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Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on

Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on


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Welcome to the podcast that offers deeper insights on the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry. Listen to interviews with leading CMOs, creatives, ad sales, ad tech and major media executives, all offering thought leadership and interesting takeaways. Read companion stories on




View from the Grandstand - Sports Talk Radio or Football Talk Radio?

Despite the football season being in the rearview mirror, national sports talk radio shows continue to keep the conversation all about the gridiron. The top three national sports talk radio shows of the year are all dominated by football banter, primarily because of how popular the sport is in the United States no matter what the calendar says. Hear why this is the case and how the numbers support the idea of all football all the time.


Jack Myers ThinkTank: Tucker Carlson vs. Jeff Bezos

On February 11, 2021, following two days of Impeachment trial coverage, the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News focused on an alleged attack on Fox News and on Carlson -- by Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Nothing else in the news was worthy of comment? I admit Carlson’s comments held my attention and in today’s podcast I share what I think about his accusations against the Times and Post. No matter what the outcome of this trial, historians will look back and study the...


View from the Grandstand - Jeep Super Bowl Commercial Pulled Amid Springsteen DWI News Surface

In a pandemic year, the Super Bowl felt mostly normal with the half time theatrics, a victorious Tom Brady, and star-studded commercials. One of the best received ads was a two-minute Jeep spot figuring Bruce Springsteen. But now, the commercial might not see any air-time again, and has been removed from the Jeep YouTube and Instagram accounts. Listen to why the $22 million+ commercial has vanished in this week's "View from the Grandstand".


View from the Grandstand - Black History Month in Sports

The year 2020 was monumental in terms of progression for social justice in the sports world. NBA players sat out of protest for Black Lives Matter, NFL players felt much more comfortable kneeling for the national anthem and history is set to be made at the Big Game thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' diverse coaching staff. There is still much more work to be done, but this February, will celebrate all the progress made over the past year and bring up the issues that still need correcting.


Views from the Grandstand - Stage is set for NFL's Grand Finale

In a year unlike anything we’ve seen before, the National Football League is just one game away from pulling off what was thought to be impossible. The biggest game of the year in American sports is set for February 7, not only as a conclusion to the football season, but as a celebration for a job well done by the NFL. And what better way to watch the Super Bowl than to see the 43-year old legend Tom Brady take on his supposed successor, 25-year old Patrick Mahomes. Justin Paura breaks down...


Legends and Leaders - The CW’s Mark Pedowitz on Passion, Innovation and Advertising Success

In this Legends & Leaders podcast, The CW’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Pedowitz, shares a message that’s critically important for brand marketers and agency professionals who are increasingly looking at media and advertising through the prism of procurement. “We need to understand the value of audiences who care about the programming they're watching and extend that value to the advertisers who support that programming.” Pedowitz, who has led the network for almost a decade, has been at...


Jack Myers ThinkTank: The Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream Mystery. Where Can This Award-Winning Anti-Racism Biography Be Watched (Legally)?

In 1995, Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream, a 95-minute documentary won the Peabody Award and was nominated for both an Oscar and Emmy Award as Best Documentary. It won the Crystal Heart Award, the top honor, at the Heartland Film Festival. Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream is one of the best and most honored sports documentaries in film history. Yet the original has been buried since its original VHS release and nowhere is this story of Hank’s extraordinary role in racial justice and civil rights...


Jack Myers Podcast: The Republican 45. Will Media Leadership Have a Voice?

Welcome to my 3-minute Think Tank where I share what I’m thinking about and ask you to think about it too. Of course, I can't get the attacks on Capitol Hill off my mind. Forty-five percent of Republicans say they approve of the recent terrorist attack. This does not bode well for our future and the future of the Biden presidency. Also read important commentaries by former CIA intelligence analyst Kent Harrington and CableFax founding publisher Paul...


Jack Myers 3-Minute ThinkTank: Belief and Disbelief

Welcome to the Jack Myers Think Tank. I share what’s on my mind and invite you to think with me. What happens when facts and truth are not believed and when logic and common sense are discarded? How do we navigate through a human minefield of mistrust that stands between hope and fear, between knowledge and fantasy, between real and unreal? Believe it or not, I’m not referring to politics. I’m talking about the unbelievable, yet very real run-away state of the stock market and valuations for...


Jack Myers 3-Minute Podcast: On Respect and Disrespect

I’ve been thinking a lot about respect. Respect - a positive feeling shown towards someone considered important or held in high esteem. When you show disrespect to someone – you’re communicating that you do not consider her or him important or worthy of your esteem and I believe there’s an epidemic of disrespect in our business today. In the morass into which politics and politicians have sunk, respect is a distant and forgotten human quality. Can we allow that same depressing reality to...


