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Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing. Pharma Marketing Network's mission is to help pharmaceutical marketers advance their careers through networking, sharing resources, and continuing professional education.

Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing. Pharma Marketing Network's mission is to help pharmaceutical marketers advance their careers through networking, sharing resources, and continuing professional education.
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Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing. Pharma Marketing Network's mission is to help pharmaceutical marketers advance their careers through networking, sharing resources, and continuing professional education.






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Pharma 3D

Pharmaguy interviews Brain Fox, Senior Partner at McKinsey, about the new e-book entitled "Pharma 3D: Rewriting the script for marketing in the digital age." Topics for Discussion/Questions: Give us an short introduction to the e-book Pharma 3D. Why was this written now? Who collaborated in writing the book? What are the major takeaways for pharma?Explain why you think pharma is not doing enough in digital marketing Is it fair to compare pharma to other, more lightly regulated in terms of...


UCB's State ScoreCards

Cindie Dilley, Head of New Patient Value Focus at UCB, talks about UCB's State ScoreCards program, which won the 2016 eyeforpharma #efpphilly award for Most Valuable Patient Initiative. What are ‘The Report Cards’ (aka ScoreCards)? It is an interesting initiative to lobby decision makers for better access to innovative treatments for Epilepsy. The Record Cards ups the pressure on under-performing state health networks, by increasing transparency on state performance. Why did they win?...


Hacking Healthcare

Pharmaguy interviews Wendy Blackburn, Executive Vice President at In Touch Solutions. Wendy talks about her company's #ALLin campaign to document patient stories, how she became a digitally-savvy woman pharma 'pioneer,' and her views on how digital devices such as wearables will transform the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Cross-Cultural Marketing: Reaching U.S. Hispanics via TV and Mobile Devices

Pharmaguy interviews Lisa Valtierra, former Associate Director of Cross Cultural Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim. We discuss how Boehringer Ingelheim engaged U.S. hispanics about diabetes in a culturally-relevant manner via TV, mobile, and the Web. Telemundo was the media partner and produced "Bajo El Mismo Cielo"First-ever collaboration on a telenovela between pharma and Spanish media360 campaign that included a strong web-presence on The character in the telenovela...


Effectiveness of Pharma DTC Advertising

Pharmaguy interviews Richard Meyer, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Online Strategic Solutions, about a phone survey he conducted recently for a pharmaceutical client. We discuss the main findings of the survey.


Curation vs. Content Marketing: Which is Best for Pharma Marketers

Pharmaguy interviews Arsalan Arif, Publisher of Endpoints, about the benefits versus the drawbacks of content curation versus content marketing for pharmaceutical marketers in a social media world. We discuss the value of curated pharma/health content. Specifically: Can pharma marketers do content curation? Or are they too focused on “content marketing?”


Want Digital Pharma Marketing “RESULTS”?

Pharmaguy interviews R.J. Lewis, President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, about his new book "RESULTS: The Future of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing," which he co-authored with Scott Weintraub, Brad Sitler, Joanne McHugh, Roger Zan, and Stephen Morales. The book covers 5 key themes: Regional MarketingDigital MarketingBig DataEvolving Systems of Care & the ACAA view from the manufacturers perspective RJ will focus on the chapter about digital marketing. Questions and topics we will...


How Secure is Pharma Data?

Web Sites, Mobile Apps, Wearables Can Be Hacked! Pharmaguy interviews Jeff Greene, digital strategy lead at New Solutions Factory. Jeff discusses the the impact on pharma marketing to physicians and consumers of the recent Ashley Madison hack and gives some advice on how to mitigate the risks.


Pharma's Use of Medical Conference Hashtags

Pharmaguy interviews digital consultant Len Starnes about the use of medical conference hashtags by the pharmaceutical industry. The conversation covers these issues and questions: What sparked this discussion about pharma's use of medical society conference hashtags?The authors of the analysis describe Twitter conference reporting as a 'backchannel', implying that it is somehow covert. Is it?Do you agree with the analysis that pharma disproportionately influences HCPs on conference...


Pharma-Patient Collaboration

Activist Survey is a "Wake Up Call" Pharmaguy interviews Jack Barrette, CEO of WEGO Health, who summarizes the result of the Pharma Edition of the 2015 WEGO Health Patient Engagement Survey.


