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Ep16 Detroit Part 3 PSSP Debrief

This is the last in the 3 part series discussing how to create your PSSP and how to use it to help you start on your journey to success. This session I take you deeper into how to apply the PSSP and which areas you need to focus on to get started and maintain your momentum Be sure to get your free audio book by texting the word " Speakerman" to 90210 ..also please like, share and subscribe to my podcast.


Ep 15 Part 2 Creating your PSSP Detroit

The second part of the session deals with actually walking through crafting your PSSP and what YOU need to understand about yourself is your clarity is a must for you to create your specific plan for your specific success. Listen Like and share. Text the word "Speakerman" to 90210 for your FREE audio book


Ep 14 Helping you to create your PSSP

Before you start on any journey you need a plan. So it stands to reason that if you want success, then you should have a plan as well. Not just any plan but a Personal Success Strategic Plan to help you stay on track. This is a break out session I did in Detroit. Listen to this 3 part series as I work work with teachers and administrators on creating a better plan so they can just do their job BETTER


Exactly How You Choose It To Be

Grandma use to say, ;You will change when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.; True words. The fact is you should not complain about your situation, because everything is exactly how you choose it to be. If you wanted to change it or fix it, you would. So why don't you. Just begin where you are, and dont just take action, take massive action. Listen, subscribe and share my podcast #getoffthebench


Ep13 Begin Where You Are For The Student

Why wait, start now because starting over is not an option. Share this with your students and kids to explain to them that its not too late to have success. It doesn't matter where you start, but it does matter how you finish.. #getoffthebench Help support my initiative to give away 500 of my MTXE the formula for success for teens book. This a great way for you to help me moti8 A Kid... please click on the link and support.


Ep12 PSSP What Is it, And Why You Need One

Everyone needs a plan, but in order really make progress you need a PSSP. listen and find what it is and why you need one. Help my give away 500 of my MTXE the formula for success for teens book, by donating to my go fund me account.


Ep11 Permission To Succeed Who Gives It To You

We often look for permission to do things in life. But waiting for permission can cause you to stall in your growth and even stop your progress. Listen in as I read an article about giving yourself the permission to succeed and what can happen when you learn to give it to yourself. So, if you are stuck in life now trying to achieve your goals, chances are you waiting for someone other than yourself to give you the permission you seek to have the success you desire. TEXT "Speakerman" to...


Ep 10 Instudio With Kelly J

Ep 10 Instudio With Kelly J by Mark Wiggins


Ep9 #womenwhoboss meet Nicole Tiovanni Dawkins

Welcome to Off the Bench with Mark Wiggins. Today I interview a an entrepreneur who own several business, and she has a lot going, including a national women's movement, a husband and a very early adapting to the life style,, 10 year old son. That being said take a listen as we discuss how she got "here" and her advise to those who seek to have their own business or looking to "Get off Bench" Check out her website also don't for get to get your free Audio...


Ep8 The Formula For FOCUS

Many people will talk about the formula for success.. But there is also another formula. That formula is the formula for FOCUS.. what is it? Listen in and learn how you can increase your FOCUS and get more out of life and what you want. Distraction are common, but it takes an uncommon effort to block them out FOCUS needs to be A skill you learn to use more. Get my free Audio book text the word "Speakerman" to 90210 to get your copy today.


EP7 Hesitation Is A Kiss Of Death

One thing is for sure, "he who hesitates is lost", this is for business, life, goals, opportunity etc. Waiting while working is ok, but not doing something because of fear or lack of effort is not acceptable. Listen in and learn how to overcome this barrier to your success. get your free audio book "Permission to Succeed" text "Speakerman" to 90210 for your download


Ep 6 Impalas Are Dope, But Don't Be One

Impalas are dope, the car and the animal. However, the animal has some great escape abilities they can use when in danger, but they become their biggest barrier to freedom. Listen as I help you not to have an Impala mentality. But a tricked out 67 Impala is my dream car. #getoffthenbench Get my free audiobook by texting the word "speakerman" to 90210


Ep5 Forgive Yourself For Wasted Time

What a waste of time when you spend time reviewing the past as if it is going to change. This does nothing to help you move forward. So, when you decide you want to move forward, don't worry about the past, learn from it, but don't think you wasted time. Everything happens IN time. #getoffthebench for my free audio box text the word "Speakerman" to 90210 for your copy today


Ep4 Get Ready For The Comeback

Are you ready for your comeback? What is a comeback and how can you get ready for yours? Listen to my 3.5 things you need to start your comeback today and get ready to get off the bench..