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Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.

Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.
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Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.




Own It! 244 | Sue Ritchie: Whataboutery

Women’s Leadership coach Sue talks to Own It! about women’s leadership, equal rights, women’s issues etc., and how she handles it when someone always asks “what about men?” This question can put down women and silence their voices. It is hostile and stifles debate. In The Show It was Nicola’s birthday this week and she describes her stash of gifts and her celebrations in a Greek restaurant in Worthing. Judith week has included ducks and drakes, month-end accounts and finding yet...


Own It! 243 | Thrift

Triggered by Ocado sending Judith a money-saving voucher worth £1.16, and furthered by contributions from listeners in the Own It! Facebook Group, today’s focus is on thrift. In The Show Nicola is back in touch with local business colleagues in the Brighton area and been out with them for two lunches, both of which may result in profitable new business. Judith has had a quiet social week which was a good thing since her business diary was busier than it has been for quite a long...


Own It! 242 | Kerryn Vaughan: Get Off the Bench

Kerryn lives in Australia with her partner but also with donkeys and cows! Aged 50, she got fed up with people pooh poohing her ideas and resolved never to be put off again. She created Magnificent Kids and told the stories of 23 superhero kids which led to One Planet Classrooms. In The Show Nicola is beginning to hit her stride socially back in Shoreham with a day out with the children, an all-you-can-eat curry with friends, jazz night at the pub with her sisters and poker at the...


Own It! 241 | Starting Over

Nicola talks about the opportunities and potential challenges offered by her return to the UK. What new networks will she create? In The Show Nicola has returned from Greece, and describes it as “seamless” but exhausting on the body. She’s upbeat with much to look forward to, not least being back with her family. Judith is enjoying an atypically social time at her new temporary home. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Judith is being stimulated by the geared-up energy of September, and...


Own It! 240 | Sharon Gaskin: How I Got Trainers Talking

Sharon and Nicola spent a strategy day together in a hotel once and have worked together on and off since then. Sharon explains how she changed her business activities around so as to better support her life and that of her family. In The Show Nicola’s packing up, weighing her luggage, dodging farewells in her honour and she sings Greensleeves to Judith! Judith is creating a supportive environment and gearing up for a more peoply September, reigniting her more socialised extrovert...


Own It! 239 | Amanda Johnson: Mum Guilt

J&N are not sure whether they should have played this one before or after the school holidays. When do mums feel most guilt about all the different directions they are pulled in? In The Show Nicola’s made up her mind to return to the UK semi-permanently on Saturday. Wow! That was a surprise. Judith has experienced a kitten-related house sitting low during August but landed on her feet now in blissful peace and quiet. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Judith’s clients bullied her into...


Own It! 238 | Solving Problems Without Complaint

After listening to Esther Hicks and Abraham and having some very fast manifestations, Nicola fell to pondering whether spending 20 minutes in the podcast each week talking about problems is the best way to solve them. In The Show Nicola’s been to the beach every day, and she’s had a bit of a breakthrough with Cosmote who supply her superfast broadband. Judith has moved to Surrey where she’s in charge of two black pussy cats. Two people she cares about have been seriously ill. What’s...


Own It! 237 | Dust and Doldrums

Nicola was experiencing a difficult and confusing week and no sooner had she reached out to Judith for some help than things began to improve. In The Show It has been a cooler week in Stoupa and all her guests are gone, but Nicola’s internet is still not fixed which has made it difficult for her to do everything she wants to online and in her business. And she’s still without a cleaner. Judith has found Suffolk to be full of bug perils (tiny wasps and big fat mozzies), and also...


Own It! 236 | Clare Hanbury: Own It! Goes to Africa

Listener guest Clare Hanbury takes Own It! with her when she travels all over the world with her charity, Children for Health. In The Show Nicola has been without internet for nearly a week but her new website went live today. Yay! What do listeners think? She’s invited those in the Own It! Facebook Group to let her know. Judith has moved into gorgeous spacious luxury in beautiful Suffolk and is looking after a lovely little furry soulmate called Gracie who greeted her with vomiting up...


Own It! 235 | Property as a Business

When J&N first learned how to invest in property and teach others how to do the same, life was simple. Buy and hold or buy and rent out. In The Show Nicola describes the chaos and carnage at Kalamata airport during holiday time as one of the “Seven Circles of Hell”. You are alright coming in, apparently, but be warned…long queues in the sun to have your passport scanned on the return trip. Judith has moved into some serviced accommodation near Gatwick for eight nights, which property...


