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Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.

Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.
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Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan Talk About Business, Marketing, Money, Success, Life & Everything In Between.




Own It! 202 | Paula Gardner: Chaos Theory

Paula Gardner joins us to talk about Chaos Theory which is about how every tiny decision alters your course and how you come to realise you have no control over events, good or bad. In The Show Nicola’s having a quiet week since sister Sarah returned to the UK. Dave’s Dining Club re-opens now that the offseason has returned to Stoupa. Judith’s moved house, said goodbye to everyone in the West Country, and met her new helpful neighbours. She’s broken out the thermals, is contemplating...


Own It! 201 | Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying?

Why are entrepreneurs so annoying? They buy systems and processes and then sabotage themselves by deviating from them! In The Show Judith’s had a testing week with another fall, another house move, breakages and sleeplessness. Fortunately, there are lots of lovely family meetups too. Nicola has been woken in the night by an earthquake – wow! And she was persuaded to go and watch the local Am Dram. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Two of the ladies in Nicola’s Write Club have had some...


Own It! 200 | Our 200th Show

25 listeners and contributors from all over the world used the Speakpipe app on Nicola's website to send in their thoughts and congratulations and are featured in this 200th episode of Own It! Are you one of them? In the Show Nicola and Sarah have taken a day trip to the Apple repair shop in Kalamata to try to sort out Sarah’s broken laptop. Meanwhile, they are sharing – eek! She also updates Judith on the LitFest, the Arts and Crafts Fair and her continued wrangling with...


Own It! 199 | Law of Attraction (Part 2)

Judith shares her belief that the Law of Attraction can bring positive or negative experiences into your life. Nicola takes the discussion on from there... You can listen to Part 1 here >> On the Show Judith’s still in Trowbridge and this week she’s been challenged by the Aga. She’s had the car serviced in anticipation of more motorway driving during the autumn and winter, is planning to explore a nearby M&S food hall scouring for treats for a visiting client on Monday, and visiting...


Own It! 198 | Formulaic Marketing: Love It or Hate It

A member of the Own It! Facebook Group has noticed similarities in ads on YouTube and wants to know; "Is the formula they all follow just a big scam?" This week saw Nicola’s birthday and brother Alex had planned a road trip to celebrate which they had to reschedule due to a “medicane”, the Greek equivalent of a hurricane. One of the hotel rooms was a bit dodgy, but otherwise a lovely time was had by all. Alex has now moved on to other parts of Europe after helping Sarah and Nicola...


Own It! 197 | Richard Pettitt: Surprising Your Clients

Richard Pettitt wanted to be a scriptwriter until he was reminded how much he loves to make people laugh and the value and fun of surprising your clients. Nicola’s been out and about with brother Alex, and musing on how clever she is having completed one of her current projects in just three weeks. Judith returned from Luton via Trowbridge and met a surprising couple for whom she’s housesitting in October, one half of which has had over half a million hits to his guitar playing on...


Own It! 196 | Should I Grow My Business?

When is the right time / right circumstances to grow your business, if ever? Why would anyone do that? Which is better, working alone or with other people? Nicola’s brother Alex has arrived from Sydney on a one-way ticket, thankfully he also has Berlin, Paris and the UK on his list of places to visit. Nicola has been busy editing this week. Some cricket videos firstly to help local friend Arthur Burgess who raises money for Mani firefighters by staging a cricket match on the beach. And...


Own It! 195 | Mental Wellbeing and Self Care

With so many creative people struggling and failing to manage their own mental wellbeing, how can entrepreneurs avoid burnout, dark thoughts and worse? Nicola’s enjoying a brief moment between one lot of friends going and another house guest arriving, this time it is her brother from Australia. And who is the handsome young man on a motorbike who is trying to find her? Judith’s getting organised for the first in a series of house-sits beginning tomorrow. Haircut, tick. Pedicure,...


Own It! 194 | To Segment or Not to Segment?

Should Judith segment her newsletter to cover the two distinct areas of interest – low carb and business coaching? Nicola shares her thoughts on the matter! Nicola has some lovely friends staying this week and has decided to go into a joint venture business with the Dad of the family, Peter, which will involve a trip in Spring 2019 to Las Vegas. Judith wasn’t in the mood at all to go back to work on Monday so busied herself instead with some frenzied “spring” cleaning, very much NOT her...


Own It! 193 | Alice Sheridan: Criticism v Critique

Alice Sheridan is a London artist who now mentors other artists. In this podcast, she asks you to think about the distinction between criticism and critique Nicola has been enjoying August on the beach, walking, diving, snorkelling, getting healthy and brown. She’s joined in with a series of writing sprints where you write 2500 words in a fast session. And she’s discovered YouWriteOn.com where you can drop in your writing and receive and give feedback to and from other writers. Judith’s...


