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The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.

The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.
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The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.






Scott McNealy on Controversy Generates Good Ideas

Is controversy good when it comes to innovating? Today’s guest is passionate about creating breakthroughs and states ‘If it isn’t controversial, it’s not a good idea’. Scott McNealy knows a few things about changing the game by challenging the status quo, disrupting platforms, products and services. Focusing on continually challenging an idea, model, platform, technology […]


Safi Bahcall on Loonshots: Creating & Nurturing Crazy Ideas

Have you created a Loonshot? Have people dismissed or laughed at your Loonshot? Safi Bahcall takes us through how to manage Loonshots—a big goal, an audacious idea which has a lot of enthusiasm and support, but may be viewed as crazy. What if you nurtured these crazy ideas that are dismissed and written off. Loonshots […]


Donald Rattner on Design of a Place and its Effect on Creativity

Does architecture have an effect on how we think, feel, and act? Donald Rattner has researched and explored environmental psychology and come to the conclusion that it does. This fact plays into our daily lives, affecting how we act and feel at the office and in our personal lives. This week on Killer Innovations, Donald […]


Katherine Radeka on Challenges of Innovation in a Large Organization

This week on Killer Innovations, I am joined in the studio by Katherine Radeka. Katherine is the founder of Rapid Learning Cycles Institute. She has a new book coming out on October 1st called “High Velocity Innovation.” Katherine started her career at HP and then went on to carry on Dr. Ellen Wards legacy as […]


Phillip Merrick On Being The Innovation First Mover

On this week’s episode of Killer Innovations, Phillip Merrick joins us in the studio. Phillip and his wife Caren started a company called webMethods and pioneered the use of web services integrating, machines, software applications and databases with XML-based software integration technologies. Phillip was the co-founder of a web-multimedia resume company VisualCV and is currently […]


Mike George on Manufacturing Innovation Using AI

On this week’s show of Killer Innovations, Michael George, Author, Entrepreneur and CEO of AI Technologies joins us as our guest. He is the founder of Lean Six Sigma, the most widely used process improvement method used globally. Since 2012, Mike has worked on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the next big process breakthrough beyond […]


Innovation Leadership and Going Beyond the Obvious

What are the unique skill sets needed for innovation leadership? We all have a list of what good leadership skills are but what are the unique ones you need to be a true innovation leader? Today on Killer Innovations, I will discuss what I have found to be the skills needed for successful innovation leadership. […]


Innovation Can Happen Anywhere, to Anything and by Anyone!

We love to say anything can be innovated, anyone can innovate and innovation can happen anywhere. Silicon Valley and other recognized innovation hubs do not have a lock on innovation or a secret sauce that cannot be modeled or improved on. It takes a willingness to put time, your resources, explore and expand your creativity […]


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome to Create the Next Game-Changing Innovation

I was recently asked to give a talk at TEDx Boulder. The talk was based on a speech I gave in D.C. a few months past. Humans have a superpower. That superpower is the ability to convince ourselves that something is true when it is not. Seventy-five percent of us have convinced ourselves that we are […]


Innovation Bootcamp – How To Win In The Emerging Creative Economy

To win in the highly competitive markets of today, we need to win in the emerging creative economy. Key to this success is helping our teams re-discover their natural ability to be highly creative. Today's show is the audio from a keynote speech I gave at the Business Alliance Bootcamp for growing companies and entrepreneurs […]


7 Laws of Innovation and Benefitting from Coaching Insights

Laws of Innovation Why do some organizations have better innovation than others? Over the years I have collected what I call the “7 Immutable Laws of Innovation.” No single organization could be successful in all of these laws but there are always opportunities to improve. Let’s get started with the laws of Innovation. Law […]


Better Ways to Co-Innovation and Strategic Storytelling

Co-Innovation What is Co-Innovation? Co-Innovation is two parties with unique expertise that come together in a 50/50 funding of resources. The key component being they have complimentary interests. Think of it as a Venn diagram. The goal of Co-Innovation is to find where the Venn diagrams overlap. Co-Innovation means: Two parties with patented expertise. A […]


Apollo 11 Moon Landing: the Innovation that gave NASA and the World the View

The success of the Apollo 11 mission, the first moon landing, inspires our innovative passions and pursuits. With the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, I’ve been looking back at all of those that impacted and supported an incredible journey. In this episode of Killer Innovations, I had the pleasure of interviewing […]


Innovation Strength: Acquiring Innovation/ Avoiding the Biggest Risks to Innovation

What is the strength of innovation in your organization? In this week’s Killer Innovations, we explore avenues to building innovation strength. Innovation from Mergers and Acquisitions can be a fast track to innovation. What are the pros and cons to this innovation path? We also look at the five biggest risks to innovation. Your company’s […]


Ideas + Innovation Culture = Innovation Success

Innovation is all about translating ideas into real products, real services and real solutions. Ideas without execution are a hobby. Is your organization in the business of innovation? This week’s show boils it down to a simple equation. Ideas + Innovation Culture = Innovation Success. The process starts with ideas and the management of them. […]


Five Ways to Generate New Ideas

When it comes to the process of generating ideas, the default answer is to host a brainstorming session. Are there other ways to generate new ideas that are not dependent on traditional brainstorming? Today on Killer Innovations, I am going to share with you five that I use. Mind Mapping and Wishing Mind mapping is […]


Individual Ideation Versus Team Ideation

This week on Killer Innovations, I will discuss how to use both individual ideation and team ideation to generate disruptive ideas that will create high impact innovations. Individual Ideation When kicking off individual ideation, you need to ensure that the mechanics are in place. Make sure everyone has a stack of yellow sticky notes and […]


What Is an Innovation Program Office?

Today’s show is going to be a look behind the scenes around the time when I took over as CTO at HP. This time is so important because it is the time that I came up with the concept “The Innovation Program Office.” In today’s show we will talk about the pros and cons of […]


Four Steps to Better Brainstorm Problem Statements

So, you are about to pull together a team of eight to twelve people into a brainstorming session; do not make the mistake that 90% of us make…no area of focus. Most teams will be given the challenge of to “quickly come up with a product idea.” The results can be predicted; poor to none […]


Five Worst Innovation Failures

It goes without saying that not all ideas are good ideas that lead to market winning innovations. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that while failures will happen, we can learn from those that have gone before us in bringing innovations to market. This week on the show, we are going to look at the […]