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Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals

Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals
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Podcast by BLR, providing clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources (HR) professionals






HR Works (56): Want To Improve Workplace Transparency? Have a Strategy

Transparency—an issue that many organizations struggle with—how much to reveal, when to reveal it, how to reveal it. To help us sort this out, we’ve asked Dan Harris to join us on Episode 56 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources. A Workplace Insights Analyst at Quantum Workplace, Dan aggregates data to tell stories. Currently working on his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, he hopes to facilitate and promote meaningful changes for...


HR Works (E55): Why Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy

Talent acquisition has quickly moved front burner for many organizations and most realize that they’re going to have to do more to attract—and keep--top candidates than they’ve had to do the past few years. Our guest has some great ideas and practical tips to help us with that--and one key component is the role of about content marketing. John Hall is co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., a content marketing agency that helps companies and individuals extract and leverage their expertise...


HR Works (E54); Uncover the Real Issues Behind Your "People Problem"

Many times, HR managers and executives know that something’s wrong—the organization is not functioning at as high a level as it should. Departments are butting heads and pointing fingers. But what’s really to blame? Do you have a people problem? Or is something else at the root cause? Today we’ve got an expert at diving into organizations, finding the real problem, and fixing it. With over 20 years’ experience in leadership and team building, Lisa Rueth leads the team of consulting...


HR Works (E53): HR Works: Employees Want to Learn on their Smartphones—Are You Ready?

L&D—learning and development—is moving to the forefront for HR managers, not just for the importance of developing skills, but to maintain engagement and retention of employees who demand to stay up with new developments in their fields. Of course, there are new developments in L&D as well, and one of the most challenging today is the fact that the consumers of our training increasingly want to access it through their smartphones. Here we’ve finally perfected our interactive, PowerPoint,...


HR Works (E52): Talent Development Professionals Can Improve Retention & Your Bottom Line

Retention is a major concern for most every organization these days. Changing employee demographics and expectations, evolving business needs, and rapidly advancing technology add complexity to the challenge. And for sure, as the unemployment rate drops, it’s even tougher to keep your best talent. On the plus side, all this means that talent development professionals are sitting in a unique sweet spot for impacting the organization and its bottom line, says workforce thought leader Cara...


HR Works (E50): How HR Can Use Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving

In episode 50 of HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals, John K. Coyle, founder and CEO of The Art of Really Living, joins us to discuss “design thinking”—an approach to innovation and problem solving that could be useful to HR managers. John won an Olympic silver medal in speed skating—an achievement he attributes directly to his design thinking background. His mission is to innovate the human experience, and he has been applying design thinking to Fortune 500 companies, careers, and...


HR Works (E49): Why You Should Consider Gamification for Talent Development

Gamification can be a way that companies use learning software not only to educate employees, but also to increase productivity. It also encourages and fulfills employees' desire for social interaction, competition, and collaboration. But as our guest today explains, proper design is crucial to how successful your use of gamification will be. Carol Leaman, President & CEO of Axonify, joins us today to share how different organizations are using gamification as a talent development...


HR Works (E47): High-Profile Sexual Assault Claims Put Spotlight on Workplace Harassment

There's no shortage of reminders these days that harassment is still a major issue for employers. And it’s particularly challenging—as we’ve seen all too often lately in the news—when an executive is a harasser or when a company culture implicitly condones or perpetuates sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. With increased attention on the topic of harassment nationally, employment law attorney Mark Schickman joins us to provide insights on how HR managers can face these...


HR Works (46): How to Retain High-Performing Employees Who Are in the 'Wrong Seat'

Every HR manager faces this situation—a great employee, one the organization wants to keep, but the person is in the wrong job. For whatever reason, it's just not a good fit, or maybe it’s time for the person to move up—or over—to another position. Our guest—Scott Ragusa, President of WinterWyman Contract Staffing—calls this "Right Bus, Wrong Seat," and his company has had good success dealing with these situations.


HR Works (E45): How to Communicate and Influence Others at Work

The ability to influence others is perhaps the most important ingredient of leadership. Stacey Hanke, a trainer, coach and mentor to C-suite executives, thinks that most leaders are not as influential as they think they are, and not as influential as they could be. In this interview, we explore her views as expressed in her newly published book, Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday®. and get her step-by-step method for improving the ideal form of...


