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Ep. 41 How to use social media as a tool for growth

Listen in to this session with the BOSS leadership Institute as we discuss the topic of social media and how this tool can help you grow your business and increase your presence. Even if you are not sure how to do it. I will give you 3.5 things to help you get off the bench right now. Be sure to get your copy of a chapter from my book Success does not need a co-signer. go to and follow the show on IG @OTBLive


Ep. 40 60 sec T.O. : Effort, Passion and Enthusiasm

Join me in this 60 sec time out. These have been created to give you a quick shot of motivation and something to think about as you go through your day. Listen to them, and then get ready to get back in the game. Be sure to get your FREE chapter from my book "Success does not need a Co-Signer" chapter is called Kryptonite. go to and follow me on IG @OTBLive


Ep. 39 Creating a culture of growth for your youth sports team

Coaches drive the culture for every sports team. If you want to make sure your culture is clearly defined and achieves success, you want to add these three things to your coaching tool kit Listen in as I talk to girls softball coaches about what they can do to ensure that all of their girls have success and growth during the season. Get your free copy of my chapter on krytponite from my book Success does not need a Co-signer" go to Please like the show, share...


Ep. 38 60 sec time out. Don't quit

Join me in this 60 sec time out. These have been created to give you a quick shot of motivation and something to think about as you go through your day. Listen to them, and then get ready to get back in the game. Go to www.booksbymarkwiggins to get your free chapter from my book "Success does not need a Co-Signer" the chapter is on Kryptonite. Also follow me on IG @OTBlive


Ep. 36 Funding the Dream

This episode is from a Facebook live where the topic was about how BOSS Leaders need to deal with emotions and setbacks and finances. My topic, funding the dream. What will you do to get the funding you need to get your dreams in motion. Be sure to you get your free chapter called Kryptonite from book Success does not need a co-signer. Go to and click the link


Ep. 34 Death to the "To-Do List"

It finally hit me. I woke up one morning and said, I have to be achieving more than I think, I have to be making ground my to-do list has plenty of lines through it. At that moment, I realized that the "To-Do List" was the source of me never giving myself enough credit for the success I did have. The to-do list has to die. Words have power, we all know that, and yet we do little to change them so we can empower ourselves. Listen in as we talk about how killing our To-Do list and changing the...


Ep. 35 Changing lives through youth sports in West Baltimore, Meet Jeffery Thompson

Sports is one of the greatest teachers in life. It can show you how to be great in one second and how to recover from defeat in the other. However, everyone does not have access to this classroom for what ever reason. Jeffery Thompson, founder of 10:12 Sports, set out to change that. His youth sports program in West Baltimore, MD is the perfect example of what can happen when passion, plus faith, plus kids looking for tools to not just survive life, but to thrive in it come together. Listen...


Ep. 33 Participate in your Destiny

If you love Star Wars, there is a classic scene where Darth Vader reaches out to Luke and say" take my hand and together we can rule the universe together as father and son, it is your destiny". Well that didn't end to well for Darth. However, the thought is that you can let things happen to you or you can get involved with your success. In this episode I am talking about taking action and preparing for your success as you get in the starting line up of life. Be sure to get your free...


Ep 32 The 2019 word of the year discussion

Every year I have Facebook live discussion about my word of the year. This discussion will help you find a word that you can focus on to get you back to center when you feel like you off course. If you don't know how to choose a word, listen in as I give 3 ways to help you pick one out. Trust me, this process is a great step to achieving your goals on your vision board. You do have one correct? Be sure to claim your free chapter on Kryptonite from my book Success Does Not Need a Co-Signer....


Ep 31 Interview with Kimberly Jarvis from ESPN's Undefeated

My first mistake was to call her Journalist, she quickly corrected me and stated she consider herself a writer or a contributor. OK, but what's difference? Meet Kimberly Jarvis contributor to ESPN's digital property the Undefeated. Kimberly shares her journey and explains how she got "HERE" this moment in time and how she continues to expand her career. Follow Kimberly on social media on twitter @jarvisport on IG @photos_by_kj Be sure to get your free chapter from my book "Success does...


Ep 30 The Ultimate Dad Role.

