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A World-class Range of Blowers for Low Pressure Applications, by HIBON

With experience dating back more than a century, HIBON offers the market a world-class range of blowers used to provide air/gas at a variety of volumes and pressures to meet a variety of industrial applications. ISO 9001 certified for the design, manufacture and maintenance of blowers. HIBON is dedicated to quality, through the quality of its people and performance of its product. Join Dean Alcott, Industrial Sales Manager, US for HIBON along with the host of Industry Today to learn more...


Super Bowl XLVI Stadium Crafted by Building Trades Union Project Labor Agre

Projects of all sizes and shapes, both private and public, are utilizing a construction efficiency tool called a Project Labor Agreement, or PLA. The Indianapolis Colts and the city of Indianapolis did exactly that when it came to building Lucas Oil Stadium. As the venue prepares for Super Bowl 46 this weekend, its construction didn't involve any luck at all, but rather ensured on time and on budget results, and in return local workers earned a good wage paid for in part by their tax dollars.

A Full-Service, Nationwide General Contractor, Hoar Construction

Hoar Construction operates throughout the United States as a distinct leader and provider of construction management, general contracting, program management, preconstruction and design/build services. Hoar Construction has been a general contractor for 70 years and has earned a strong reputation for responsiveness, efficiency, and quality workmanship in every project. Hoar currently employs 640 full-time people nationwide with a commitment to providing value to every client. The firm...


Safe Cell Phone, Computers, and Laptops for Work in Rugged, Hazardous Areas

ecom Instruments GmbH is a certified manufacturer of rugged communications and mobile appliances for use in explosion protected areas. Within their rugged communications product range you will find almost every mobile device for your daily work in the hazardous area, including ruggedized notebook computers, laptops, and cell phones. ecom offers ruggedized notebook laptop computer and cell phones, within the fields of mobile computing, communication, measuring and calibration as well as...


NECA-IBEW Contractors Use Thermography to Increase Efficiency, Mitigate Ris

Thermography is a technology that allows contractors to identify potential issues with equipment and electrical components before serious problems occur. This episode of "Industry Today" explores how NECA-IBEW contractors use thermography to help increase efficiencies in buildings and equipment, as well as mitigate risks.

Innovative Control System Integration and Monitoring Solutions, by Governor

Governor Control Systems (GCS) is a customer needs driven company committed to providing advanced control solutions and value added services for the power generation, industrial and marine markets. Their 24/7 service, technical support, training, and engineering services ensure that GCS is your partner for the lifecycle of your control, monitoring and measuring systems. From standard products to custom software, GCS design engineers specialize in control, monitoring and protection system...


Training Programs that Set the Standard for Industry, by America's Building

America's Building-Construction Trades Unions provide substantial investments in skilled crafts training, providing not just workers, but highly specialized craftsmen that have learned both in the classroom and through on-the-job training. Join the host of "Industry Today" to learn more about the Pride, Performance and Professionalism of the Building Construction Trades Unions.

Wire & Cable Solutions for the Energy, Utility, Infrastructure and Industri

Specializing in energy, utility, infrastructure and industrial markets since 1975, Houston Wire & Cable Company (HWC) brings experience and a track record of success to projects both domestic and abroad. HWC maintains an inventory of nearly $100 million encompassing approximately 30,000 products from the industry leading manufacturers of electrical and mechanical wire and cable. With strategically located sales and distribution centers throughout the U.S., their team is focused on...


Superior Analyzer Sample Conditioning Components, by A+ Corporation

A+ Corporation develops manufactures, and markets analyzer sample conditioning components and moisture/corrosion control products. Founded in 1989, A+ is a leader in providing analytically correct analyzer sample conditioning solutions to the natural gas, petrochemical and petroleum refining industries globally. Analyzer sample conditioning components by A+ Corporation are expertly designed to protect and preserve sample integrity. Join Keith Mayeaux President of A+ Corporation, along with...


Innovative and Quality Signs for the Utility Industry, by Vulcan Utility Si

Vulcan Utility Signs Inc., a division of Vulcan, Inc has provided the utility industry with a full range of quality products for over 30 years. Vulcan Utility produces a variety of marking products for various segments of the utility industry including pipelines, communications, electrical power and water/wastewater. Vulcan proudly manufactures custom-designed utility marking products that exceed the customer's expectations for quality and endurance. Vulcan Utility Signs is continually...


