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#236 M.T.B Radio Melissa McFarlane Creative Successful Entreprenuers

Our world needs CREATIVE people in order to survive — sharing their imagination, inspiration, ingenuity, compassion, courage… Creative people can save the world — if they can stay alive. Listen to our show with Melissa McFarlane who will show us creative types how to be successful in business. About You... You care. You see what’s needed – how to quickly solve a problem. You don’t have one talent. You’re good at so much! And you can’t STAND to let a need go unanswered. You want to...


#235 M.T.B. Radio Mike Adams "Seven Stories"

Engineer turned salesperson, Mike Adams taught himself storytelling ‘on the job’ while selling and managing sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia for international corporations Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia and Halliburton. Since 2014, Mike has been helping companies find and develop their own stories through his storytelling consulting practice.


#234 M.T.B Radio Dwealth Sean Odumusi

Sean Odumusi is co-founder and CEO of Dwealth, a company that is creating a robo-financial advisor designed to help people worldwide invest in the American Market. Originally from Nigeria, Sean moved to the U.S. to pursue his MBA in Investment Management. Since then, Sean has developed a passion for connecting people all over the world using technology. It was actually from this motivation that Dwealth was born.


#233 M.T.B Radio Non Verbal Power Diana Jennings

Most entrepreneurs work on their business brand before working on their personal brand. In this episode of Mind the Business, the People Branding Expert - Diana Jennings - explains why entrepreneurs and small business owners should work on their personal brand before working on their business brand.


#232 M.T.B. Radio "Workplace Stress" Tanya Brown

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners can sometimes overwork themselves in their business. As a result, they burn out or their stress levels are high. Many do not take time to enjoy life. Burn out, high stress levels and overwork can lead to mental, physical, and spiritual illness. In this episode of Mind the Business, Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, explains why it's important for entrepreneurs to schedule time with family as well as "me" time. Click on the link below to...


#231 M.T.B Radio Social Entrepreneurship: Starting & Operating a Nonprofit Organization

Hello Entrepreneurs and Business Owners! If you have ever wanted to start a nonprofit or charitable organization, then click on the link to listen to this episode of Mind the Busines. Our guest - Patricia Wenskunas, Founder/CEO of Crime Survivors, Inc.. and Owner of Creative Coordinating - speaks about starting and operating a charitable organization and the challenges it presents.


#230 M.T.B Radio Inc. 500 and Crowdfunding Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord

How does a business go from startup to #27 on the Inc. 500 list in a few short years? Find out on this episode of Mind the Business. Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord of Funded Today discusses their company's climb to #27. They also talk about crowdfunding. So far, they have raised more than $207 million for their clients. To listen to this episode, click on the link below:


#229 M.T.B Radio Amazing Race Winners Chip and Kim McAllister

Business techniques and strategies can be used in other areas of your life. Just ask Chip and Kim McAllister! In this entertaining episode of "Mind the Business," Chip and Kim discusses how they won CBS's "The Amazing Race" using business techniques.


#228 M.T.B.Radio Building your A-Team Mike Goldman

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners look for ways to bring their business to the next level. So how can they get to that level? By building an "A" team! In this episode of Mind the Business, Michael Goldman - author of "Performance Breakthrough: The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations" - shares tips on building a team of high performance individuals to help your business get to the next level.


#227 M.T.B Radio GDPR and CCPA protection Acts John Owens

Europe passed the GDPR last May, and on June 28 California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act. It is one of the toughest privacy bills in the Country. We have on the show with us John Owens, who will explain what that all means to small business owners. Learn more by clicking on the player below.


#226 M.T.B Radio "Our outdated finacial system" W/ David Claffey

On Today's show we will talk about why the financial system has not evolved with the needs of Americans. Our guest is David Claffey, Head of Communications at Earnin. We will touch on such subjects as the outdated two-week pay cycle, and helping your employees achieve financial health.


#225 M.T.B Radio Mastermind Groups Ronan Leonard

If you are looking for a mentor or you need assistance with your business, you might consider joining a mastermind group or forming one of your own. An entrepreneurial mastermind group may be a good way to get fresh ideas or to learn from the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs. In this episode of Mind the Business, Ronan Leonard of Eccountability.com explains mastermind groups and how entrepreneurs can benefit from them. Ronan also talks about his adventures while on a sinking cruise ship....


#224 M.T.B Radio Intellectual Properties Mike DeBlis

Many small business owners don't realize they have intellectual property that could be stolen if not properly protected. Business logos, slogans and website content are some of the intellectual properties that need legal protection. Also, find out if you are unwittingly violating someone else's intellectual property rights especially when it comes to podcasting and using music. On this fact-filled episode of Mind the Business, Michael DeBlis of DeBlis Law explains the entrepreneur's...


#223 M.T.B Radio "Growing Your Small Business" Ron Carucci

Hey Entrepreneurs! If you are thinking about expanding your business, be sure to listen to this episode of Mind the Business. Our guest Ron Carucci, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Navalent as well as the author of the Amazon #1 book Rising to Power, gives some tips on "Growing Your Small Business."


#222 M.T.B Radio International Business and Cross-Cultural Awareness

If you ever wanted to expand your business internationally, then listen to this episode of Mind the Business. Our guest Matt Baca - International Business and Cross-Cultural Trainer -- explains that the "American Way" of doing business overseas may not always work. He also discusses some strategies for dealing with different cultures.


#221 M.T.B Radio. "GDPR" With John Owens

On May 25 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into force across the world. This means that, no matter where your business is located, if you hold the personal data of even a single individual who lives in the European Economic Area (EEA), then GDPR applies to you. John Owens is our guest and will explain what GDPR means to all of us.


#220 M.T.B Radio "Sales" Ursula Mentjes

If low sales are keeping your business from being profitable, then listen to Mind the Business. Our guest Ursula Mentjes, Author and Founder/CEO of Sales Coach Now, explains "The Sales Blocks That Keep You Stuck in Scarcity."


#219 M.T.B Radio Freelancing with Ben Walker

In this episode of Mind the Business, learn about freelancing, request for proposals and bids, and the transcription business. Ben Walker, Founder / CEO, of Transcription Outsourcing explains the world of independent contracting. Click on the link below to listen to this episode:


#218 M.T.B Radio "How to Go from Nothing to Something in 12 Months"

Hello Entrepreneurs! Have you wondered how you can put your business on the map nationally? On this episode of Mind the Business, Jeremy Griffin of Startup Street explains "How to Go from Nothing to Something in 12 Months." Click on the link below to join this lively discussion.


#217 M.T.B Radio Monetize Your Passion Chris Howard

Many of us have a passion or even a favorite hobby. But how many of us have turned that hobby or passion into a money-making business. In this episode of Mind the Business, Chris Howard explains how to "Monetize Your Passion." Chris is an international professional speaker, business coach, and best-selling author.