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Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on

Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on


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Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on




View From The Grandstand - Sports Betting and Social Media w/ Trent Attyah

With sports betting becoming legalized in more states in the US, its popularity has never been higher. Trent Attyah, founder and CEO of Bookit Sports, explains how the Bookit Sports app is bringing together sports bettors to one unique social media platform to bring people together through wagering on sports.


In The National Interest - America’s International News Wasteland: If You Want to Know What’s Going on in the Rest of the World, Don’t Bother Tuning In w/ John Walcott

Kent Harrington is a writer, the “In the National Interest” columnist at Mediavillage, and a former senior CIA officer and analyst who, among other things, served as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, CIA’s director of public affairs, and a chief of station in Asia.” In this episode: Americans are drowning in information but when they go to any of the major broadcast and cable media news outlets—and the rising news services on the web—they’ll be lucky to find serious coverage of...


MultiCultural TV Talk - Troy Iwata of Netflix's 'Dash & Lily'

Broadway and television actor Troy Iwata from the Netflix holiday rom-com Dash & Lily chats with us about his experience filming the show before the pandemic, and the importance of diversity & representationamong directors, writers and producers.


MultiCultural TV Talk - International star Alejandro Nones on Netflix's Who Killed Sara?

Known for playing chilling antagonists in telenovelas and thrillers, Alejandro Nones shares the approach to his characters as driven people, his thoughts on why audiences love Spanish thrillers so much and his experience filming both seasons of Netflix's Who Killed Sara? back-to-back.


MultiCultural TV Talk - Eddie Liu of The CW's "Kung Fu"

Eddie Liu from The CW’s Kung Fu joins us this week and shares his early childhood Asian actor inspirations, his experience working with trailblazing producers like Mindy Kaling and Christian M. Kim and what it was like filming the series pilot just before the pandemic, and coming back to complete the first season.


MultiCultural TV Talk - Asian Actors Roundtable - AAPI Heritage Month

MultiCultural TV Talk host Juan Ayala is joined by stars of stage and screen Stephanie Jae Park (Hamilton), Johnny Wu (NBC's New Amsterdam), Erica Wong (Phantom of the Opera) and TJ Krishnan (FOX's The Resident) for a special Actors Roundtable in honor of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, sharing their views on stereotypes, meaningful representation in television and film, colorism and the change they hope for in the entertainment industry.


View From The Grandstand - Sports Broadcasting During and After a Pandemic

Justin sits down with Mike Janela, the in-stadium host for the New York Mets, and talks about the difficulties they encountered when the pandemic hit its peak and how they became stronger in the end. Mike shares what he was able to do when he wasn't able to work in Citi Field and how it resulted in more opportunities for him now.


MultiCultural TV Talk - Increasing Diversity Behind & In Front Of The Camera

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut from Freeform's hit new drama Cruel Summer joins us on this week's episode and shares her experience tackling the three timelines that span across the series and her wish for increased representation and inclusivity in front of and behind the camera.


View From The Grandstand - New York Sports Fans Focusing on Stanley Cup. Here’s the Inside NHL Scoop from NYI

With the NHL regular season coming to a close, the Stanley Cup playoffs will be more accessible than ever before with games coming to ESPN. Colin Langan, National Account Executive for New York Interconnect (NYI), speaks with Justin about what this means for advertisers, as well as the New York sports market with the Islanders in a position to compete for a championship, and more.


MultiCultural TV Talk - Snowfall’s Quincy Chad on Embracing the Typecast

Stage and screen actor Quincy Chad joins MultiCultural TV Talk host Juan Ayala to talk about his experience working on the hit FX series Snowfall as 'Big Deon' as well as learning to embrace typecasting from fellow actor Jimmi Simpson while on the set of Person Of Interest.


