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Updates, Ideas & Reviews of Mobile Wallet Marketing platforms, best practices, most effective methods.




Digital Hustle: Networking at Virtual Conferences (ep 117)

How strong is your digital hustle? We're back with another episode of the podcast and today we are talking about digital hustle - which is the essence of what you need to make an impact when you're networking at a virtual conference. Whether or not you are well versed in making a great cyber impression, or are still a relative newbie at figuring out how to meet and greet in the land of augmented reality booths and Zoom keynotes, we are discussing actionable strategies that will help you to put your best foot forward and make some connections. [LISTEN: Restaurant delivery apps in the time of coronavirus - PODCAST EPISODE] There is a lot going on right now, and the world seems to be more on the side of crazy than not; this means that while we are all struggling to figure out what the story is, what it might be, and how we are going to make the transition from where we are now to whatever the next iteration of work and social and other interactions dictate, we still have to be able to keep our small businesses afloat. Why should you worry about your digital hustle ability? So much of what we have done in the past has been driven by the face to face interaction that we have shared with other people - travel and attendee costs have been small enough (both in dollars and in health risks) that for years now we have all been ready and willing to hop on a plane, spend hours of the day jammed into convention halls with thousands of other people, and then have made our way out to crowded venues for socializing afterwards. While it's likely that we'll be back to socializing in crowds sooner rather than later, it's also imperative that right now, while we are unable or unwilling to come together as a group for a common purpose, that we don't allow the businesses that we have spent hours, weeks, and months building to fall into ruin. Thus the rise of the digital hustle. How can you translate your normal gregarious personality in real life into the same sort of impactful and positive vibe online with groups of people who can sometimes only communicate emotions by using emojis? How can you continue to build your tribe, lead your community, and make sure that the people who are interested in what you have to say will hear you when you are speaking? There's that word omnichannel again. Oh boy. That's right. We keep circling back around to it, and that isn't likely to change any time in the near future. Omnichannel means using multiple channels to broadcast, listen, and engage - while managing the details and the experience on the other side from a single, central hub that is simple enough to use and easy enough to put together initially. Whether you are speaking at a virtual event or just attending an event, it's always going to be good to know what's coming up next, where you need to click to get there, and what you might need to do once you arrive. Mobile offers a specific set of benefits when compared to other broadcast mediums like email or social, and leveraging a wallet for notifications is much more cost effective than using SMS or building an app. So grab a snack - yes, it's ok to eat Doritos for breakfast right now, and you can have pancakes for dinner, too! - and plop down in your #WFH setup! Get comfy and get into it with us on this latest episode of the podcast!


The New Normal: One Idea for Restarting Your Small Business (ep 116)

