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#25: Season FINALE and exciting news!

On the 25th episode of Fashion Originators, I'm sharing some exciting changes I will be implementing for season 2. To stay up-to-date, be sure to follow me below: Newsletter! - Instagram! - Facebook! - Thank you so much for all of your support and kind words, and I look forward to sharing fresh content with you in July! -- Steph


#24: The Psychology of Fashion with its founder Anabel Maldonado

On episode #24 of Fashion Originators, I spoke with Anabel Maldonado, the founder of The Psychology of Fashion. Specializing in fashion psychology, Anabel has contributed to publications such as The Business of Fashion and Marie Claire. Alongside contributing to other publications, Anabel was also the Editor-in-Chief of Very recently, Anabel has founded a new platform - The Psychology of Fashion – which explores why we wear what we do, and the relationships between...


#23 Find your DREAM intern with Find Your Intern founder Jasmine MacPhee

IMAGE: @findyourintern Instagram On episode #23 of Fashion Originators, I chat with the founder of Find Your Intern, Jasmine MacPhee. After realizing that an internship-exclusive, modern, digitally-native, community-driven platform didn’t exist (HOW), Jasmine created Find Your Intern to fill this gap. During the show, we chat all about Jasmine's background at publications such as Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar, and how to navigate the oversaturated world of internships (as both a business...


#22: The future of fashion podcasting with Jody Muter-Hamilton of Black Neon

On episode #22 of Fashion Originators, I chat with the founder of Black Neon Digital Podcast, Jody Muter-Hamilton. After founding luxury swimwear brand, BLACK NEON, in 2008, Jodi has since kicked ass in tech, working for the UK’s most innovative mobile messaging platform Novastone, and creating a fashion messaging App in 2014, which later became a white label solution for larger retailers. With over 20 years experience in fashion retail, management, marketing & PR, she also consults for...


#21: The business Of fabric with Martin White Of Crescent Trading

Image source: Photographer: Jeremy Freedman On episode #21 of Fashion Originators, I chatted with Martin White, one of the founders behind Crescent Trading --THE best place to buy fine woolens in the world. A fashion industry fixture for the last 25 years, Crescent Trading supplies fabric for television, film and theatre companies alongside legendary designers like Christopher Raeburn, Vivienne Westwood and the young Alexander McQueen. In addition to their prestigious...


#20: Make your fashion designs a reality with Utelier founder Dessy Tsolova

Image source: Instagram @utelier On episode #20 of Fashion Originators, I chatted with Dessy Tsolova, the founder of Utelier – a platform where you can make your fashion designer dreams a reality. While most people want to start a brand, the ‘how’ can often be difficult. Where can I get my stuff produced? What materials? Where are these materials? What is a line sheet? A sample set? Do I really need 5 sample sets of the same t-shirt? Really, there are too many questions. Recognizing this...


#19: Changing lives through jewelry ft McQueen Foundation Alumnus Charlotte Garnett

On episode #19 of Fashion Originators, I had the pleasure of speaking with Charlotte Garnett, a London-based, CSM-taught jewelry designer. After creating her 2015 graduate collection, ‘Cure for the Itch’ – which explores the subject of soothing anxiety’, Charlotte then completed A 2-year residency at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation. At the foundation, Charlotte further developed her kinetic jewelry concept under the mentorship of Shaun Leane -- McQueen's head jeweller. On...


#18: Start your fashion podcast & the future of Fashion Originators

Hello friends and happy episode 18! This week, I wanted to chat in your ear one-on-one about 2017 and my plans for this show going forward. If you read the blog posts I write every Monday ,#motivationmonday, then you probably know one of the last ones I did related to New Years resolutions. You can check it out here: Because it’s that time of year, I have been in a reflective mood. In addition...


#17: Slow fashion and the future of magazines with Denude founder Laurie Truman

Image: Denude magazine, latest issue Source: Instagram @denudemagazine On episode #17 of Fashion Originators, I chat with Laurie Truman, the founder of Denude magazine. London-based, Denude is an indie magazine aimed at women who want honest, intelligent and thoughtful fashion and culture content. To do this, Denude focuses on intelligent women with unique perspectives, all while promoting the concept of ‘slow fashion.’ For those of you who don’t know (I myself didn’t know before doing...


#16 Creating an aesthestic with menswear designer Eshe Mitchell

Image: Vogue Runway, Eshe Mitchell's debut "Mixed Me" collection On episode #16 of Fashion Originators, I chat with Eshe Mitchell, recent Coventry University Fashion and Costume Graduate behind her namesake brand. Recently debuting her “Mixed Me” collection at Freerange Exhibition (Brick Lane), which combines a love of streetwear with her Nigerian heritage, the pieces are colourful, cool and unique – yet actually quite wearable. After the Exhibition, her collection even ended up on...


