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Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals

Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals
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Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals






HR Works 94: Confronting and Overcoming Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious biases. Without awareness and tools for confronting these biases, organizations will develop or extend major problems. The effects of such bias impact everything in an organization including recruiting and promotion decisions as well as heavily influencing company culture. This episode's guest is an expert when it comes to confronting and eliminating unconscious biases. Brad Federman is the Chief Executive Officer of Performance Point, as well as an author, speaker,...


HR Works 93: Are Your Company Culture Efforts Making an Impact?

Company culture is the name of the game in HR, but experts wonder how best to create that culture. Is it enough to just announce your mission objectives and print them on the wall? The guests for episode 93 of HR Works would argue that that does not go nearly far enough. They instead suggest implementing a purpose driven culture. What exactly is that? I’ll let our guests explain. We are happy to have Keith Goudy, Managing Partner at Vantage join us today. For over 20 years Goudy has been a...


HR Works 92: Mental Health Is a Hidden, Stigmatized, and Serious Problem

In this episode of HR Works, we discuss the very serious issue of mental health in the workplace. Mental health discussions have a tendency to focus on mental illness. While mental illness is certainly a critical concern of mental health, everyone is susceptible to poor mental wellness and HR managers need to address the concerns of every one of their employees. Our guest had a first-hand experience with the world of mental health that profoundly impacted him and set him on a path towards...


HR Works 91: What Happens If You Don't File Your EEO-1 Component 2 Compensation Data?

In Episode 91 of HR Works, we discuss the EEO-1 Component 2 Compensation Data reporting rule, which is due for submission on the 30th of September of this year. We have two attorneys joining us to discuss this: Partner Maggie Spell and Senior Partner Mark Adams of Jones Walker LLP. They both work in the great City of New Orleans in Louisiana in one of Jones Walker’s 15 locations. For more than 30 years, Mark has represented employers in disputes before federal and state courts and regulatory...


HR Works 90: Great Leaders Generate Excellent Employee Engagement

Everyone knows how critical employee engagement is for the success of any organization. Despite awareness and vast amounts of money being spent on solving this problem, engagement rates are still low across the United States. Today's guest is a CEO that has won Glassdoor's Top CEO for multiple years, and the New York Times has profiled him in an article titled, "The Incalculable Value of a Good Boss." Aron Ain, CEO of Kronos, attributes truly believes in making work a better place, and that...


HR Works 89: What to Do When Leadership Doesn't Listen to HR

Getting leadership to listen to HR is critical for the success of your HR department as well as for the success of your organization. But it can be very challenging to get them to really hear you. We discuss this, aligning goals across leadership, avoiding and correcting silos, and much more with our guest, Ed Muzio. Below is a partial transcript of this episode. For a complete transcript, go here:


HR Works 88: What Is U.S. Soccer Getting Wrong About Equal Pay?

In this episode of HR Works we discuss equal pay surrounding the Women’s U.S. soccer team—especially in the light of their recent World Cup victory with two experts Tom Cunningham and Charles Bendotti. Following is a partial transcript. For the full transcript of this episode, go here: Jim: Hello, everyone, and welcome to HR Works, the podcast for HR professionals. We really appreciate you taking...


HR Works 87: This Is What Leadership Looks Like in 10 Years

Whether it's failing fast or being agile, leadership has already changed a lot from more traditional approaches. Our guest in this episode brings a lot of expertise surrounding what leadership and the workplace look like today, and what it will look like in 10 years. We are pleased to have Lisa Rueth, the Senior Partner and CEO of Cultivate Leadership, a consulting firm that is dedicated to leadership science, organizational design, and executive coaching. With over 20 years of experience,...


HR Works 86: Vulnerability Is Required for Successful Engagement and Leadership

With organizations losing unbelievable amounts of money to poor employee engagement, I always wonder what stops leaders from properly addressing this problem. In this episode of HR Works, we find a critical ingredient to successful leadership and employee engagement: vulnerability. Today's guest is Jason Treu, an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees to maximize their leadership and management abilities and perform at the highest levels. He provides coaching,...


HR Works 85: How Leadership Can Navigate Chaotic vs. Ordered Employees

If I’ve learned one thing since taking on this podcast, is that change in an organization literally cannot happen without leaders being on board. How can HR managers make that happen? It’s the 100 million dollar question, and we are thrilled to have two experts from Rose Group Int’l to help us answer it. The first of our two guests is Meg Manke, Senior Partner at Rose Group Int’l and culture and leadership expert. Meg has years of experience in leading through transition. From major changes...