View From The Grandstand - Audacy Growing Hand-in-Hand with Sports Betting with Matt Volk

With sports betting growing rapidly across the country, Audacy has made strides in the space as a programming leader. Matt Volk, the Vice President of Sports at Audacy, shares with Justin what the radio giant is doing to scratch the itch of listeners that are involved with sports betting, as well as how it has handled the NCAA Tournament in a year unlike any other.


MultiCultural TV Talk - Increasing Latinx and LGBTQ+ Representation with guest Manni L. Perez

Television actress Manni L. Perez joins us this week and chats about her experience working on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in her Imagen award-winning role as Esperanza Morales, pushing for an increase in Latinx and LGBTQ+ representation and how she pursues her career with a "F*** It" attitude.


View From The Grandstand - NCAA March Madness Tournament is Back

After the 68-team NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments were canceled last year, they both returned last weekend and the madness is at an all-time high. Justin Paura breaks down what is different about this year's tournament from years past, what went down during the first weekend, and how many people tuned in for the best playoff in all of sports.


View from the Grandstand - Sports on TV in a Pandemic World

On this week’s episode of View From the Grandstand, podcast host Justin Paura sits down with Corey Petruccelli, senior director of national ad sales at New York Interconnect (NYI) to discuss the short and long-term effects of sports viewing on cable television amidst the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Petruccelli provides insight on what the industry was like when the pandemic first started, how sports leagues have adjusted to the new normal, and what both consumers and advertisers can expect...


View from the Grandstand - Sports Talk Radio or Football Talk Radio?

Despite the football season being in the rearview mirror, national sports talk radio shows continue to keep the conversation all about the gridiron. The top three national sports talk radio shows of the year are all dominated by football banter, primarily because of how popular the sport is in the United States no matter what the calendar says. Hear why this is the case and how the numbers support the idea of all football all the time.


Jack Myers ThinkTank: Tucker Carlson vs. Jeff Bezos

On February 11, 2021, following two days of Impeachment trial coverage, the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News focused on an alleged attack on Fox News and on Carlson -- by Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Nothing else in the news was worthy of comment? I admit Carlson’s comments held my attention and in today’s podcast I share what I think about his accusations against the Times and Post. No matter what the outcome of this trial, historians will look back and study the...


View from the Grandstand - Jeep Super Bowl Commercial Pulled Amid Springsteen DWI News Surface

In a pandemic year, the Super Bowl felt mostly normal with the half time theatrics, a victorious Tom Brady, and star-studded commercials. One of the best received ads was a two-minute Jeep spot figuring Bruce Springsteen. But now, the commercial might not see any air-time again, and has been removed from the Jeep YouTube and Instagram accounts. Listen to why the $22 million+ commercial has vanished in this week's "View from the Grandstand".


View from the Grandstand - Black History Month in Sports

The year 2020 was monumental in terms of progression for social justice in the sports world. NBA players sat out of protest for Black Lives Matter, NFL players felt much more comfortable kneeling for the national anthem and history is set to be made at the Big Game thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' diverse coaching staff. There is still much more work to be done, but this February, will celebrate all the progress made over the past year and bring up the issues that still need correcting.


Views from the Grandstand - Stage is set for NFL's Grand Finale

In a year unlike anything we’ve seen before, the National Football League is just one game away from pulling off what was thought to be impossible. The biggest game of the year in American sports is set for February 7, not only as a conclusion to the football season, but as a celebration for a job well done by the NFL. And what better way to watch the Super Bowl than to see the 43-year old legend Tom Brady take on his supposed successor, 25-year old Patrick Mahomes. Justin Paura breaks down...


Legends and Leaders - The CW’s Mark Pedowitz on Passion, Innovation and Advertising Success

In this Legends & Leaders podcast, The CW’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Pedowitz, shares a message that’s critically important for brand marketers and agency professionals who are increasingly looking at media and advertising through the prism of procurement. “We need to understand the value of audiences who care about the programming they're watching and extend that value to the advertisers who support that programming.” Pedowitz, who has led the network for almost a decade, has been at...