Meet Jonathan Oliver, father of 2 young girls, Husband speaker, author, coach and the most important job, a stay at home dad. Listen in as we talk about his book, "Joy in the Journey", which chronicles the early years of his new role as a stay at home dad. Jonathan can be found speaking around the county, promoting his book, smoking BBQ Brisket, golfing, and toting his 2 girls all over town. Be sure to get your free chapter "Kryptonite" from my book Success does not need a Co-Signer" go to...


Ep 29 How Strong is your personal Brand

People always talk about their personal brand. But rare is the discussion about what makes up this thing we call Personal Brand. Join me as I speak with Podcast host, Speaker and Trainer Eddie Francis. Eddie has a wealth of experience and knowledge on this topic and has presented his view on this topic all over the country. Be sure to subscribe to his Podcast "For our Edification" which can be found on his website Get your Free Chapter from my book Success does not...


Ep 28 How Traveling builds Courage meet Candance Doby

Listen to this interview with World Traveler, Speaker, life coach and greeting card designer Candance Doby. Her passion to travel SOLO around the world has lead her on a journey that has build not only her confidence to live life, but the courage to help others live their best life. Follow me on iTunes Be sure to get your free chapter from book Success does not need a co-signer. Got to my website or go to my Instagram page Speakerman87 and click the link in my...


Ep 27 Mistaken Identity

Have you ever been some place and someone comes up to you and says, "Sorry, you look like someone I know, my bad" That is mistaken identity. But when it comes to growth and transformation of you the person, you need to stop sending in your representative and start showing up as your authentic self. Listen as I give 3.5 ways to start showing and presenting as the person you want to be. Be sure to share this podcast. Find me on iTunes and Spotify. Follow me on IG at OTBlive . Also, get your...


Ep 26 Change, No memo's or Announcements Required

When it comes to change, there is no need for any notifications. People seem to think that posting and telling everyone that you are going to change is the best way to go, no. Just change. Show up doing what you said you want to do. Other peoples opinions don't matter. What matters is that you set your goals, take action and stay committed. Be sure to get your free chapter from my book Success does not need a co-signer. Click on the link here and get it today. Get your Chapter Here...


Ep 25 Don't let the NCAA define your Success

It is too easy to let others define your success. The NCAA does a masterful job of doing this every year at playoff time. However, the criteria for who is more successful or who is more deserving is subjective at worst, and plain politics at best, my opinion. But what isn't up for debate is if you let someone define your success, you also give them the power to define your failures. Don't let others have that much control. Listen to my 3.5 ways of how to redefine your own success, and not...


Ep 24 Fear of Success and Mindset Change

What if I told you that Fear and Success cannot occupy the same space, would you believe me? The best way to deal with the fear of success is to have a mind set change. Listen in as I discuss how you can do this and find your way off the bench and back into the starting line-up of success. Be sure to get your Free Chapter from my Book Success does not Need a Co-Signer. just click on the link and its yours. FREE CHAPTER HERE Please like and share this podcast thank you


Ep 23 Challenge Everything

In order to get Better at what you do, you have to begin to ask questions about how you can get better. That question is the start of change. You have to wake up and challenge everything around you. Challenge how you prepare for success, how you select friends, how you blame yourself, what are you true expectations, EVERYTHING. It is no longer time to just sit back and accept what has been given to you. It's time to challenge everything and change your approach to getting off the bench. Be...


Ep 22 Your EGO will have you living in FEAR

Everyone has an EGO, do not be fooled. The Ego is the mediator between your off the chain self, and you conservative self. What you feed your EGO will influence how you deal with change and ultimately how you deal with FEAR. Listen to this session I as speak with the B.O.S.S Leadership Institute in this series on Leadership. Topic How do leaders deal with fear. I have a gift for you. Click here to get a FREE chapter from my book "Success does not Need a Co-Signer" chapter .....


Ep 21 How to communicate your vision

As a Leader, how do you let others know what you see. Not just with your physical eyes, but your vision for the future. Having a vision is one thing, communicating it so others can support you and the efforts it's takes is another. Listen to these series of talks where I speak with B.O.S.S Leadership Institute on various topics This one is Vision. Get your free chapter of my books Success does not Need a Co-Signer. Click here to get it now! Free Chapter Here