What exactly is this 'new normal'? Unless you live under a rock or you just got back from Mars, you maybe have noticed that we are entering what can potentially be termed the 'new normal' - at least as far as business and interactions with clients, customers, staff, and others. [LISTEN: 3 Reasons Why Mobile Works for #DistanceMarketing - PODCAST EPISODE] And in this episode, we are talking mobile notifications, how those notifications can potentially help you restart your business in what's passing for the 'new normal' - especially if it's struggling or has been closed for weeks - while maintaining the required, or suggested - depending on where you are located - social distancing and safety measures. How long will this last? Oh, Virginia, if only we had a crystal ball, we could tell you the truth about Santa Claus. But we don't, and in this time period that we are going to kindly refer to as the 'new normal', the only thing we can be sure about is that people, regardless of what they believe about illness, statistics, or government, are still a bit wary of going out in public around others; they want to see every business making an effort to adjust and provide a safe shopping, dining, or service experience. In the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with #DistanceMarketing, since it's entirely possible that we are going to be trodding this path for some time yet, especially in some of the areas that have had greater concentration of illness and more complete shutdowns that are still in place. That's right, the 'new normal' is nothing close to normal, and some places still haven't actually hit the new portion of the program. FACT: Small brick and mortar business is taking the brunt of it. The bottom line here is that small business has been subject to much more as far as closing goes than most of the large businesses. Big online companies, like Amazon, are doing bang up business. Grocery stores, big box home centers, wholesale clubs, and the like are seeing massive increases in their business. As are luxury online stores - we're talking about it all this week. We aren't passing judgement - heck, we might not even agree with each other on the current situation or how we got here. But we know that small business owners who are being allowed to reopen are seeing low traffic, having a tough time adjusting to new rules, and are going to be lucky to be in business when the end of this year finally rolls into view. (Can't happen soon enough, I think we can all agree on that part) So, what can you do if you run a small business, are finally looking at opening again, and don't have a strong online or mobile component already? This is the episode for you. Well, it's one of them. We have been making our way through some ideas about #distancemarketing and how to start re-energizing your customers and prospects to pick up where they left off - shopping, dining, or using your available services. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train. It's not going to be easy, and it's going to take awhile to recover. One of the biggest things your business will benefit from by going mobile is that you'll be better prepared to manage if there's another crisis - whether it's medical, climate, political, economic, whatever. You will have another tool at your disposal that you can use to reach out and engage with your community, and you will learn to create strong calls to action that increase your chances of success at the ground level. For more information about the "next normal", which might not be the same as the new normal, we suggest checking out this article on MediaPost. So grab your cuppa (we're not here to judge, if you are drinking bloodies at 8 am on Wednesday, then that's just fine!) and spend some time with us talking about getting your business back up and running in the 'new normal'.


Restaurant Delivery Apps in the Coronavirus Era (ep 115)

Let's face it, there are a lot of restaurant delivery apps. Whether you live in the US or Canada, there are a ton of restaurant delivery apps out there - whether it's Grubhub, Doordash, Skip the Dishes, or any of the other multitude of third party aggregator apps, it's highly likely that you've ordered using one of these services recently. Unless you happen to be Kim, who is completely immune to the darn things and believes in old fashioned takeaway and pickup. [LISTEN: 3 Reasons why mobile works for #DistanceMarketing - PODCAST EPISODE] But are these the best alternatives for restaurant owners? Many of the managers and owners that we spoke to about the topic are not really enamored of restaurant delivery apps. Some of them don't like the high commissions and fees that both the establishment and the consumer are charged; others are unhappy with the service on a more fundamental level. But in a time when we are faced with many challenges in life (the least of which as a consumer is likely what restaurant delivery app we might decide to use tonight to get our dinner), we wanted to take a closer look at how the apps are set up to work, what the incurred costs versus perceived value actually might be, and to talk a bit more about whether or not these are actually useful to humans at the current time. We love restaurant owners, they are some of our favorite clients. The fact is that our mobile platform,, does a lot of things, but scheduling restaurant pickup and delivery isn't one of them. Yes, you can manage rewards, proximity notifications, time or location based notifications, and a slew of other commonly used marketing and advertising tasks with the platform. But that's not really helping when a consumer wants to get an order from multiple locations for their household, and it's not always helping the restaurants to do business if that business is costing them more money than they are seeing in profits. It seems like a crass moment to be talking about profits, but the bottom line is that no business can continue to operate in the red for long, and we are currently running the risk in the US of seeing roughly 110,000 restaurants close their doors permanently. And that figure is at least a month old. Why does it have to be this way? That's a really good question and we're spending a considerable amount of time talking about it in this episode of the podcast. It's tough for independent restaurants of any size or type to make enough money to keep the doors open and the lights on at this point in time, and it stands to reckon that the restaurant delivery apps would be looking for ways to help these operators stay in business. Instead, we have apps with good reach refusing to work with restaurants by cutting commissions or providing other opportunities for the locations to increase their ticket size by upselling at the time of order. We see companies like Uber Eats refusing to play nicely with the very businesses that they need to work with if they want to continue to have food to sell as part of their Eats app service. Why can't restaurant delivery apps be owned by the food companies? While that's an interesting idea, it's not really in the best interest of many of the restaurants we know to work that closely with their competition. Yet. And with reopening looming on the horizon in many states - keep in mind that we have zero idea how that's going to work, it's not really a priority for many owners to develop their own restaurant delivery apps, even if they could partner up with other establishments that might make for a good pairing and a long term strategy. We talked about this in the retail sense, way back in a podcast episode a couple of years ago, how a group of New Jersey retailers got together to use our mobile wallet campaigns to cross sell to consumers who were in the shopping area, and how it increased their sales considerably. You can find that episode at Why Mobile Advertising Works, if you...


