about the suitability of that first date outfit. Receiving press from the likes of Inc, Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post, and having been selected to participate in last year’s Cannes Lion Innovation Start-up Program,...


#31: Build a royal-approved fashion business with Genevieve and Andrew of Cornelia James

This week, I have the joy of chatting with Genevieve James and her husband Andrew, the brains behind Cornelia James in it’s the present day – the namesake royal-approved fashion business started by her mother Cornelia. Run by Genevieve and her husband, alongside three sewers, the brand is going strong after 70 years in the business (and a changing consumer landscape). With clients ranging from Rihanna to the Queen, Cornelia James = THE fashion business for fabulous and classy...


#30: What fashion business consultants really do Ft. Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Stiles is a freelance fashion business consultant with over 10 years of industry experience. Having grafted at companies like Arcadia Group and ASOS, Elizabeth uses her fashion business connections and knowledge to empower independent brands. Whether you're stuck in a creative rut, or you're looking to start from scratch, Elizabeth is your go-to for fashion business know-how. Recently freelance, Elizabeth reveals what fashion business consultants really do (and how you can become...


#29: Make fashion technology useful with Interlaced founder Kristina Dimitrova

On episode #28 of Fashion Originators, I chat with the founder of Interlaced, Kristina Dimitrova. Interlaced is a fashion technology media and events platform that highlights developments in the future of fashion. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion business news (via her site), or create a fashion technology runway show, Kristina is your go-to. For this week’s episode, I’ll be learning from Kristina about not only her founding story, but also her thoughts on the...