Jack Myers 3-Minute Podcast: Data vs. Ideas

My mentor, Dr Neil Postman, founder of media ecology and a student of Marshall McLuhan, wrote in 1982 that our reliance on data causes us to stop thinking. We activate thinking through ideas and education. I add to Dr. Postman’s equation workforce diversity. In the next few days and weeks, every time you hear or read the word data, ask yourself ‘what is the idea behind the data?’ How is it adding to your knowledge and the knowledge of your colleagues, clients and stakeholders? You’ll learn...


Battle for the Soul of the Media Industry: Jack Myers 3-Minute ThinkTank

In this week’s 3-minute ThinkTank podcast I share a very personal story about the battle for the soul of the media industry. The core of media -- the soul of media – always has been and always should be defined by quality content, truthful and trusted journalism, and service in support of the public interest. Real media companies set a high standard and should not be forced to lower these standards to compete with those that have hardly any standards at all. Listen to my three-minute...


How to Be the Smartest Person in the Zoom

Today’s Jack Myers Think Tank asks if you’re among the 70% of professionals who don’t have the time or resources to prepare for meetings. How can you be the smartest person in the Zoom? Jack reports on a new AI-based vertical search engine featuring more than 100 curated resources and more than 15,000 original and exclusive educational reports, thought leadership and commentaries, all focused on marketing, advertising and media. You’ll learn all about it in this 90-second Jack Myers...


Fellow Marketing Professionals, Lend Me Your Ears

Fellow marketing, advertising and media professionals, lend me your ears for 3-minutes to tell you a story about growth and new tools for advancing team education and diversity available from MediaVillage. Join me for my new Jack Myers Think Tank podcast. Link, listen and learn.


Marshall McLuhan’s Strategy to Beat Trump at His Own Media Game

If we've learned anything from Trump's campaign and presidency it's that politics, government, and public discourse have become, first and foremost, show business. The high road — filled with better ideas, serious issues, and relevant priorities — pales by comparison to a powerful and compelling media presence. It's a historical, philosophical, and political mistake to believe that ideas and issues alone will win this election.


Planning Your Next Career Move? Five Questions You Should Ask

In the COVID-19 era, with radically new hiring practices being appropriately influenced by Black Lives Matter and new gender norms, how can you prepare as you look at your own future and the opportunities you're considering? In this MediaVillage Insider Insites podcast, Jack Myers shares five key questions you can ask and answer as you move through this time of massive change.


A+Es Heftman on Precision and Performance

The competition in video goes beyond the fight for consumer attention; every video provider is looking to land ad dollars with a one-two punch of broad but targeted reach matched with business outcomes via addressability or attribution. A+E Networks has dubbed their delivery of both as “Precision and Performance", or as SVP of ad sales Ethan Heftman calls it: "a fancy way of describing a group of people across ad sales, research, and client insights that specialize in moving the business...


The Spontaneous Thanksgiving Episode - Looking Back

What better way to wrap up a year of insights than on Thanksgiving? It might sound like a cliché but we at MediaVillage, and me personally, E.B. Moss, are really thankful for everyone who listens and reads our content. A big focus at MediaVillage is on educating the marketplace in such a fast-evolving industry as media and marketing. There’s a LOT of info out there and things are constantly changing. So apropos Thanksgiving, I hope this podcast has been a good way for you to digest some of...


Marketing the NFL: Julie Haddon and Jen Kavanagh on Scoring with Fans

Fun facts: Julie Haddon, NFL’s senior vice president of Global Brand & Consumer Marketing, pitched Little League well before other girls ever played...and went on to pitch audiences on films like Shrek for DreamWorks, early stage Twitter and financial disruptor, SoFi. And Jen Kavanagh, senior vice president, marketing and media for the Philadelphia Eagles used to “fly” for her teen swim club well before her current Philly special job marketing the NFL club’s mantra, “Fly, Eagles, Fly.” Hear...


ICYMI: RPA's Joe Baratelli on Creative and Agency Staying Power

Joe is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of RPA, where he has worked since the agency launched as Rubin Postaer 30-plus years ago. They have also been the agency of record for Honda for almost that entire time and helped make the simple Farmers Insurance "We Are Farmers" jingle a bit of an earworm. In addition to discussing those and some more serious examples of their award-winning ads and heart-wrenching PSAs, Joe shared some of the insights he's gained over three decades...