Own It! 234 | Bigger Thinking

Nicola is re-launching Swagger & Soul and wants to know what Judith thinks about it. She’s mainly all for it and explains why. In The Show Nicola’s sold her first item of #StoupaLife merchandise, manifested a surprise affiliate win and is looking forward to visits from her family and friends across the summer. She’s really booked up now. Judith has enjoyed some spooky goings-on in the bedroom, found somewhere to live for next week and is slightly worried about triffids in the garden....


Own It! 233 | Merch!

After last week’s show where she suggested to Judith she should immortalise her sayings and testimonials on t-shirts, Nicola had a brainwave over the weekend and turn that round on to her own opportunities… In The Show Nicola has enjoyed a lovely summer week in Stoupa, helping a local business set up their Facebook Page, swimming most days and a wonderful night out with live music and Greek dancing. She’s also had a dream about she and Judith doing a big gig together with 800 attendees...


Own It! 232 | Getting Out of Your Own Way: Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher is an artist who, against her own better judgement, came to London to participate in a somewhat woo woo workshop put on by fellow artist Alice Sheridan, and Georgina Noel.. In The Show Summer has arrived in Stoupa and so has Nicola’s sister, Sarah, so there’s been lots of beach time, tavernas and book swaps as the tourist season gets well and truly underway. Nicola is planning her own travel to Dublin in August and for her daughter Phoebe to come back with her for a week...


Own It! 230 | How to Negotiate Any Creative Deal

This week Judith has been thinking about how she would buy her next home and about the advice she gave her old friend about selling her business, and advising a client on how to structure a creative deal to sort out moving on from her home and going her separate way from her ex. In The Show Nicola’s enjoyed a reflective week, thinking about her family in England and whether or not to apply for a residency permit in Greece if Brexit goes ahead, or come home to be closer to her kids. Also...


Own It! 229 | Does Your Relationship Help or Hinder your Business?

Is your other half pulling their weight, or do you do more than your fair share in your relationship and at home? In The Show Nicola has had a hectic and fun week but she’s found it hard as all the jet leg from recent travels finally catches up with her. Judith has two stories to tell, a happy one about a family party and the other a sad one about the sudden death of loyal long-time client, Kevin. What's Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola’s launched a 21-day challenge with 48...


Own It! 228 | Customer Service: Good, Bad & Ugly

Nicola and Judith share and swap stories, the good, the bad and the ugly, barmen and serving staff for starters and customer service online and off. In The Show Nicola is back from Las Vegas and staying in Shoreham for a few days with family before she returns to Greece. She tells Judith about her last couple of days at the conference – a cruise, a mansion, hummingbirds – and about the film-maker who has invited her to speak in Dublin in July. Judith is full of the joys of spring, and...


Own It! 227 | Masterminding in Vegas

What’s the point of masterminding and how does it work well? Nicola suggests it is creating friendships, giving and being of service to the other delegates, networking, learning new skills, sharing, giving and gratitude. In The Show Nicola is in Las Vegas attending a Mastermind event. She’s played poker, been on a yacht, met lots of interesting people, sung karaoke, visited Liberace’s home, eaten lovely food, gone into the desert and seen a real camel, presented at three round tables for...


Own It! 226 | Boobs, Babies & Business: Guest Karen Flannery

This is the story of how Karen Flannery went from being a teacher to buying two lingerie shops in Cheshire with her friend Kate who one day phoned and asked “Do you want to sell bras?”. In The Show Nicola’s “ground out” 500 words for Write Club and immediately entered them into a competition called Just Back (from Oz) at The Telegraph. She’s excited about her next trip to Vegas in early May, especially hearing Marianne Williamson and Marisa Peer speak from the stage at a mastermind...


Own It! 225 | Fun and Easy Marketing

Today’s Focus is prompted by Own It! suddenly soaring over 100,000 downloads after more than 4 years and 200 weekly shows. In The Show Nicola’s been doing website things and enjoyed some really useful SEO tips which she shares including a resource called MajesticSEO.com. She uses the word Linkerati (!) and talks about some all-clears she received at a couple of specialist medical appointments. Judith doesn’t feel like she had a bank holiday over the four-day weekend, she’s been so...


Own It! 224 | Clean Marketing

Judith and Nicola discuss the matters raised by Nicola’s new website and marketing plan. Which URL will she use? James Schramko advises sticking her NicolaCairncross.com as it is her authority site. In The Show Nicola’s back in Stoupa and enjoying creating a Facebook furore with her Fitbit, plus the glorious Greek bonkersness of the stick with the red rag on it denoting a dodgy road surface, and a surprise visit by a huge moth when enjoying a drink at Steki’s. Judith has moved into her...