3 Reasons: Why Mobile Works for Distance Marketing (ep 114)

Have you ever heard of distance marketing? If you don't, you're not alone. We took a poll (non-scientific, on social media) and about 70% of the people online when we did it were not sure what #DistanceMarketing is, does, or might be about. But that's ok, since we are taking our time this week on the latest episode, and we are explaining, in detail, what distance marketing is and how you can use it for your small, medium, or even large sized, business. [LISTEN: Mobile reach: marketing in a new era - PODCAST EPISODE] Are you struggling to keep your business going? On the edge of disaster? Feeling like you're never going to catch a break with the current situation? You are not alone, by any means. We are living in a topsy turvy world, where things change in an instant, and what was an acceptable practice or standard yesterday is not allowed today. It's so hard to keep up and so much harder to stay focused on business. Yeah, we know you're frustrated. And worried. It's pretty hard to create and sustain a successful business when the entire world doesn't seem to be stacked against you, trying to keep you as far from making it as humanly possible, and things are going alright. But now, in the midst of this pandemic and the chaos that swirls around it - and trails in its wake - it is harder than ever to get yourself motivated to keep your business running smoothly. And it's even harder to find the wherewithal to push forward and attempt to expand and grow your business in the middle of all the noise. Seriously, just looking at our podcast stats for the last five weeks is enough to make us want to cry; but that's not going to happen. One of the other cool things from our podcast stats is that we can see - every week, where our bump in listens is, and we know, because of the way we've been using mobile wallet campaigns to push our podcast for two years now, that we see a good sized group of our listener base being the spike on the alternate weeks to our episode releases. What's in the episode? We are walking you through the three primary things that we believe you should be doing right now to start picking yourself and your business up and making plans for the future. Whether you believe we are going full on dystopian mad max style, or that there's just going to be a switch that magically takes it all back to the old point in time, there's no way you can argue with the fact that your business can always use a boost, a shot in the arm, whatever you want to call it. So grab your earbuds and join us for a serious talk about distance marketing and how your business will thrive if you learn to do it right from the beginning.


The Emoji Factor Returns (ep 113)

Emojis are nothing new. But there are some new emojis, and maybe you haven't yet heard of Emoji Kitchen or emoji mashups? We're back with another episode of the podcast and today we are talking about the emergence of emojis (boy, that's a mouthful) and the how and why of how they come to be on your phones, in your posts, and how new ones are created. [LISTEN: Mobile Reach: #distancemarketing in a new era - PODCAST EPISODE] It turns out that emojis aren't just something you can whip up at the drop of a hat; not if you want them to be universally accepted and used by millions of people. There's an actual governing body that manages the emoji universe, and decides which ones will make it into the land of unicode and which ones are not going to be default. What's the point of using an emoji instead of an abbreviation? Well, that depends on a few factors like how old you are, what kind of device or platform you are using, and what you are trying to express. There are plenty of "alternate" definitions for some common glyphs, and some of them are downright NSFW. The basic premise behind these little characters is that it's a way of expressing a larger sentiment by using a single image to make a point or enhance something you are trying to say. And in the current situation, it's no wonder they are becoming more popular; after all, who doesn't need a smile to brighten their day right now? If you don't know that much about the topic, or you aren't entirely sure how to use them in context, this is definitely the podcast episode that you want to listen to today. (Seriously, you are stuck at home doing shelter in place, what in the world else do you have today?) So grab your cuppa (yes, we know it's laced with adults only additives, but that's quite alright) and jump into the conversation with us!


