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Interviewing Founders, Disruptors & Mavens
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Interviewing Founders, Disruptors & Mavens






Ep 420: Marc Groman | Their Own Devices

Marc Groman (co-host) is an internationally recognized expert in privacy, technology, and cyber security. His past roles include Senior Advisor for Privacy in the Obama White House, Chief Privacy Officer of the Federal Trade Commission, and President and CEO of the Network Advertising Initiative. His vision and innovative approaches to tackling privacy and tech issues during the Obama Administration earned him the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ 2017 Leadership...


Ep 419: Lucy Copp | Life on the Outside

Lucy is a producer, writer, and activist currently residing in East LA. For the past four years she has volunteered inside and outside of the prison system on behalf of an organization called PREP, Partnership for Reentry Program, located in South LA. Her work inside of prison includes co-facilitating a parole preparation workshop called "Insight" which is an active program in over 20 California institutions. Shortly after attending a Transom Traveling Workshop last summer Lucy began "Life...


Ep 418: Allyson Marino | Lipstick & Vinyl

With a career marked by a record of smashed sales expectations for some of the most successful podcast networks in the industry, Allyson brings a rare combination of deep industry experience and expertise along with vast monetization success to Lipstick & Vinyl. Allyson has helped pioneer the Podcast industry Well before juggernauts like “Serial” introduced the medium to broader audiences, she and her colleagues had it figured out. While at Midroll, Allyson was instrumental in breaking...


Ep 417: Graham Elwood | Heart and Soul

Graham has been a stand-up comic for over 20 years working comedy clubs, colleges, TV shows, Holiday Inn Lounges, war zones, dive bars, and one time on the top of a double decker tour bus in Chicago (not joking) . You’ve probably seen him on the TV like when he hosted the socially relevant game shows “Cram” (GSN) and “Strip Poker” (USA). Along with making the world a better place by appearing on shows like “Best Bodies Ever” on VH1. Don’t forget the time when he told jokes on “The Late...


Ep 416: Jorge Perez | Outliers TV

Jorge Perez is an agent for celebrity artists. He represents commercial photographers and produces photo shoots, as well as providing brand amplification opportunities with local, national and international clients. Jorge's mission is to ensure commercial artists have the right commercial and emotional tools to connect their creative talent with clients around the world. Recently, he launched his very own podcast show, Outliers TV. This new podcast is about innovators changing the world...


Bonus Ep: Sam Sanders of NPR's It's Been A Minute

Sam Sanders is a reporter and host of It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders at NPR. In the show, Sanders engages with journalists, actors, musicians, and listeners to gain the kind of understanding about news and popular culture that can only be reached through conversation. The podcast releases two episodes each week: a "deep dive" interview on Tuesdays, as well as a Friday wrap of the week's news.Sam Sanders is a reporter and host of It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders at NPR. In the show,...


Ep 415: Daniel Purcell | Strengthening Marriages

Dan Purcell creates apps & businesses. He's an outgoing introvert that loves the lean startup methodology. Dan is a software developer at heart and has been running a dev shop since 2005. His career goal is to create software products that make other people’s lives better while building a profitable business model around it. Besides business and leading his talented dev team, Dan is passionate about strengthening marriages and families -- one of the greatest sources of joy in his life!...


Ep 414: Ilija Vrajich | Alcomy

Alcomy gives assisted living administrators, caregivers, and owners the tools they’ve been dreaming of to manage their heavy workloads, achieve visibility into all caregiving activities, and document everything quickly and easily. The result: saved time, improved communication, and error-free documentation.


Ep 413: Samantha Parker | Badassery Magazine

"Samantha Parker is the co-founder of Badassery Magazine and the co-host of the Badassery Podcast. She’s ridiculously passionate about living a life of true Badassery, by definition, rendering all onlookers as awestruck. Badassery Magazine is more than just a magazine and Samantha supports a global community of female entrepreneurs who live bold, passion filled lives. She has been featured on NowThis, The Daily Vee, Bold TV and numerous interviews and podcasts. Samantha believes that we...


Ep 412: Zachary Davis | Ministry of Ideas

Zachary Davis | Executive Producer and Host Zachary Davis is a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School studying intellectual history and philosophy of religion. He is also a producer at HarvardX where he builds open online courses in the humanities. Ministry of Ideas is a podcast dedicated to investigating and illuminating the ideas that shape our society. It is an initiative of the Religious Literacy Project at Harvard Divinity School. It is produced in Cambridge, Massachusetts and...


