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Forbes India in association with bring you conversations with the people behind the Forbes India Magazine.

Forbes India in association with bring you conversations with the people behind the Forbes India Magazine.
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Forbes India in association with bring you conversations with the people behind the Forbes India Magazine.




Forbes India Cover Story # 38: 100 Richest Indians

There are more billionaires in this years list of Forbes 100 Richest Indians. But on the downside, Indias wealthiest saw their fortune come down by 59 billion USD, a factor attributed to the volatile Sensex. The top 10 names have also been disturbed, while 19 of the countrys smart entrepreneurs have gained more wealth. Prince Thomas, the Senior Assistant Editor joins us to talk about the richest Indians in business.


Forbes India Cover Story # 37: The Forbes India Leadership Awards

What is it about them that makes them such remarkable people. What is it about their character that makes leaders of them. Our Associate Editor Cuckoo Paul explains.


Forbes India Cover Story # 32: Cracks in the Republic

IN this podcast, Associate Editor, Dinesh Narayan talks about the Independence day special issue which questions Indias position in different spheres as she enters her 65th year after independence.


Forbes India Cover Story # 33: Wake up Mr Rahul Gandhi

In the midst of the turmoil in the ruling party, Anna Hazare invoked a nationwide protest in the name of the Lokpal Bill. In this podcast, Udit Misra, the Special Correspondent at Forbes India joins us to talk about what role Rahul Gandhi has played until now and why buying time to eventually fill the top post is not such a good idea.


Forbes India Cover Story # 29: Chandra and his TCS

Chandra, the CEO of Indias largest IT company finds time to run the full marathon as well as make the quarter. In this podcast, Shishir Prasad, Mitu Jayashankar and Ramnath talk about their experience of covering arguably one of the lesser known CEOs from the IT field.


Forbes India Cover Story # 28: The Best Kept Secret of India Inc

Danish Sheikh, a former employee with Google India declared to his coworkers that he was gay. Danish along with Anuj Chopra, the Contributing Editor talk about the Lesbian Gay BiSexual Transgender community and their standing in Indian business.


Forbes India Cover Story # 27: The Story of GMR

Invested in as many as twenty eight businesses, Mr G M Rao, the boss of GMR, on occasions must be wondering if investing in the development of Delhi airport was a good idea. His team completed the job in a record thirty seven months, but cost over runs and non payment of dues have taken a toll. Associate Editor, Cuckoo Paul joins in to talk about her experience of writing the cover story on the man and his creation.


Forbes India Cover Story # 26: Anniversary Special

Forbes India celebrates its second birthday and the second anniversary special issue includes essays from prominent personalities across different domains who have written on topics of national importance. For instance, in his essay, Raghuram Rajan debates on the amount of regulation that should be allowed in a country to ensure fair competitive spirit. Shashi Tharoor writes on the battle of war for peace. In this podcast, Dinesh Narayan, the Associate Editor at Forbes India joins us to...


Forbes India Cover Story # 25: The Last Founder at Infosys

After turning around and sustaining the success at ICICI, KV Kamath has been asked to steer Infosys. With Shibulal as the new CEO and Kris Gopalakrishnan as his team mate, Infy steps into an era sans Murthy. Mitu Jayashankar, the Associate Editor at Forbes India joins us to talk about her cover story on the new man and what it means to Infy.


Forbes India Cover Story # 23: Analjit Singh: Ranbaxy Wont Happen Again

Analjit Singh is the relatively lesser known brother from the Singh parivaar which sold off Ranbaxy to Daichii Sankyo back in 2008. Prince Thomas, the Assistant Editor at Forbes India joins us to talk about the cover story on Analjit Singh, the serial entrepreneur who has learned some lessons from his family feud and is taking adequate care towards relevant corporate governance in his ventures by taking certain interesting steps including induction of independent directors and discouraging...


Forbes India Cover Story # 22: The Middle East Crisis - Wake up Call for India

The world has had to find new emotions to comprehend the magnitude of the crisis in the Middle East. What does it mean to India. In this Forbes India Cover Story podcast series in association with, Editor-in-Chief, Indrajit Gupta and Senior Features Writer, Abhishek Raghunath talk about why India is not decoupled from what's happening in countries like Egypt, Syria, Bharain, Turkey, etc.


Forbes India Cover Story # 20: The Tale of a Turnaround

The Rajasthan Cricket Association can inspire a great sports movie. The young team played out of their skins and souls to beat Baroda in the Ranjit Trophy finals. In this podcast, writer Udit Mishra talks about his experience of covering one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of domestic cricket and the administrators who made it happen.


Forbes India Cover Story # 21: Will Indian IT companies grab the moment

The Indian IT industry has sustained a decade filled with global innovations, turmoil and resurrection. However, for the first time, the rules in the past few years have changed drastically and today, the typical player in this industry is expected to provide tangible and measurable business solutions. Associate Editor, Mitu Jayashankar and Deputy Editor, Shishir Prasad talk about their cover story on what lies in store for the players in the next few years and how well equipped are they...


Forbes India Cover Story # 19: Tata Telecom's Sinking Feeling

Is Ratan Tata rearranging the deckchairs on his Titanic-like telecom venture? After investing Rs. 37,000 crores in the telecom business and writing off Rs. 7,000 crore in losses, the telecom wing of the 80 billion USD conglomerate is creaking. In this episode, T Surendar, the Associate Editor at Forbes India takes us through the interesting times faced by the Tatas and what they intend to do to bail themselves out.


Forbes India Cover Story # 17: Where to invest in 2011?

In this Forbes India Cover Story Podcast series, S Srinivasan, the Senior Editor joins us to talk about the options that 2011 will provide for the smart investors inspite of the uncertainties faced by most developed nations. An optimist Srini takes us through his thoughts on why he feels that the uncertainty brings in lot of opportunities for the discerning investor.


Forbes India Cover Story # 16: The Forbes Person of the Year

Shishir Prasad and Peter Griffin take us through the year end issue of Forbes India which announces the Person of the year. The authors explain why Nitish Kumar deserved the honour. The issue is also peppered with unusually light business stories of which we get a preview in this short podcast.


Forbes India Cover Story # 15: The Business Case of Cloud Computing

In this Forbes India Cover Story podcast, senior editors Rohin, Seema and Shishir give us an overview of what cloud computing is about, what is its application and what are the laws governing it.


Forbes India Cover Story # 13: Small Car, Big Plans from Toyota

Toyota has been a paragon of quality, at least until recently. In the midst of the 8 million car recall crisis, Toyota chose to introduce its first small car in India, Etios. In this Forbes India Cover Story podcast in association with, Ashish Mishra and T Surendar talk about their experience of watching the car industry in India closely for years together and how will Toyota's move affect its competitors.


Forbes India Cover Story # 3: The Untold Story of ITC

Indrajit Gupta, the editor at Forbes India and T Surendar, the Associate Editor succeed in unveiling the inside story of ITC and its chairman. Indrajit and Surendar talk about the immediate challenges facing ITC especially during a time which has the future of Mr Deveshwar in question. His term is slated to end in 2012, but the man intends to stay. British American Tobacco which owns a 32 per cent stake in ITC and has two people on the board have other plans.


Forbes India Cover Story # 2: How the Mightly have Fallen

Rohin Dharmakumar, the Assistant Editor and Shishir Prasad, the Deputy Editor at Forbes India bring us the interesting and eventful tale of the Indian mobile phone service providers. They make some perceptive observations on how the service providers who are parched for spectrum might just end up using this additional hard earned bounty to provide voice relief rather than launch 3G services at least in the near future. Go listen to the 20 minute conversation which is nontechnical and user...