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122 - Hotel Marketing 101: Proactive Website Content Updates That Make Sense

Finding content out of date, or not ready to be posted, is one of the most common issues we come across in terms of hoteliers being ready for what is to come. This is not unexpected, many hotel operators are busy dealing with guests, property issues, and a myriad of other urgent issues. Unfortunately, this means the important things that are not urgent, get pushed to the side. If you don’t already know about the Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix by name, you surely have seen it in books like...


121 - 15 Simple Ways To Refine Your Hotel Ad Targeting

If you’re a hotel marketer, chances are that you spend some of your budget on advertising. Typically, those efforts are deployed in an attempt to drive demand for your property or to harvest the intend that already exists from a person who is looking to take a trip. Most hotel marketers do the basics right. They set up different campaigns and target a defined audience with a specific message. Most people, however, aren’t taking advantage of all of the potential target segments that exist in...


120 - Should Your Hotel Be Marketing To Generation Z and Millennials?

What's all the fuss about Millennials and Generation Z? Are they really going to cause the death of life as we know it? Should we be spending our time developing a marketing strategy that specifically targets these increasingly influential enigmas? We tackle all of these tough topics and more in this week's episode fo the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast. SHOW NOTES:...


119 - Dominate The Competition With These 15 Triggered Messages

Effective communication is one of the keys to building a strong relationship with your guests. If you do it correctly, you can build customer loyalty, improve the guest experience, and drive more revenue. In this episode, the Fueligans break down a recent blog article that discusses 15 triggered messages that you should be sending to your guests Based on this original blog post: 15 Triggered Messages Your Hotel Should Be Sending To Your Guests...


118 - Breaking Down PPC And Email Trends From Google And Revinate

This episode is based on a vertical trends report produced by Google as well as Revinate’s latest email marketing trends study. Also see our notes on last year’s study: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-98-takeaways-revinates-2018-global-hotel-email-marketing-report/


117 - What Hotel Marketers Can Learn From Amazon's Secret To Success

If you tuned in to last week’s episode where we reviewed the 2019 Leisure Travel Study you’ll know we talked a lot about the ever-changing habits of our guests. However, not everything a guest does is constantly changing. In this episode we look at a famous quote from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and discuss what it means for hotel marketers. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-117-what-hotel-marketers-can-learn-from-amazons-secret-to-success/


116 - You'll Be Shocked By These Insights From The 2019 Leisure Travel Study

Each year, Fuel publishes a comprehensive leisure travel study that takes a look into why people travel and how they make their purchase decisions. The data revealed by the study offers incredible value to the hospitality industry as it provides a clear picture of what people are looking for when they are performing their travel research. In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the Fueligans breakdown the most surprising and the most important stats from the 2019 study and...


115 - Top 10 Ways To Drive Direct Bookings Before OTAs Put You Out Of Business

We recently published an article on HotelExecutive.com where we made the argument that over-reliance on OTAs could become an existential problem for hotels if the economy were to take a downturn. Not that OTAs are bad, but many have become comfortable letting the OTAs drive a significant percentage of their demand. In this episode, we dive into the article and discuss its wider implications. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE: 10 ways to drive direct bookings in 2019 -...


114 - 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Digital Trends In Travel

This week’s episode is a breakdown of an article from Adobe that was recently published on CMO.com. The article takes a look at several travel-related trends that have been aggregated from numerous sources. The fueligans discuss the merits of each stat and provide insight into the impact they may have on hotel marketers. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-114-15-mind-blowing-stats-about-digital-trends-in-travel/


113 - Hotel Marketing 101: A Beginner's Guide to SEO

This is the second episode in our hotel marketing 101 series. In this show, we dig into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and give practical advice about how hotels can drive more direct revenue from organic search. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-113-hotel-marketing-101-a-beginners-guide-to-seo/


112 - Shocking Predictions For HITEC 2019

For many, they think of the annual HITEC Expo and Conference as the “Super Bowl” of hotel technology events. For us, the Super Bowl is the “HITEC” of football games. HITEC is simply that darn great. If you’re in the market for new technology or if you just want to see what cutting-edge trends are going to be the next big thing, you should plan on attending HITEC. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-112-shocking-predictions-for-hitec-2019/


111 - The 10 Commandments of Hotel Marketing

In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the Fueligans give 10 simple rules that every hotel marketer should follow. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-111-the-10-commandments-of-hotel-marketing/


110 - The Real Value of Hotel Micro Influencers (with Flip.to and Navis)

Still trying to figure out this whole “influencer” phenomena that’s getting more than its fair share of coverage in hospitality blogs? In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we solicit the help of our friends at Navis and Flip.to to discuss the difference between macro and micro influencers, and we look at a case study that illustrates the potential that exists from tapping into the influence of your existing guest. SHOW NOTES:...


109 - Hotel 101: Sending An Amazing Marketing Email

We’re kicking off an awesome new series in 2019 to introduce our audience, clients, and colleagues to the core best-practices in hotel marketing. The idea being if you have just been thrown in to the hotel marketing business, or you’re looking to brush up on what you should have already been doing, you’ll be able to listen to each episode in the Hotel 101 series to make your marketing rock.


108 - These 6 Analytics Anomalies Give Hotels Agita

This episode was inspired by our own older podcast episodes that helps you diagnose anomalies in your analytics data. We get questions from our clients on a regular basis when something in their data doesn’t feel right, has had a sudden change, or just doesn’t make sense. Here are some common issues SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-108-these-6-analytics-anomalies-give-hotels-agita/


107 - How Hotels Can Use Their Authority To Drive More Bookings

In this episode, we have a special guest, Niel Howe, and we discuss ways in which a hotel GM or Owner can leverage their authority to drive more bookings. Neil is a best selling author and entrepreneur, known as ‘The Authority Architect’ and he helps professionals leverage their knowledge to drive more business.


106 - Top 10 Ways To Reach New Hotel Guests

Assuming that you’ve been implementing all of the tips we’ve provided on the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast thus far, your property is immaculate and your staff are super-friendly. That means that you don’t have a problem retaining guests. Your repeat visitor numbers are through the roof. However, you still have some soft spots throughout the year that you need to fill up, so you’re going to have to go find new people to stay in those rooms. In this episode, we look at some of the ways that...


105 - Top List Of Top 10 Lists For Hotels in 2019

Each year, we get inundated by articles containing the top 10 list of something. We thought we’d save you some time by combining 5 of our favorite top 10 lists for hotel marketing and summarize them in this handy-dandy episode. SHOW NOTES: https://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-105-top-list-of-top-10-lists-for-hotels-in-2019/


104 - 6 Game Changing Tech Trends in 2019

Guess what? It’s no longer the “Year of Mobile”. While it seems as if mobile has been the “trend for the past 5 years, I think it's time to acknowledge the fact that mobile is the minimum ante to play these days. If you don’t have your mobile strategy figured out by now, you’re so far behind in terms of consumer expectations that you may be beyond help. Assuming you’re still with us, let’s discuss some of the real trends that you should be paying attention to in 2019. SHOW NOTES:


103 - 6 Hotel Website Audits That Will Save You From Losing Money

Today on the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast we are going to cover how to make the most of your marketing efforts by setting up a schedule of continual proofing to guarantee your hotel’s site is ready to convert guests to its fullest. How you ask? Simple, by ensuring your systems actually work as designed, track as they should, and trigger followups as expected. SHOW NOTES: