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Episode 18- Slay In Your Lane Book Review

This week we review the highly anticipated book of the summer 'Slay in Your Lane.' We question whether it really is 'the black girl bible' and whether it offers guidance for us, as we navigate through our personal and professional lives.


Episode 17 - Ways to support your friends business, besides clicking the like button

Starting a new business can be daunting – the idea of uncertainty, self-doubt, the financial struggles, you name it. If you have friends that have recently decided to pursue the entrepreneurial route, kudos to them! but how can we support them? It’s a given they will require support and validation, but how can you do more than simply showing your support for something on social media. We “like” every Facebook post, hit follow on Instagram, and occasionally even comment a “Yaasss chillle”...


Episode 16- Building Confidence At Work

Self-confidence is definitely the key to success, especially when it comes to higher levels of productivity in the workplace. This week we discuss all kinds of little tricks to boost your confidence at work and show you how to make the most of your abilities, skills and strengths.


Episode 15 - Life Lessons for success

"Nothing is impossible- the word itself says, I'm possible" Everyone fails in life, and failure can be such a crushing experience. The only thing that separates successful people from the rest is how they respond after they fail. When facing obstacles, you have to decide if you’re going to let them be the excuse for your failure or if you’re going to make them the story behind your success. Therein lies a lesson about failure: keep moving forward regardless of failure or number of failed...


Episode 14- "Self Care Sundays"

This week we're discussing all things self-care. Self-care are actions that we take for ourselves, in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve our health, well-being or wellness. Empowering you with the confidence and information to look after yourself when you can, gives you greater control of your own health and encourages healthy behaviours that help prevent ill health in the long-term. What does your Self-Care Sunday consist of?


Episode 13 - 'Getting your financial house in order'

One of the easiest things you can do to help keep your financial house in order is to get organised. Having your financial information stored and processed in a systematic manner will go a long way in helping maintain your finances. If you want to spend less time worrying about your money, then it’s time to get your financial act together. This week we discuss strategies that can help improve your financial situation and simplify your life at the same time.


Episode 12 - How to turn envy into a learning opportunity

Episode 12 - How to turn envy into a learning opportunity by Jam with Nat


Episode 11 - 'Clearing the clutter'

Any type of mental clutter can slow you down and hamper your productivity. It’s only when you identify your mental clutter that you can start to sort through it, get rid of what’s holding you back and put the rest into neat, manageable piles. If you currently have an endless number of things to do that you can’t seem to get a handle on, this weeks podcast is for you. Clear mental clutter so you can welcome peace and calm back into your life. Without this brain clutter, you will become a more...


Episode 10 - How to stay Motivated and accomplish anything.

Achieving our goals is seldom easy. It's why knowing how to stay motivated is so incredibly important when it comes to getting what we want in the long term. And in a world with more distractions than ever before — from non-stop web access to constant texting — it can be all the harder to stay focussed and not just give in to what's easier in the moment. So how can you stay motivated when your to-do list runs to four pages… Our latest podcast discusses a few simple tips on How to Stay...


Episode 09 - Living at home as a millennial

This week we’re discussing the pros and cons of living at home as Millennial. Coming from experience with both of us, living at home as twenty-something year old, we want shine light on the pressures of renting, mental health issues as briefly cover why do we still shame adults who live with their parents? rather than uplight everyone for having their own journey developing at their own pace. The number of young adults living with their parents has reached an all-time high, with more than a...


Episode 08 - Booked & Busy: How to be productive

Everyone is quick to say how busy they are but in actual fact does, being busy equate to being productive and actually getting things done?? To boost your productivity, you don't need to massively change your work life or routine. There are ways to get more done by cutting out distractions and making small changes to how you behave. Sometimes, it's even the smallest things that can make the biggest impact. Overall the art of becoming productive is the first step to becoming successful. So if...


Episode 07 - How to market & brand yourself

This week we cover the steps on how to build a personal brand to allow you to stand out. Over the few months, we have guided you through a journey on becoming better in yourself; be that with our guide to networking (Episode 05), or better still, the power of quitting (Episode 01)… Personal branding used to include nothing more than a simple business card with your name on it, but with the development of social media and an increasingly individualised society, the brand you build around...


Episode 06 - The Act of Freelancing

Whether you’re experienced in your field or a graduate fresh out of training, becoming a freelancer could be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Like so many of the small businesses we help to insure, you’re hopefully passionate about your craft. And if you understand how to market it, becoming a freelance writer, photographer, or whatever you choose lets you make a living from that passion. It’s getting paid to do what you love, and who wouldn’t want that? This week we discuss the...


Episode 05 - The art of networking

Ask any successful person and they will tell you that networking is a key element in moving one’s career forward. Your network is your networth. The art of developing powerful relationships can do wonders for one’s career and business or even simply their personal circle. This week, we guide you through what can those who don’t feel comfortable in the spotlight do to master networking? What really helped us was to demystify the concept, redefining it as a way to reach out to people with whom...


Episode 04 - Outgrowing Friends

Not all friendships are destined to last forever, and that's OK. Outgrowing a friendship doesn't mean that you dislike each other, or that you've stopped caring for one another — and it certainly doesn't mean your friendship was meaningless or that you should regret it forever. But it's important for your own well-being to acknowledge to yourself when a friendship has run its course. This week we focus on the pros and cons of outgrowing friendship. We talk about the different types of...


Episode 03- Dating as a millennial

When we were younger, romantic relationships seemed so much simpler. If we liked someone, we told them — and if they felt the same, we got together. These days, things are endlessly more complicated and frustrating, and dating as a millennial is seriously screwed up. We discuss online dating experience through to meeting guys in person, why don’t we don’t get to date 2 or even 1 and rather end up being his Whatsapp pen-pal and simply where our heads are at for 20 something year olds. Listen...


Episode 02- ‘Cultivating confidence’

This week we discuss the possibilities and actions on how to begin ‘cultivating confidence’. We all want more confidence in one way or another. Whether you want the confidence to build a business by selling your services or growing an audience, to negotiate for more money at work or simply to feel good in your own skin, we discuss a few steps to help you get the best outcomes. Having confidence is like having a silent superpower that plays a key role in success.


Episode 01- 'I Quit'

We discuss the power of quitting and how to get to a comfortable place of becoming the best you in 2018. Each episode has a narrative journey of the triumphs, failures and insights from our boundary-pushing journey. Expect honest conversations aimed at helping millennials to embody a positive attitude, to give love while being loved more, achieve better relationships, take risks (but also don’t mind failing) and to overall achieve a higher level of happiness.