Mobile Reach: Marketing in a New Era (ep 112)

Mobile reach has taken on a new meaning this week. While we are not quite sure whether we have stumbled into true crazy town at the moment, or if there is still a chance to bring the world back to some semblance of order, one thing we know is for certain. The world has changed, and in a hands off society, mobile reach is going to become the new currency of the realm. [LISTEN: Our favorite mobile marketing blogs - PODCAST EPISODE] When we last left you, dear listeners, two weeks ago, we were already talking about the all the great moves towards mobile marketing, advertising and technology that had been talked about at the Big Show (the yearly NRF trade show, the big one!) as the way forward this year, but then, well... coronavirus hit. We're not doctors, or scientists, and at the moment we're not even thinking about staying at the Holiday Inn Express. But what we do know is mobile and we understand how to translate personalized marketing and advertising into actionable, yet hands free #distancemarketing (yes, new hashtag, for sure going to be big!) This entire scenario has us both in shock, and frankly more than a little nervous. We want to see everyone come out of this better than they were going into it; the likelihood of that happening is probably about equal to waking up and the whole thing being like that season of Dallas, where nobody shot JR and the whole thing was just a bad dream. Sometimes you gotta just put one foot in the front of the other. If you run a small business, whether it's brick and mortar, online, or some combination of the two, then you are already on slim profit margins and you probably don't get to eat until your employees are fed. This is the typical entrepreneur setup, and we recognize that. We also know that opportunities for lead generation are going to get tougher, there will be more noise in the world, and that every penny is going to count, much more than it did last month, or even last week. What does all of this mean? We have been thinking and talking for two weeks now about the situation, and we've seen it firsthand in three different countries (China, Iran, S Korea, not being among them) and we don't think it's impossible to keep working and getting organized for the new way of handling things, which is certainly going to involve a lot of mobile reach and outreach. Listen in and see what you think. So without further ado, we bring you the first episode in the new world of maintaining intimate contact without touching a soul.


The State of Retail 2020 – March 2020 (ep 111)

The state of retail today could be described as perilous, at best. We used to publish a blog article each year about the state of retail, immediately following the NRF Big Show conference; this year we're going with a podcast instead. Mostly because we don't have a blog on this site any more, we are only doing podcasts. [LISTEN: The Effects of Mobile on the Shoppers Journey - PODCAST EPISODE] If you're not familiar with the National Retail Foundation, they are the industry organizing group for retailers around the US, and to a larger extent, the world. The state of retail at the moment is in peril, with everyone from Sears and Pier One closing down almost entirely to chains like ToysRUs attempting to halt bankruptcy proceedings long enough to reinvent themselves as another brand entirely. What's happening with retailers? Most successful retailers are looking into the Amazon model for insight into what might work going forward; even Amazon has hit a few roadblocks in the past few months. When you add the current coronavirus scare into the mix, it's likely that we will see brick and mortar stores taking another big hit this year. Retail has always been a very difficult business model - more stores close than stay open over the long term, and small, mom 'n' pop type outfits are often just one rent payment away from shutting down and going out of business. Last year we saw more stores close than open, which could simply be a natural correction based on the over leveraging in the retail real estate market. It could also be the start of a longer term trend, especially in the US, where the political landscape is in turmoil, and people are starting to wonder what the future will bring economically. Join us for this episode while we talk numbers, predictions, and of course, jade vagina eggs!


Google Easter Eggs? Not Exactly. (ep 110)

