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Inbound Marketing Tools | Technology | Automation | Apps | Software | Reviews






136: Video Marketing Tools and Tactics

On this episode, we explore video marketing tools and tactics, with George B. Thomas from Impulse Creative. George is a branding guru, a video marketing ninja, an inbound marketing Jedi and a HubSpot accredited trainer. He’s currently the resident nerd at Impulse Creative, an inbound and content marketing agency helping businesses become rockstars in their markets. George sees video as the next step of the inbound marketing evolution, and today he’s here to share his favorite Video...


135: How Marketers Can Productize Their Services

On this episode, a digital agency coach and automation consultant joins me to discuss productization and how agencies can productize their services. Get the show notes.


134: Choosing Better Marketing Tools

On this episode, the Chief Marketing Officer of leading B2B technology review platform (G2 Crowd), helps us choose better marketing tools. Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer of G2 Crowd, where he’s driving growth of the world’s leading B2B technology review platform that’s helping more than 1.5 million business professionals make informed purchasing decisions every single month. With previous positions leading global marketing at HubSpot, Salesforce, and ExactTarget, Ryan’s...


133: Get Better Customer Feedback

On this episode, the founder of Feedier shows us how marketers can collect and utilize customer feedback for their brands. For the full show notes, visit


132: Content Marketing Ideas

On this episode, one of the top content marketers shares his strategies for coming up with content marketing ideas that rock! Hans van Gent is the founder of Inbound Rocket, a startup that helps small and medium enterprises get better-qualified leads from their websites. Next, to that, he writes, mentors, and speaks about doing customer development, applying lean startup mechanics for branding and much more. He’s named one of the top 20 Content Marketers to follow worldwide by Small...


131: Quora Growth Hacks

On this episode, we look at how marketers can leverage Quora to generate more traffic, leads, and sales. For the full show notes, click here.


130: The Marketing Metrics That Matter

On this episode, we discuss some of the most important metrics every marketer should measure, such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value. Chase Hughes is a partner of Vartheta, a web and mobile development company that builds goal oriented websites and software applications. They've worked with a lot of impressive startups and Fortune 500 companies in the US and abroad. For full show notes, click here.


129: Advanced Facebook Ad Tactics

On this episode, an industry-leading Facebook ads manager shares some ADVANCED Facebook ads tools, tactics, and strategies. Emily Hirsh is an industry-leading Facebook Ads Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist who works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and generate revenue using proven Facebook and sales funnel strategies. She's built a top-level team of strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers to help remove the overwhelm and provide "creativity that...


128: Lead Generation with JotForm

On this episode, we discuss lead generation tools and tactics with the Chief Marketing Officer at JotForm. Steve Hartert is the Chief Marketing Officer at JotForm, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management and corporate partnerships. Prior to joining JotForm, he was president of Hartert and Associates, a marketing consultancy that worked with B2B and B2C companies. Steve has more than 30 years of marketing management experience and has worked with for companies such as...


127: The Marketer's Glue

On this episode we revisit Zapier, or as I like to call it, “the marketer’s glue,” and I show you how it can help you move info between your marketing tools automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Get the show notes here.


126: Winning with YouTube Ads

On this episode, we explore the big YouTube problem, why so many companies fail with youtube advertising, and what it takes to win. John got his start working at Google on the AdWords team. While there, John saw a gap between the average company’s advertising goals and their actual ability to leverage paid traffic. John has personally managed over $5 million dollars in ad spend, consulted on another $20 million dollars, helped clients raise Series A funding, and implemented tracking and...


125: How Elementor Helps You Design WordPress Websites

On this episode, the CMO of popular WordPress page builder Elementor–which has over 900k users–joins me to discuss his favorite marketing tools and tactics. Ben has been the chief marketing officer of Elementor since it's launch two years ago. If you’re not familiar with Elementor, it's a page builder for WordPress that grew in just 2 years from 0 to 900,000 users. For full show notes, visit


124: How to Do Marketing That Works

On this episode, learn how to stop wasting money and only invest in marketing that works. Derek is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience developing effective marketing campaigns. He's the Founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, a full service agency that builds memorable brands, marketing tools, and campaigns. And he’s also the author of the best-selling marketing book Don’t Buy a Duck. For full show notes, visit


123: Increase Your Website Conversions with Proof

On this episode, you’ll learn how to instantly increase your website conversions with social proof. Austin Distel is the head of marketing at Proof, a software that instantly boosts your website conversions by showing social proof. Recently, Austin and his team just went through the world's most renowned startup accelerator, Y Combinator. Now over 10k websites have Proof including entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Tai Lopez, Neil Patel and many others. Check out the full show notes...


122: 3 Growth Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

On this episode, I share 3 common mistakes growth marketers make and how you can avoid them. No interview for this one! It's just me sharing some of the mistakes I see come up again and again with growth marketing. We'll be back with an interview-format episode next week. For the full show notes, visit


121: Conversion Optimization Tools with Brian Massey

On this episode, the one and only conversion scientist Brian Massey shares his favorite conversion optimization tools and tactics. Brian is the founder of Conversion Sciences, as well as the author of the Amazon Marketing best-seller "Your Customer Creation Equation” and he’s here to share his favorite conversion optimization tools and tactics for marketers. For full show notes, visit


120: Getting Started with Messenger Marketing

On this episode, the founder of @Mssg (At Message) joins me to discuss what’s changing and what you need to know with messenger marketing. Michael has worked in the messaging space for a decade and recently he started @Mssg (At Message), which is a platform that helps digital directors and digital marketers use Facebook Messenger for marketing and communications outcomes. Michael believes that messaging is the marketing and communications channel for mobile. He also hosts a podcast about...


119: Why You Need a Facebook Group

On this episode, we discuss Facebook groups and how marketers can leverage them. Today's guest is Arne Giske. It took him six months to build his group from 0 to 1,000 members, then just a month from 1,000 to 2,000, and in the last 7 months he went from 2,000 to over 30,000 highly active members in his Facebook group community. After seeing the power of Facebook groups for an online business and generating multiple five figures in sales for Arne's agency in just a few months from the...


118: Segment and Personalize Your Online Content

On this episode, Brennan Dunn, the founder of RightMessage tells us about a tool that is helping marketers segment and personalize their online content. For full show notes, visit


117: Understand Your Customers with Optimove

On this episode, we explore how marketers can better understand their customers, with Amit Bivas, the head of marketing at Optimove. For the full show notes, visit