Optimized Design and Engineering for Stacks and Duct Systems, by Industrial

Industrial Environmental Systems (IES) provides air pollution control, heat transfer and noise abatement solutions specializing in precision engineered ductwork, stacks, dampers, expansion joint and support systems. IES systems are engineered to optimize performance by assuring that structural and performance standards are met or exceeded with the most cost effective choice of design and materials. Join Chuck Reid Vice President of Industrial Environmental Systems along with the host of...


Full Service Rotating Equipment Repair Shop and More, by Powerhouse Mechani

Powerhouse Mechanical Repair, Inc. is an experienced group of engineers, steam turbine and valve specialists, rotating equipment repair technicians, machinists and fabricators. The experts of Powerhouse Mechanical can provide these services in their 21,000 sqft facility or at your plant site including around-the-clock emergency rush service when necessary to get your facility up and running better than ever. From one-off prototype parts to larger production runs, babbitted bearing repair...


AEP Teams with NECA-IBEW to Instill Code of Excellence on $1 Billion FGD Sc

Earlier this year, American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP) (Columbus, Ohio), and its contractors completed work on a $1 billion Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Scrubber project at the company's 35-year-old, 2,900-megawatt John Amos power plant in Winfield, West Virginia. The project involved the retrofit of three coal-fired power generation units with FGD scrubbers to reduce emissions, and was implemented using the IBEW's code of excellence. The Code of Excellence program instituted by the IBEW...

Better Emissions for a Better Bottom Line, by Honeywell

When power customers want to reduce their NOx emissions, they call Honeywell. Honeywell SCR units are designed to provide maximum NOx reduction and minimum environmental impact for gas powered turbines in peaking and combined cycle applications. Honeywell's turnkey solutions and industry leading design let the customer concentrate on the bottom line and worry less about emissions limits. Honeywell's patent pending high performance mixing technology results in increased catalyst efficiency,...

One of the World's Leading Companies for Measurement and Control Technology

Brkert products and systems can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated. Whether the application is filling, level, flow, pressure or temperature Brkert has a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers. Brkert is present in thirty-five countries around the world working with a large network of distributors and partners to...


Fuel Cells Providing Green Options for Combined Heat and Power Applications

The desire for green energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is driving the development of fuel cell technology. Recently a number of small scale fuel cell power plants have come online including those constructed by FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq:FCEL) (Danbury, Connecticut). Fuel cell technology is purported to produce electricity that is 300% more efficient than traditional fossil fuels. Join Dominic Giarratano spokesman for NECA-IBEW and Chris Pais, Manager Application Engineering...

A World Leader in Air and Liquid Filtration Solutions, by Menardi

Established in 1913, Menardi has become a world leader in providing both air and liquid filtration solutions to industry. From innovative products designed for improved filtration performance, to unmatched research and development capabilities, to their position as a global leader offering an extensive range of application experience, Menardi is continually working to develop new and improved filtration products. For air filtration Menardi manufactures and supplies all styles of filter...


Material Handling Solutions, by Jeffrey Rader Corporation

Jeffrey Rader Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of chip sizer mills, hammermills and other size reduction equipment for use by companies in the paper and pulp industries and for similar applications in other industries, including solid waste reduction. Jeffrey Rader designs and manufactures material handling equipment and systems to mechanically unload, convey, lift and handle materials for the Pulp & Paper, Forest Products, Energy Generation, Petrochemical, Resource Recovery,...


Project Labor Agreements Work for California Power Plant Construction and M

Project Labor Agreements or PLAs receive their fair amount of attention from those who argue for their elimination and those who defend their presence in the construction industry. In the last 15 years, California's Building Trades Unions, through their superior training programs and productivity, have built 96% of the Power Plants in the state for satisfied customers. But, watch and listen to what happened when they weren't hired to do the work and it will be clear which workforce makes...

NECA-IBEW Team to Manufacture and Deploy Electric Car Charging Stations

At an estimated two cents per mile versus 40 cents per mile for gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars may be the vehicle of the future. But a tremendous amount of infrastructure in the form of charging stations will need to be constructed for electric cars to be viable. Automotive manufacturers are ramping up production of electric cars. The Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are two of many electric cars on the market. By 2015, the U.S. Government has called for 1 million electric cars to...