Google Easter eggs are the things of legend. There's absolutely not doubt about that, but did you know that there are also some more little hidden gems in the interface? They aren't quite Google Easter eggs but they can be quite interesting, very informative, and a worthy little time waster nearly any day! [LISTEN: 5G - The good, the bad, and the looming privacy issues - PODCAST EPISODE] Join us for this episode of the podcast, while we dissect a nifty set of features that you may not know about the main Google search page. It's not just the daily Doodle, but so many other things that appear to be random but are likely not random at all. Whether you are looking to find out about Art & Culture - after all, who among us actually remembers that Google started an Art & Culture section several years ago? Google is notorious for starting a project and then abandoning it along the way, and they often leave relics of those projects lying around in hidden corners of the internet. What kind of hidden treasures did we find on Google? And how can you find your own trove? It's pretty simple, and Kim details exactly what she did, what she found, and even though she had planned it as a big surprise for Hazel, it wasn't all that since Hazel did a bit of research on her own and found a few more bits and bobs to discuss. There are simple games, quizzes, hordes of information about various subjects that most people would never even think about, much less research; some of this information is presented in a playful manner, and the rest is offered up as candy for your brain. Join us as we talk about the Google Easter eggs (ok, not quite that spectacular) that we found and how we might use them for more than just entertainment value. Oh, we're also talking about a new project that we've started developing, and a few other little tidbits of info that you might find worth listening to on this episode. So grab your earbuds, sit back and relax with us for the next little while!


5G – The Good, the Bad, and the Privacy Issues (ep 109)

We are talking 5G on this weeks episode of the podcast! Welcome to the show (virtually) and here's a quick rundown of today's topic - as you likely know, 5G is coming to an internet near you, and it's being touted as the way the world is really going to change. It's being billed as a way to ramp up IoT (internet of things), bump up connection speeds, and create an overall Jetson style experience for everyone who gets in on it. [LISTEN: The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing - PODCAST EPISODE] Is this reality or just hype? Is it possible that 5G can actually bring so much more connectivity to our lives that we will start living in the world depicted by science fiction writers in the 1950s? Are we looking at autonomous flying cars that will whisk us from place to place, while we watch movies from our personal cloud during the trip? Or is it a more likely possibility that our data, our personal information, all the things we think we own, that these will be exposed to more and more third parties, whether or not they are really relevant to the services they will be providing? Hey, you! Get off of my cloud! There are already plenty of rumblings about Huawei and other 5G service and hardware providers, and the US government has been working diligently in an attempt to block some of these companies from being awarded contracts in the US, the EU, and other locations. Next on the episode, we're going to touch on the potential health issues that 5G transmissions could potentially bring to the party. There are plenty of people - and at least one city - that feel strongly enough about the potential health risks from 5G that the technology has been banned from use. That's countered by those who argue that the technology is going to enable major advancements in the technical fields like remote surgery or medical diagnosis, so-called smart cities, and other beneficial technology for the masses. So grab your earbuds and connect with us, while we are talking about the good, the bad, and the privacy issues inherent to the new technology known as 5G!


Weird Ad Campaigns from Top Brands (ep 108)

Weird ad campaigns aren't reserved just for the Superbowl. Granted, there are a lot of offbeat ads competing for attention during that infamous - and infamously expensive - time slot; nearly every day, however, brings some new kind of strangeness into the advertising and marketing realm, and it's been amplified by the internet and now mobile. It's the time of year where weird ad campaigns take over the world! [LISTEN: Our favorite podcasts for event planners - PODCAST EPISODE] We decided it would be fun to take a little stroll down memory lane, and see what weird ad campaigns and other offbeat marketing schemes had been deployed in the past twenty years. We chose a few favorite campaigns, and we are likely bringing you a belly laugh today when you think back about some of these projects. Whether you are a creative looking for inspiration, a potential ad man trying to research what types of ads or campaigns actually stick around in peoples' memory, or if you just happen to like weird ad campaigns for the sake of liking them, then you're going to like this episode of the podcast! Off the wall campaigns come in all sizes and shapes. We're chatting about diverse advertising campaigns - everything from IKEA's famous "Princess and the Pee" to AB Inbev (formerly known as Anheiser Busch) pushing a strange, mystical, and totally fake animal in a Superbowl commercial. A really weird Superbowl commercial. So of course, with the Superbowl set to air just a few short days from now, there are a ton of places online to "pre-watch" the commercials - which frankly takes all the fun out of it, if you ask us! Half the reason to watch the game in the past was to see the commercials as they aired; they were almost more important that the game itself for a lot of people. Grab your earbuds and join us while we trash talk other people's funny ads for your listening pleasure on our latest podcast episode!


The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing (ep 107)

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