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It's Not Polite To Talk About Money



010 - Melissa Meagher

Getting adopted as a baby instilled some form of rejection and a feeling of abandonment in Melissa Meagher. Even though she had a great family and a great upbringing, her biological father’s refusal to meet her — because he firmly believed that she would just ask for money — started Melissa’s strand of money problems. Melissa unconsciously involved herself with unavailable men all her life that gave her a rather dysfunctional relationship with money. Apart from giving up the power to...


009 - Kylie Travers

As a species, we believe that everyone desires to have more money. While this is often true on the outside, our brains may subconsciously be holding us back from taking the right steps to gain more money. We may think that we don’t deserve to be wealthy or that we don’t want to stand out — especially with tall poppy syndrome being prominent in Australia. Kylie Travers joins us today and tells us her inspiring story. In her teens and twenties, she was one of those people who didn’t feel...


008 - Amy Jackson

Talking about money or having conversations about it is something most people try to avoid — that’s a fact. The reason varies from one person to another but it usually revolves around family, beliefs, doubts, and sometimes even lack of confidence. The problem of not having these kinds of conversations is that people may find themselves “alone” or stuck in difficult situations that they could have avoided if they faced it instead. Today’s guest, Amy Jackson walks us through her work —...


007 - Michelle Jackson

Michelle’s goal is to empower women with money and help them take away the blame game from the money decisions they make. Her money story starts when her mother lost her job in the airline industry prior to the 9/11 incident. That time, Michelle was in graduate school and working at Starbucks. It was also when her mother had a tough time replacing her job because of the recession that hit Colorado. They had to live together in a small space and Michelle’s money issues started to come to...


006 - Anne Tipton

“Keep an eye on things.” is Anne Tipton’s advice to her 22-year-old self after going through a number of money problems she had in the past. Unlike most people, Anne went into business straight out of college thinking that traditional employment is just not a fit for her. Her first investment? A piece of real estate property. Unfortunately, she invested just before the US market crashed. It was definitely not a good start for Anne, and it doesn’t stop there too. At 22 years old, Anne...


005 - Ainslie Deverson

This week’s guest, Ainslie Deverson bravely takes us back to the journey she took in her younger years. Ainslie is the creator of The Venus Project, an experience of a personal coaching series, where the curiosities of our spirits, lead us to answer questions that our lives are seducing us with. She is a devoted guide to creating intimacy and space for her clients to weave harmony through the pillars of their life. As they unearth and explore their dormant gifts and skills, and strengthen...


004 - Suzanna Broughton

*Trigger Warning* This episode discusses the loss of a relative and suicide. You can get further information and support about this topic from: Suzanna Broughton’s awareness about money started at a young age and is the result of her parents being separated. At a young girl’s eyes, she saw how her mother hustled and struggled to make both ends meet while her entrepreneur father, she thought, always had money. At her young age, she...


003 - Julie Rainbow

Julie Rainbow, after being married to her ex-husband, decided to put her time and focus in building her family — leaving every financial decision to her partner. What she didn’t know was the lifestyle they had was not going to last. From having an award-winning business and a complete family, Julie, one day just found herself in an unbelievable life-changing situation — suddenly having to file for bankruptcy. The reason: her ex-husband running financial bits without her knowledge and...


002 - Wendy Russell Brisbane Buyer's Agent

“Stick to your values and boundaries with money” is the financial advice Wendy Russell would give her younger self. Wendy started in the real estate industry in her early 20s, and, together with her partner, became very successful. They had what seemed to be the perfect life, but it soon came crashing down. They separated, Wendy felt she had hit rock bottom, and even suffered from depression. It’s not uncommon for all of us to have challenges like this in life, but for many, it’s a taboo...


001 - Bryanna McDermott of Fearless Female Traders

On today's show, Samantha will be interviewing Bryanna McDermott the founder of She created this digital platform, so people could use it as a resource to learn about money. Bryanna will be telling her financial story; where she started, why, and where she is today. In her early 20’s, Bryanna had major difficulties handling her personal finances. Pinpointing the start of her financial downturn to when she was 18 years old. At that time her mother...