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Investing in Bonds

With all the turmoil and uncertainty on Wall Street these days, it's hard to decide where to put your money. Financial commentator Greg Heberlein says you should take a look at bonds. He spoke with KPLU's Dave Meyer.

Greg's Egyptian Adventure

KPLU financial commentator Greg Heberlein has just returned from the Middle East. He found the economy to be suffering just as much there as it is at home. He spoke with KPLU's Dave Meyer.

Layoffs don't help the economy

The recession continues to take its toll on jobs. This week began with news of more than 75-thousand layoffs at companies such as Home Depot, Caterpillar and Texas Instruments. Microsoft announced its first-ever major layoffs last week. Mark Anderson publishes the computing industry newsletter, Strategic News Service. He tells KPLU's Dave Meyer layoffs may help companies in the short term, but make it harder to end the recession.

Finding the Market Bottom

The simple rule to success in the stock market is to buy low and sell high. How will we know when the turbulent market has hit bottom? KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.