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3 Things I Learned From Amy Porterfield That Changed My Life [Ep 17]

I know I’ve talked about Amy Porterfield in the past! I actually talk about her a lot and that’s because she has been instrumental in my business and my life. Saying that she has changed my life might have you rolling your eyes or thinking yeah right whatever. She’s just a social media influencer. But you would be wrong, my friend. She has basically been one of the best professors in my online marketing education. Think of it as an Online Biz MBA. So how did I find her... I started...


How to Become More Resilient with Stacy Brookman [Episode 16]

Today, we are talking to Stacy Brookman, she teaches people how to write their life stories and get over all of the labels that we put on ourselves and that others put on us. For the full show note experience head over to Links mentioned in this episode: Stacy's Free Webinar - The Four Simple Proven Methods to Writing the Very First Chapter of Your Life Story in Just 7 Days Asana Training - FREE Thanks for Listening! Special thanks to Stacy for...


Do You Need an Accountability Partner? [Episode 15]

Are you like me? I have big dreams and set big goals. But actually working on them or taking action usually starts out great but then fizzles out? Starts out amazing. I plan (I looooovvvve planning) and get everything ready. And that works for about 3 days. This same cycle happens to us in our businesses too. We set big goals and then get bogged down in the day to day aspects of it. Our big goals get pushed to the side and they never get accomplished. For the full show note...


Making the Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneur with Fabienne Raphael [Episode 14]

Corporate moms this one’s for you - whether you are currently a corporate mom or you come from a corporate background. Today, Fabienne and I will be digging into how to make the transition from corporate to entrepreneur and all the juicy bits that go into it. Check it out! For the full show note experience head over to Links mentioned in this episode: Fabienne’s Free Training - How to Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneur Asana Training -...


Top 5 Online Business Tools for Under $30 [Episode 13]

I get asked a lot about what tools I use to run Mommy’s Home Office so I’m going to be doing a few episodes about those tools. Today we are going to talk about the absolute essentials for running an online business and a lot of them are free or under $30. So let’s get to it! The first tool I love is… Canva Cost: Free or $12.95 a month Why I love Canva: Check Out Canva HERE Acuity Scheduling Cost: Free or $15 a month If you take clients, set up interviews, set meetings or...


How to Make $10k a Month as a Virtual Assistant with Kayla Sloan [Episode12]

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to make money from home? This is the episode for you. Becoming a virtual assistant (VA) is the perfect way to make money and work as many or as few hours as you want. Kayla talks about the ins and outs of VA work and how she earns $10,000 a month doing VA work. Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: Kayla was living paycheck to paycheck when she started her blog.How she thought online business was a scam in the beginning.She started earning...


How Finding Your WHY is the Key to Your Success!

Finding your why is a journey that we all must go on. Whether it’s your reason for getting healthy, your reason for going back to school, your reason for being/or staying married or your reason for starting and running your own business. Today I’m going to talk about the latter. Starting and running your own business is no joke. It takes a lot of time and commitment and lots of fails to get it right. If you don’t have a really strong why, and I mean rock solid, behind it then it’s...


Optimizing Your Facebook Ads with Monica Louie [Episode 10]

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: Monica went from corporate desk job to stay at home mom to blogger to Facebook ads coach.How she pivoted her business from blogger to ads coach.When is your business ready to start running Facebook ads - Monica goes into details andWhat posts should you run ads to and how you get the best ROI for your money.Don’t be Facebook's low hanging fruit. It’s only good for Facebooks wallet, not yours. If you’ve been scared to run Facebook Ads or maybe you...


Branding and Design with Larken Lech [Episdoe 09]

Today I’m sitting down with Larken Lech the talent behind Larken Lech Branding and Design. Larken helps entrepreneurs create brands that they love. Ah-mazing! I’m super excited to introduce Larken to you. She’s going to talk about how she got started in online business. Through her story, you'll see that being a mom and going after your dream is totally possible. She also goes into her struggle with the postpartum depression. And how starting her business helped her overcome it. She’s...