HR Works (E44): Concierge Program Helps Working Mothers Stay on Career Path

We hear a lot of talk expressing concern about the underrepresentation of women in corporate boardrooms. And we know that one substantial factor that can slow down the professional advancement of women is starting a family. But what can actually be done to minimize the disruption of women's career paths, particularly for working mothers? Today, we're going to take a look at one employer—Fifth Third Bank—who has been successful at helping working mothers make a smoother transition back to...


HR Works (E43): Keurig Brews Employee Engagement Via Volunteerism & Source Trips

Employee engagement—everyone agrees it’s important for productivity and retention, but not everyone is able to describe it or measure it. To help us boost engagement at our organizations, representatives from Keurig Green Mountain join us for Episode 43 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources. The company is known a great place to work and a place that has nourished employee engagement to a high degree with some unique programs, including their Community Action for Employees (CAFE)...


HR Works (E42): Expand Your Onboarding Beyond the 'New Hire' Experience

Does your onboarding process mainly consist of new hire paperwork and introductions to staff and management? Mimi Jerkan and Marina Vasich of SilkRoad, a global leader in talent activation, say that onboarding should involve much more than the new hire experience, and should encompass the entire employee journey. They call it 'strategic onboarding' and they're with us on HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources to go over it's essential components.


HR Works (E41): How to Build Championship Mindsets in Your Organization

We often look to sport teams for examples of engagement and passion and motivation, and we use sports metaphors for several workplace situations. In keeping with the start of the NFL season this week, a few of the many football metaphors used in business include "kicking off" a new project or product planning process, "Monday morning quarterbacking" a decision, "dropping the ball," pitching a "hail Mary" or even "dancing in the end zone" after a success. Today’s guest, Amber Selking, PhD,...


HR Works (E40): 7 Practices of Extraordinary Workplace Teams

Workplace teams can be the cornerstone to the success of an organization when they are functioning at a high level. But unfortunately, as nearly anyone who has been part of a workplace team can attest, that isn't always the case. And the symptoms of a team that isn't working well are probably also too familiar—unclear goals, poor communication, disagreements and conflicts—and can thwart teams from reaching their full potential, and ultimately organizational or financial success. Today's...


HR Works (E39): Make Employee Training More Impactful through Storytelling

HR professionals and in-house trainers know that in a world of non-stop communication and distractions, effective employee training can be challenging. But our guests—Sharon Lucas, President of CDT3 Training and Jessica Du Preez, a Graphic Recorder—have experience in making training more engaging, memorable and impactful by incorporating storytelling. In this episode, you'll learn how storytelling overcomes the obstacles to effective employee training, the elements of a great story, the...


HR Works (E38): Get Winning Workplace Results by Winning Over Your Employees

In many workplaces across the country, managers feel pressured by company leaders to achieve specific goals or levels of productivity, and become focused on winning no matter what it takes, using motivation by fear to get their employees to work faster, harder and for longer hours. These tactics may work in the short term, but lose their effectiveness over the long haul as employees will eventually tune out, burnout, or simply seek employment elsewhere, thus creating morale and turnover...


HR Works (E37): Strengthen Your Employer Brand with Outplacement Services

Organizations are spending more and more time focusing on conveying their employer brand when recruiting candidates—generally, these efforts are intended to give potential candidates insights into company culture, as well as what they might expect in their day-to-day experience at the company. But one area that employers may overlook when crafting and projecting their brand is how they treat their people post-employment—that is, upon and after termination. In this episode of HR Works,...


HR Works (E36): Beyond Engagement—Create a Culture of Employee Activation

Retention, engagement, and branding—as the battle to find and keep top talent intensifies, this trio of topics continues to gain in importance for all HR managers. BLR recently completed a survey on these topics, which was sponsored by SilkRoad. To help us gain additional perspective we asked SilkRoad's Mimi Jerkan to join us. Jerkan explains that while having employees who are satisfied and engaged at work is a great thing, it's employee ACTIVATION that determines the success of...


HR Works (E29): How To Bring Out the Best In Your Employees Through Performance Coaching

There’s a sea change going on in the world of performance appraisals. Many organizations are moving away from the once-a-year-focus on past performance to a system with more frequent encounters, more focus on the future, and more time spent discussing employee development and opportunity. To help us understand this change better, we’ve asked Anita Bowness to join us. Anita serves as Global Practice Leader, Business Consulting, for Halogen Software. She joined Halogen in 2014 with nearly 20...


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