Own It! 192 | Margaret Collins: Imposter Syndrome

Margaret Collins has published Beyond Imposter Syndrome and she talks to us about what it is and where it comes from, how it feels and what to do about it. Nicola has been zapping tolerations including her first visit to a Greek dentist. Today’s the day she will hear whether or not she’s been accepted onto the writing course, she’s unattached to the outcome but she says she is on a purple streak right now when it comes to manifesting, so fingers crossed. Judith’s been out to dinner to a...


Own It! 191 | Demonstrating Your Value

"I'm a techy VA & hear people, including Nicola, talking about outsourcing to people overseas for $10 per/hour. How do I get across the value and compete?” Nicola’s 21 Day Challenge is all but over and 3 out of 10 active participants have joined her Clicks And Leads Academy. She has a houseguest, a dog called Wilfred Owen! In the end, after some frustration, Judith enjoyed Monday without access to internet either at home or via her mobile mini sim so apparently across all networks;...


Own It! 190 | Chloe Constantine: Our Family Business

Chloe Constantine is in business with her twin sister Pippa operating Feet First baby feet castings. Fortunately, as she explains, they are NOT identical... In the Show The UK heatwave continues, the football match was a tad disappointing but not the England team, Wimbledon tennis more than made up for it; Nicola’s all alone as first her children and then Sarah have returned to the UK. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Judith is contemplating de-niching or at least switching the central focus...


Own It! 189 | Boundaries Revisited

What Do Boundaries Feel Like? That’s the question posted by The Psychology Babes on Facebook and debated by Nicola and Judith in today’s show. In the Show The UK heatwave continues, England win a penalty shootout against Colombia. Judith’s been blitzing the bathroom, the neighbours bring round high-carb gifts and there’s a potential long-term house sit. Nicola and Sarah have their children visiting, and they organised a surprise party for Steph which involved Nicola getting overheated...


Own It! 188 | SEO Strategies with Charlotte Davies

Nicola and Judith talk to Charlotte Davies about SEO strategies for small businesses. In the Show There’s been a heatwave in the UK but it is wet in Stoupa and it is cardigans at the ready there, most unusually, although apparently, it happened on exactly the same dates last year too. Nicola’s children arrive this weekend with their cousins and the awesome foursome are moving in almost next door. Nicola’s local friends have also lent her a car for 2 months as they return home during the...


Own It! 187 | The Point of Blogging in 2018

What’s the point of blogging in 2018? Should we still be blogging and, if so, why? In the Show Nicola’s been helping a serious business friend by giving him an overview of everything he needs to know about online marketing to lead his team. Judith’s been out and about in posh pubs in pretty villages and falling in love with Wiltshire. The show is recorded on 21 st June, the day of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and Judith starts with some facts and figures about daylight...


Own It! 186 | Heather Waring: Peeing in the Wilderness

Our guest today is Heather Waring who surprises us with her topic – peeing in the wilderness! In the Show Judith’s been under the weather with The Lurg and Nicola’s enjoying a surprise visit from her bestie, Kim. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola’s been finding 100% focus on one thing and reaping the rewards. Judith’s been converting three SEO leads from last week. Focus of the Week We thought Heather Waring was going to talk to Own It! about walking the Camino, the Pilgrims Way and...


Own It! 185 | Toxic People

What’s the best way to handle toxic people in your business and your life? Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan discuss this sensitive topic. In the Show Judith continues to enjoy her weirdo trips to meet people, this week Cath and Kay. Nicola’s focusing on her creative writing with talk of agents, competitions, scholarships, writing critique and training for poetry as well as prose. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola’s excited about Amazon Alexa Skills, especially since Amazon is...


Own It! 184 | Am I A Copycat?

Is there room in your specialist niche for you alongside your esteemed colleague who is brilliant and two years ahead of you, or will she think you are a copycat? In the Show Judith’s enjoyed a lovely family reunion with a long lost cousin, and Nicola’s developed an interest in writing poetry. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola has returned to meditation and the space which she created brought forth a creative solution for her impending new Masterclass idea which is fun and light....


Own It! 183 | Building A Community: Why, How And Where

Contemplating building a community for your clients and prospective clients? Why do that, and how and where? In the Show Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan are challenged respectively by the lack of broadband (needing a new router to keep up with superfast) and the bank, specifically their all too frequent over-sensitive and erroneous fraud alerts. What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola has been running her own biz through the strategy she learned in Playing to Win and talking JVs with...