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#013 Tesla’s Georg Ell discussing global change the Tesla Way

In this fascinating episode I interview Georg ell, Director for Western Europe for Tesla on their inspirational vision and unstoppable drive towards creating a global force for good as a vertically integrated energy market leader. We discuss challenge the normal convention, the desire to consistently focus on solving problems in unique ways and the culture which drives Tesla insatiably to be one of the worlds foremost disruptive innovators defying popularly head conventions. You are just...


#012 From 37p to £100m – Neville Wright’s lessons learnt, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs

Neville Wright is an Investor, Property Developer, Author & Public speaker who left school at 15 with dyslexia not knowing how to write his own name. Neville shares with me his journey spanning 4 decades and some of the incredible lessons he has learnt through his successes, failures and never ever giving up. Up to the age of 24 Neville had a string of jobs….. after losing his 17 job in the recession he soon realised that he needed to become responsible for everything that happens in his...


#011 Ultra Endurance inspiration with Darren Grigas

Darren is an accomplished ultra-endurance athlete who is also a property developer. Darren describes himself as “I’m a pretty regular guy, a dad of two awesome kids who I adore, they’re my number one purpose for challenging myself to push on and make a difference to myself, them and others, to make them proud and hopefully show them what can be achieved by mortals like us.” The more you find out about Darren the more you will see that his determination is anything other than...


#010 Interview with Justin Davis

At the age of 29 Justin has achieved and overcome more in his lifetime than most of us can even imagine possible, conquering massive adversity as a double amputee combat veteran. Justin has not only conquered his challenges but continues to set and strive to achieve great goals of herculean proportions. Justin is genuinely one of the most humble, inspiring and goal focused person I have met in a long time and this podcast is going to give you a massive insight into how Justin has used his...


#009 Nicole Bremner – personal reflections on entrepreneurship, parenting and success

Nicole shares with us the drive, skills and inspiration that helped her develop her career as a young entrepreneur and also now s a successful entrepreneur and mum. In 2010 Nicole, a mum of 3 children, bought a run-down property in Hackney. With almost no real estate experience, she hired the first builder that came to quote. Now seven years later and still living in that gorgeous area, Nicole has built up a property portfolio of over 15 projects, with many more completed last year. In...


#008 Daniel Priestley - Raising confident children and the importance of digital assets

Daniel Priestley started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million-dollar event, marketing and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author as well as a father, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Having a passion for global small business, Daniel is the co-founder of Dent Global which runs world-leading business accelerators and events. Dent has teams in the UK, USA,...


#007 Interview with Bill Morrow, Founder of Angels Den

Bill qualified as an accountant at Virgin, but was a very bad one. He then moved into Investment Banking and was shockingly bad at that as well. “They saw through me in 3 days” He lucked out and sold his business to a Wall Street Bank, retired, and discovered he was bad at that as well. Bill then set up Angels Den in 2007 with some very clever people and appears to have finally found his niche. He has been named the most influential figure in Alternative Funding by City AM and perhaps...


#006 Mark interviews Joseph Valente about the traits of successful entrepreneurs

Mark interviews special guest Joseph Valente– successful entrepreneur business man and winner of The Apprentice in 2015 from over 50,000 applicants, on what it really takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and business man, the courage, confidence and self-belief required, and what it was like being mentored by Sir Alan Sugar. Joseph has a wealth of business experience in high profile environments and talks candidly about the traits that frequently define success and the importance of...


#005 A Teenagers Intrepid Steps Towards Entrepreneurship

Theory can shape our thinking however it is the grounded actions which shape our destiny. In this episode Mark talks openly about his youngest son, Jack’s, first steps into entrepreneurship in his early teens with the positive and evolutionary lessons learnt by Jack as well as the whole family along the way, that may help you to prompt that entrepreneurial spark in your Young Entrepreneur.


#004 Could you have taught me that Dad……?

In this short yet inspiring episode, Mark reflects on when is the right time to start supporting your children to enable them to have the best start in life and too take advantage of the power of compounding.


#003 Your 5 Step Pocket Money System

In this episode Mark shares with us his ideas on supporting youngsters with financial management principles at an early age. This starts with the basics of pocket money, whether it is earned or given and how you and your family can use this simple 5 step system to help teach your young entrepreneurs valuable lessons that will set them up with knowledge and values that will endure for a life time.


#002 Mark Homer – A candid interview with successful entrepreneur, Mark Homer

Contrarian investor and entrepreneur Mark Homer shares with us the principles, mindset and inspiration that have enabled him to create multiple successful businesses from an early age. In this frank interview Mark outlines some of the experiences that have helped him shape his success and the key influences that he drew inspiration from very early in his entrepreneurial journey.


#001 Your Launch Pad - Context, Enablement and Empowerment

In this first episode of the podcast Mark shares honestly with you as a parent, his observations on what it takes to become an entrepreneur, some of the skills and life qualities required and whether you want to BE or RAISE a Young entrepreneur, how you can make a difference to your future resilience and create an exceptional life of abundance, contribution and choice.