Time Management - How I Get It All Done [Episode 08]

Time Management Moms let’s get real for a second. I’m not the best time manager. Time management has been a struggle for me. Plus, I’m a serial procrastinator. Juggling the kids, the house, the husband, and two businesses is not an easy feat. Oh and I forgot the PTA (and a side note on matter what position you sign up for and how little time they say it will take...they are always takes more time than you think. Don’t get me wrong PTA is important but chose your...


Freedom Through Freelancing with Micala Quinn [Episode 07]

Today I’m sitting down with Micala Quinn the founder of Live Free Mama. Live Free Mama helps moms get started in their freelancing career so that they can experience freedom and flexibility while raising their family. SOOOO Awesome! I’m super excited to introduce Micala to you. She’s going to talk about how she got started in online business. Through her story, you'll see that earning a full-time income from home is possible, even after a few failures. She’s sharing the ideas about...


Automating Your Home [Part 2]

Ok, so I’m not gonna lie. This is an area that I struggle with and it wasn’t until I had kids that I finally was able to delegate it. I always felt bad for the women that had clean other people's houses because growing up my mom was one of those women. She would do it on the side to make extra money for our family. It took me a really long time to change my mindset around it. I finally realized that because of these wonderful families paying my mom for her services that we were able to do...


Automating Your Home Life Part 1 [Ep 05]

I’ve talked a lot about biz stuff the last 5 episodes so today I’m going to talk about mommy life. You know me, I loooove systems and I started incorporating some of my biz strategies into my home life and OMG it has made a big difference. The frustration, time and overwhelm have definitely gone down. Because there are so many facets of our mommy life I want to break them down into smaller chunks. Today’s topic will benefit you whether you have a biz already or not because we are going to...


10 Ways to Find Time to Work When Your Kids are Home [Ep 04]

If you’re anything like me, when your kids are around it’s super hard to get anything done. Cleaning, organizing, or anything that isn’t about them, especially working or having 10 minutes of quite to say record a podcast… is virtually impossible. But if you really want to, you can find little pockets of time to work. And I know personally that there’s nothing to get your butt into gear and get it done, then having a short amount of time ticking away. That’s why timers work so well....


I Have a Biz but It Needs to Be Easier! [Ep 03]

In today’s episode, I want to talk about how to manage your biz and make it work with your life using systems. Systems and processes are one of my favorite things. Today I’m going to share a few of those with you! Links Mentioned in the Podcast: Free Asana Training - Kick ass at managing your biz & mommy life! Scheduling with Acuity - Schedule Appointments, Sell Digi Products, Sell Gift Certs or Packages, Sell Subscriptions, Offer Payment Plans Accounting with Quickbooks - Easy...


I Have an Idea. Now What? [Ep 02]

The easiest way to start with little to no money is FB & Instagram. I talked about this a little in Episode 1 and I want to go into detail here. This is just a starting point, you will need a website eventually. But this can take off some of the pressure and overwhelm of having everything figured out from the start. And get you to take action. All you need is a smartphone. No fancy equipment or backdrops. Links Mentioned in Podcast Ecamm Live - Add Text, share your screen and add...


Help! I Need an Idea! [Ep 01]

Today we are going to talk about coming up with an idea for a work at home biz. I’m going to cover my top 5 different types of work at home opportunities. Some of which you may not even know that you can make money doing these things. Links Mentioned in the Podcast: Proofread Anywhere Webinar and Course 10K VA Course - How to become a VA that earns $10k per month Beautycounter - Cleaner, Safer Beauty Products


What is Mommy's Home Office? [Ep 00]

This is a safe place for moms to get support in their biz life and mommy life with no judgment. I’m going to have brutally honest mom conversations. That isn’t just the curated FB and Instagram feed that we all see and we all compare ourselves to. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!


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