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Actionable Online Marketing Methods




Episode 109 – Mindset Monday – Clearing Head Trash

Mindset Challenge In business and in life there are ups and downs. Often you can enjoy periods where everything is firing on all cylinders. Your marketing is working, employees are stepping up, revenue is growing and you are even starting to get free time. Then there are time that it seems like you are stuck... [Read More]


Episode 108 – My Clients Think All I Do Is Change Bids

Business Challenge For some reason, unless you are a Dr. or a Lawyer, people seem to think that a process is easy when they hire you to complete it. We see this challenge occur in many different service verticals (Plumbing, Digital Agencies, Real Estate, Construction, Pest Control, Car Repair, etc.) and when not addressed it... [Read More]


Episode 107 – How do I get my customers to buy more?

Business Challenge Quite often the best customer is the customer you already have. While we always want to continue the journey of adding new customers, there is often a missed opportunity of focusing on retention of existing customers and maximizing the value of those customers. Keep in mind that “maximizing the value” doesn’t just mean... [Read More]


Episode 106 – What should I put on a thank you page?

Business Challenge The “thank you” page is often a forgotten page. After all someone has made a purchase or opted in for a webinar or report, what more could you do? Looking at the page it can even be challenging to think of the copy beyond “thank you”. The reality is that you have captured... [Read More]


Episode 105 – How do I find out if there is interest in a product before development?

Business Challenge Developing a new product or even a new service line is an expensive endeavor. From the initial idea phase to production to launch there is a great deal of time, money, and energy that is required in order to be successful. While the big companies can develop expensive prototypes, and have in-person focus... [Read More]


Episode 104 – Mindset Monday – What Excuses are You leaning On?

Mindset Challenge It’s a new month and that means a new Mindset Monday. Items we cover in Mindset Mondays aren’t submitted to us, but they are often the items that we see preventing business owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from achieving their true success. The mind and our egos have a funny way of preventing... [Read More]


Episode 103 – How do I get the most out of sponsoring a local event?

Business Challenge In today’s era of Social Media Stars and attention to athletics sponsorship has taken on an entirely new angle. No longer is the act of sponsoring an event or even a popular individual left for “the big guys” it can be embraced by businesses of every size. In Episode 98 we mentioned one... [Read More]


Episode 102 – Redesigning My Website, Where do I Start? – Part 2

Business Challenge Redesigning a website is a big task. It is such a big task that we couldn’t tackle the entire challenge in just one episode. Listen in to Part 1 of Redesigning a Website to get key items that will help you make the most of the project of giving your online presence a... [Read More]


Episode 101 – Redesigning My Website, Where do I Start? – Part 1

Business Challenge Redesigning a website is a big task. While many businesses redesigned last year with the need to have a responsive website there are still many businesses that haven’t done a redesign in some time and many more that will need to undertake a redesign in the near future. Truly a website is “never... [Read More]


Episode 100 – Most Common Challenges

Business Challenge After 100 episodes we have been pleased to tackle a variety of challenges on the show. We get the enviable position of people emailing us and even phoning in the challenges they are facing. Since we just did an anniversary show in Episode 90, we thought instead of highlights we would share some... [Read More]


Episode 99 – I have 1 Marketing System Working, What’s Next?

Business Challenge Having a marketing system for your business means running specific marketing (digital, postcards, print, direct mail, etc.) in a specific manner that delivers consistent results (leads/sales). When you have a marketing system running well it scales up to add more business and you can count on a consistent sales day in and day... [Read More]


Episode 98 – How to build a brand without breaking the bank

Business Challenge When people think of brands they might think of Coca-Cola, Nike, or Ironman (had to toss the last one in). These brands have spent years and billions of marketing dollars to ensure they are the top of mind when people think of their particular category (soda, sports apparel, triathlons). While you might not... [Read More]


Episode 97 – Mindset Monday – Your Vision and Goals

Mindset Challenge It’s a new month and that means a new Mindset Monday. While marketing strategies and tactics will be the drivers to greater revenue and freedom, the ideas and even energy for those methods will come from your mind. With the Olympics fast approaching it reminds us that the athletes who are competing set... [Read More]


Episode 96 – Marketing Lessons Discovered on a 155 Mile 15,000ft Bike Ride

On a recent adventure of riding from the Clovis, CA, located near Fresno, into the Sierra forest to the peak of Kaiser Pass, 9,132 I discovered a bit about myself and how marketing challenges can be faced and conquered. You have to prepare mentally as much as physically. I signed for this ride over 6... [Read More]


Episode 95 – What methods to use for tracking and accountability?

Business Challenge There are many great businesses that are run from a garage or a home office. Lest you think that all multi-seven figure businesses have great office buildings, there are quite a number that have armies of people who work remotely and efficiently. Achieving a successful run rate of revenue can’t be done alone... [Read More]


Episode 94 – My business needs to grow, but I’m not quite sure where to start

Business Challenge Many businesses will grow in strong economies and then struggle when a particular vertical or economic shift happens. The businesses who consistently attack growth will do far more than rise in a high tide. A focus on growth leads to greater stability in the business, happier employees, and a happier business owner. Today’s... [Read More]


Episode 93 – Lessons Learned from Hawaii 70.3

Lessons Learned As we travel to different locations and tackle different races it is amazing what can be learned. Inevitably lessons are learned that we don’t anticipate learning. In recent travels to the big island of Hawaii and racing Hawaii 70.3 I was able to learn some valuable lessons. Only one of the take-aways was... [Read More]


Episode 92 – I want to use video for my business, not sure where to start

Business Challenge The second largest search engine is YouTube. Mobile video viewing is climbing at a skyrocket pace on platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. People love watching videos, for entertainment, for learning, and they can be used to attract customers. The challenge for many business owners is it can seem like an overwhelming task to... [Read More]


Episode 91 – Mindset Monday – What are you doing to free your mind?

Mindset Challenge It’s a new month and that means a new Mindset Monday. While marketing strategies and tactics will be the drivers to greater revenue and freedom, the ideas and even energy for those methods will come from your mind. Today’s inspiration for Mindset Monday came from a Perry Marshall newsletter. Joe and I are... [Read More]


Episode 90 – 1 Year Anniversary Show

Business Challenge Time seems to go rather quickly. In school you had the much anticipated Summer break to look forward to each year that denoted another past year. In business it can seem that your quarterly goals come faster and faster and that you never can seem to get it all done. In the land... [Read More]