HR Works 84: LinkedIn Weighs In on Recent Workplace Trends

When it comes to workplace trends, it helps to get the research and opinions of the largest professional network: LinkedIn. To that end, our guest for this episode is LinkedIn's Vice President of Talent Solutions, Mark Lobosco. Mark is responsible for leading the global pre-sales, sales and customer success team for LinkedIn’s Talent Solution business, which helps employers find, attract and hire the best people. Mark also leads a number of company-wide Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging...


HR Works 83: Joy Makes a Powerful Currency

Everyone knows that when employees are stressed out about meeting deadlines, budgets, and extreme expectations that they tend to shut down or leave. In this episode of HR Works, which is sponsored by we discuss one woman's approach to solving this problem: making joy the currency of the workplace economy. Shani Godwin, an entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker, and radio host. She is the founder of the marketing project support service, Communique USA. Founded in...


HR Works 82: Next Level Sexual Harassment Training

Organizations are working hard to meet the challenge of sexual harassment in the workplace head-on. However, the efficacy of sexual harassment training leaves a lot to be desired. How do employers make this training stick? Part of it boils down to creating an emotional investment in trainees, a subject that our guest excels in. Morgan Mercer is the Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Point, an organization that strives to leverage virtual reality immersive technology to tackle complex...


HR Works Special Episode: Making Sense of the Proposed Overtime Regulations

The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a rule that is expected to make more than one million more workers eligible for overtime pay. Currently, the DOL is accepting comments until May 21st. In this special episode, sponsored by Kronos, we discuss the proposed overtime regulations in detail with Kara Shea, a Partner with the Butler Snow Law Firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Kara is a member and former Practice Group Leader for Labor and Employment. She regularly counsels clients in financial...


HR Works 81: It Takes More Than Training to Stop Workplace Bullying

In this episode, we explore the real problem of workplace bullying. A shocking number of employees have experienced bullying and even more have witnessed it. The problem has a powerful effect on employees and therefore on organizations, including everything from engagement and retention to damaging a company’s culture. How organizations deal with bullying plays a critical role in whether that damage done can be stopped and repaired or allowed to continue. Our guest, Catherine Mattice Zundel,...


HR Works 80: Great Culture Requires Conscious Leadership

The people of an organization generate that company's culture. That includes all of the people from the employees through middle management right up to leadership and to a degree, even the customers. When part of that culture producing chain fails, the whole culture suffers—it doesn’t disappear, it just decays. Naturally then, if an organization’s leadership does not consciously contribute positively to the company’s culture, that culture can become disastrously problematic for every aspect...


HR Works 79: We Might Just All Be in the Wrong Jobs

How are employers supposed to keep people in their roles if large percentages of people are in the wrong job? What could that mean? Luckily our guest is in a great position to answer that question. In this episode, we are joined by Jamie Schneiderman. Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Career Spark, the leader in Predictive Career Mobility that helps organizations to understand what drives success and to easily and consistently select, develop, and promote top talent. He believes job...


HR Works 78: No More Bad Hires

Every HR professional and recruiter knows the cost of a bad hire. Time and money spent on the hiring and training go down the tube and now you are left with nothing but that same vacancy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid making bad hires in the first place? In this episode, we are joined by Jeff Hyman. Jeff is the Chief Talent Officer at Recruit Rockstars, an organization with a simple mission: no more bad hires! Mr. Hyman is author of the bestselling book “Recruit Rockstars: The 10...


HR Works 77: One DJ's Novel Approach to Team Building

Imagine an organization filled to the brim with great individual talent. Now imagine that organization has no formal methods for bringing those people together as a team. Likely, many of you don’t have to imagine that at all because that just might be the case at your organization. Well so what? If individuals strive for individual success, how bad can it really be? To answer that question, we talked with a team building expert with an unusual background. Amani Roberts, aka DJ AmRo is a...


HR Works 76: 10 Minutes of Recognition Makes All the Difference

Today we are going to talk about engagement. The term gets used a lot, and for good reason. Organizations spend so much money, time, and training getting the right people onboard. All of that vanishes when that employee walks out the door. In many cases, retaining employees is achievable with the right set of tools aimed at employee engagement. Today we are lucky enough to be joined by Gregg Lederman, President of Employee Engagement at Reward Gateway, the employee engagement people! He is...