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10: Is trade still a force for good?

In a divided political climate we increasingly see trade used as a tool of coercion to achieve strategic influence, an instrument of foreign policy rather than a by-product. In this session we hear various experts consider the implications of this trend for African markets as Rob Hersov, CEO & Founder of Invest Africa talks with Wildu du Plessis (Baker McKenzie), Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott (South African Institute of International Affairs), Elena Williams, (UK Department for International...


9: The business case for gender diversity: GTR Women in Trade Finance in Dubai

Trade finance organisations are faced with an urgent challenge when it comes to acquiring, developing and retaining diverse talent. It’s now time to move from aspirations to actions if the industry wants to future-proof its existence. At the recent GTR Women in Trade Finance event in Dubai, Rana Nawas gave a thought-provoking speech about why institutions should care about this issue. Rana is a keynote speaker, strategic advisor and the host of the podcast When Women Win.


8: Economist debate: Global trade war - how bad can it really be?

With increasing unpredictability surrounding protectionist trade policies around the globe, identifying geopolitical risks has become a pressing issue for the trade community. Highlighting the potential businessrepercussions posed by increasing trade barriers, a debate-led keynotediscussion will provide contrasting perspectives on their potential impact on Nordic trade and economic growth, addressing the question: ‘How bad can a global trade war really be?’ **Speakers:** **Olof Manner**,...


7: Do ICOs provide a potential new source of finance or reason for caution?

Debate 2: Do ICOs provide a potential new source of finance or reason for caution? Viewpoint 1: **Raj Uttamchandani**, Executive Director, **Trade Finance Market** Interest in initial coin offerings (ICOs), the process of using cryptocurrency to raise money for trade lending, is growing as companieslook for alternative ways to fund supply chains and raise capital. Simplerand faster than traditional cross-border fundraising, removing much of the complexity around different currencies,...


6: Is the future of the global digital economy under threat?

A new format unveiled at this year’s GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week, GTR’s Debating Chamber will incorporated a debate format whereby speakers argued their viewpoints on key issues to an engaged room of participants. This episode we hear from Alex Capri, Senior Fellow at NUS Business School & Carl Wegner, Managing Director and Head of Asia for R3 as they debate whether the future of the global digital economy is under threat. **Debate 1: Is the future of the global digital economy under...


5: How seriously should a global trade war be taken?

Today **GTR** brings you the best in trade and treasury content, with highlighted discussions and insights from [**GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week 2018**](, the world’s largest gathering of its kind. The event took place at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on September 4-7. With the past year having seen countless headlines on trade, from the ongoing spat between the US and China to the latest tariffs being imposed on...


4: Supply chain finance and sustainable trade in Asia (Sponsored by DBS)

**[GTR](**'s Eleanor Wragg interviews [Amit Agarwal](, head of open account trade products, Global Transaction Services at DBS, about the demand for sustainable leadership in the trade finance market and supply chain finance trends in Asia. **[](** The interview took place at the annual [GTR Asia Trade & Treasury...


3: Exporting to emerging markets: what if all goes wrong

Nordic Region Trade and Export Finance Conference 2017 took place at the Radisson Blu in Stockholm on November 16, 2017. The discussion highlights afternoon Stream A, titled “Exporting to emerging markets: what if all goes wrong?” and features Cristina Rooth, Legal Counsel from SEB and Victor Carstenius, Country Analyst from EKN. Christina and Victor assess a number of hypothetical business risk scenarios and provide insights into the potential legal issues and appropriate courses of action...


2: Understanding potential threats to trade and economic stability in Asia

This episode features keynote speaker Richard Duncan, Financial Analyst, Author, Economist & Consultant. Richard spoke during the GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week 2017 at the 9.10 morning plenary keynote session ‘Understanding potential threats to trade and economic stability in Asia.’ The event took place at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on September 5-8, 2017. Richard examines how the build-up of trade imbalances over the last few decades have proved instrumental in leaving the global...


1: Assessing the health of Asian trade: Conflicts, disputes and geopolitical priorities

Our first episode features speaker Deborah Elms, Executive Director of Asian Trade Centre. Deborah spoke during the 9.40 morning plenary session on day 1 of the GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week 2017, 'The Economist Debate: Assessing the health of Asian trade’. Experts, including Deborah, Douglas Lippoltd, Chief Trade Economist from HSBC Global Research, and Regis Roche, Risk Director at Euler Hermes, took to the stage to provide an in-depth macroeconomic assessment examining some of the...