Ep 411: Amy Morin | Mentally Strong

Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and lecturer at Northeastern University. She's also in international bestselling author. Her books, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do and 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do, have been translated into 30 languages. She gave one of the most popular TEDx talks of all time with more than 6.5 million views. Her advice has been featured by media outlets around the globe ranging from CNN in Mexico to MTV in Finland. In today’s...


Ep 410: Christopher Lochhead | Legends and Losers

Christopher Lochhead hosts the Legends and Losers podcast and is co-author of Harper Collins’ “instant classic” "Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets" and "Niche Down: How to become legendary by being different". Christopher is a former three-time Silicon Valley public company CMO (Mercury Interactive, Scient, Vantive) and entrepreneur. He’s been an advisor/investor in over 50 Silicon Valley startups. Fast Company Magazine calls him a “Human...


Ep 409: Amber Murray | See Your Strength

Interview w/ Amber Murray of See Your Strength Amber Murray is the founder of See Your Strength, a company focused on delivering messages of self love and compassion to improve the mental health of everyone at home, work, and school. Her mirror decals offer encouragement in a place of privacy and solitude: the bathroom mirror. This company was born from Amber's personal struggle with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression. She began writing on her mirror as a powerful tool to...


Ep 408: Kevin Hong | The Outlier Approach

Kevin is the best-selling author of The Outlier Approach: How to Triumph in Your Career as a Nonconformist. Previously, Kevin grew his startup Dealflicks up to a $15M valuation. He is currently an advisor to several startups and executives. Kevin’s work as an entrepreneur has been featured in CNBC, Times, Forbes, NY Times, LA Times, Xinhua News (China), Korea Times, NDR (Germany) and countless other media outlets globally. His writing has also been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Inc, HuffPost,...


Ep 407: Lindsay Greene | The Hunger Diaries

Lindsay’s goal is to provide hungry fans with trustworthy reviews, awesome recommendations, and stellar recipes, sure to inspire and satisfy the inner foodie in you. Lindsay is a currently a prospect for the new Food Network show Guy’s Big Project. She writes for Atlanta Eats TV and manages her popular blog, The Hunger Diaries! Lindsay says: “My main life obsession is with food. I grew up with a mother that only cooked delicious meals, and had the appetite of two teenage boys. I started a...


Ep 406: Rachel Brenke | FitLegally

“Creativity can be more than a passion - it can be a livelihood too. But only if you’re willing to develop the business plan and legal protection necessary to thrive.” – Rachel Brenke Rachel Brenke is the founder of the Business Bites podcast, and several successful business brands including TheLawTog®, FitLegally, and BlogLegally. She is also a mother, wife to an Army Veteran, practicing lawyer, photographer, author, cancer survivor, ironman, Team USA Athlete, and champion of all...


Ep 405: Alex Doman | Advanced Brain Technologies

Alex Doman is an author, entrepreneur, and product creator, who was recently named one of the top fifty human behavior experts to watch. He has 25 years of experience in leadership in the brain health, neurotechnology and therapeutic music markets. The third generation in a family of pioneers dedicated to improving brain performance for over seventy-five years, Alex is founder & CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, founder & Chief Product Officer of Vital Neuro, founder and Chief Scientist...


Ep 404: Ryan Cleckner | Army Ranger Turned Author, Entrepreneur and Attorney

Ryan is a problem solver with a passion for education. His experience as a combat veteran, nationally recognized safety expert, and a parent of children in Williamson County schools, makes him uniquely qualified to help protect our children.Ryan is a problem solver with a passion for education. His experience as a combat veteran, nationally recognized safety expert, and a parent of children in Williamson County schools, makes him uniquely qualified to help protect our children. The safety...


Ep 403: Leonard Chung | HelloChava

In this episode we talk about Solopreneurs, Tech, Mentors, AI, and Entrepreneurship. “Leonard is the founder and CEO of Hello Chava, a company reimagining productivity tools for the solo professional. Over the past 25 years, Leonard has recognized emerging markets and launched multiple successful products with a particular focus in SaaS, Cloud Computing, and Collaboration through first gen products such as Hello Chava, Syncplicity, Windows PowerShell, and SETI@home."


Ep 402: Darrell Stern | Being a Playwright for the Digital Age

"Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations" - Darrell Stern Darrell Stern is a playwright for the digital age. "Marketing IS theater" he proclaims in his very Stern voice. Mr. Stern's career stretches back to the 1980s as the voice of Scooter Computer on ABC's SchoolHouse Rock. Today, his Stern Inbound Marketing Agency brings ROI to all of his clients across the board. AND his Stern Storming methodology has to be experienced to be believed. Imagine tapping into your...