#15: Starting a streetwear brand at 18-years-old with The Weekend Studio

Image: Elias Riadi of PAQ rocking The Weekend Studio trousers. Source: Instagram @tws_clothing. On episode #15 of Fashion Originators, I chat with the founders of The Weekend Studio, Samir Patel and Dan Farrelly. UK-based, the boys use London as the backdrop for their mega-cool streetwear look books. Although the range is small, their website features on-trend tracksuit and workwear sets that are all LONDON MADE. On the episode, Samir and Dan share their founding story, what it's like to...


#14: How to kill it as a fashion blogger with Elvira of @bdblggr

On episode #14 of Fashion Originators, I chat with 26-year-old SW London blogger, Elvira Vedelago, of Starting her blog as a hobby after university, blogging has since become Elvira’s full-time job. Featuring ‘how to’ driven posts on ‘bad fashion’ and ‘bad advice’, Elvira’s content is driven by the idea that we're all perfectly imperfect (and badass too). On the episode, Elvira gives me a crash course in blogging 101: creating a platform, stats, dealing with brands -- we cover...


#11: Why clothing rental is the future with HIGHER studio founder Sara Arnold

On episode #11 of Fashion Originators, I chat with Sara Arnold, the founder of HIGHER. HIGHER, a clothing subscription service, is set to revolutionize shopping and the way you perceive your closet. For £90/month, - you can borrow up to 3 items at a time, and swap out items whenever you want. Featuring designers ranging from Westwood and Margiela to up-and-coming labels like Phoebe English, Arnold gives subscribers access to a library of curated designer pieces – without the guilt (or...


#10: Create your niche product ft MeganSullivan of With Grace B. Bold

On episode #10 of Fashion Originators, I spoke with Megan Sullivan -- the founder of luxury post-mastectomy womenswear brand, With Grace B. Bold. After Megan’s mother was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer, Megan became inspired to combine her fashion design background with her desire to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors. Post-mastectomy, women often struggle to find stylish and comfortable clothing. To solve this struggle, Megan developed two tops: “The...


#9: Start your sustainable business with Cindy Liberman of Lara Intimates

On episode #9 of Fashion Originators, I chat with Cindy Liberman -- one of the founders behind sustainable lingerie brand Lara Intimates. Lara Intimates not only make their bras here in London (with employees paid a living-wage), but the garments themselves are also made with industry off-cut fabrics. Unlike most lingerie brands, Lara Intimates offer a wide range of sizes (28A to 36E), and focus every aspect of their business on creating 'a product with better values that women actually...


#8 Building partnerships & the future of eyewear with Hugo Taylor & Charlie Morris

On episode #8 of Fashion Originators, I chat with Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris, the founders of Taylor-Morris eyewear.


#7: How to start a fashion app with Cashmere founder Urenna Okonkwo

On episode #7 of Fashion Originators, I chatted with Urenna Okonkwo, the founder of soon-to-be-released fashion app "Cashmere." After discovering a pair of dreamy Christian Louboutin heels with a not-so-dreamy price tag, Urenna devised "Cashmere" -- a luxury savings app. Through Cashmere, Urenna lets users set a monthly savings plan, which transfers small amounts of money to a secure "luxury savings" account. On the episode, Urenna and I discuss: starting an app 101, the future of...


#6: Turning a club into a company with LABEL founder Jo Boon

On episode #6 of Fashion Originators, I chatted with Jo Boon, the founder of body positive student fashion show -- and now company -- LABEL. Although LABEL initially started as a body positive fashion show at the University of St Andrews, it has since morphed into a multidimensional brand (encompassing art events, a magazine, merchandise etc). During out chat, we reminisce about our time at St Andrews (we're both alumni), the future of the body positive fashion business, and of course --...


#:5 How to build your accessory brand ft. the founder of Marlow London

On episode #5 of Fashion Originators, I chatted with Chloe Marlow, the founder of Marlow London. After realizing that all her friends at Central Saint Martins wanted to buy her final-year project, Chloe knew she was onto something. Combining her love of luxury with a great sense of humour (and a little sprinkle of law of attraction), Chloe brought her line of laser cut totes and cheeky scarves to life. In the episode, we discuss a wide range of topics: - The early days of founding a brand...


#4: Growing your brand strategically with LNDR founders Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris

For episode #4 of Fashion Originators, I had the privilege of speaking to two of LNDR 's founders; Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris. Founded by Sara Donnelly, Donna Harris and Joanna Turner, LNDR is THE high-performance lifestyle brand for chic women on-the-go. Stocked by the likes of Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Selfridges Body Studio and Harvey Nichols, it’s safe to say that it’s a favourite amongst the luxury set [like Gigi Hadid, Toni Garn, Sophia Richie, Jasmine Saunders]. During the...