Reaching a Targeted Young Audience Via Instagram

Amazing Social Media Campaign or Creepy Spam? Pharmaguy interviews Jonathan Richman, founder of Dose and Expound. You might remember Jonathan as the creator of the blog Dose of Digital, which provided insights on the use of digital technology in healthcare marketing. We discuss the Melanoma Likes Me social media campaign, which won a Silver Award at the 2015 Lions Health Festival. Jonathan called this the "best healthcare social media campaign [he's] ever seen." Pharmaguy called it the...


Pharma-Sponsored Mobile Health Gaming Apps

Sanofi's Mission T1D for Children with Type 1 Diabetes Pharmaguy interviews Becky Reeve, Head of Professional Relations, Diabetes Franchise Sanofi UK & Ireland. We talk about Mission T1D, a new gaming app for children with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Mission T1D aims to support a serious message through gaming and play to encourage children with T1D (and their family, teachers and friends) to learn more about how to live with diabetes. Questions/Topics of Discussion Please tell us more about...


Use of Gaming Mechanics & Mobile Technology to Boost Pharma Sales Performance

Pharmaguy interviews Duncan Lennox is CEO and Co-founder of Qstream, a mobile sales performance platform for igniting high-performing teams, about the use of gaming and mobile technologies to increase the effectiveness of pharma sales teams. Questions & Topics Covered: Why is game mechanics playing a larger role in pharma companies’ mobile-first sales strategy? What industry factors are behind this change(s)?What is the difference between game mechanics and gamification? Why is that...


The Mobile Health Library Platform

Apps for Rx Adherence & Outcomes Support Pharmaguy interviews Rob Dhoble, CEO of Adherent Health, LLC., about Mobile Health LibraryTM (MHL), which is a HIPAA privacy-protected mobile app platform built for the unique education, service, and support needs of health-related customers, including patients, health professionals, caregivers, and consumers. MHL Key Facts: MHL apps can include valuable discounts and savings.MHL apps can help patients better understand their health, health...


Combatting PharmaPhobia: Conflict-of-Interest Myth Busting!

PharmaGuy interviews Thomas P. Stossel, M.D., visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, about his new book, PharmaPhobia, and his call to action against the "Conflict of Interest Movement." In PHARMAPHOBIA: How the Conflict of Interest Myth Undermines American Medical Innovation (Rowman & Littlefield, April 2015), Tom Stossel describes how an ideological crusade, stretching over the last quarter century, has used distortion and flawed logic to make...


Connecting the Social Media Dots

Which Pharma Companies are Succeeding in the Social Media Space? Pharmaguy interviews Rebecca Canvin, Social Media Manager, and Rick Evans, Digital Strategist at Ogilvy Healthworld.We discuss the "Connecting the Dots" survey, which evaluated how 14 major pharma companies were performing across six key categories: Social presence: How many social networks was the company on? Activity: Was the content kept fresh with regular updates?Engagement: Were the companies engaging their users and...


Patients Included Charter

A Roadmap for Patient-Centric Conferences Pharmaguy interviews Casey Quinlan, Co-Founder at Patients for Clinical Research, journalist, author, ePatient and patient advocate, about Patients Included: A Charter for Conferences and how the pharmaceutical industry can help ensure more patients are able to attend and participate in patient-relevant healthcare conferences. "Patient centricity" is all the rage these days among pharmaceutical industry conference attendees and speakers. It is even...


A KOL by Any Other Name

Should Pharma Replace the Term “KOL”? Pharmaguy interviews Sanjay Singhvi, Director, System Analytic, about KOL terminology and the research his company conducted around it with KOLs and pharmaceutical executives. Topics/Questions discussed include: Are pharmaceutical companies still using the term KOL?Why the interest in changing the terminology?Is this a divisive/controversial issue?Is this a superficial change or reflective of something deeper?What about "KOLs" themselves? What do they...


The Three Pillars of Sanofi's Patient-Centric Strategy

Input, Solutions, Culture Pharmaguy interviews Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, Chief Patient Officer, Sanofi, and Melva T. Covington, MPH, MBA., PhD, Project Leader, Research and Develooment, Sanofi. They talk about their roles in bringing the patient perspective into Sanofi's work to advance Sanofi's ability to deliver health care solutions that matter most to patients and those who care for them. Questions/Topics of Discussion How do you define "Patient-Centricity?"Tell us more about the three...


What Do Docs Discuss Online?

Will New FDA Guidelines Allow Pharma to Join In? Pharmaguy interviews Peter Kirk, CEO & Sermo, who talks about the nature and value of physician discussions on Sermo and how pharma can engage docs on social media sites and online discussion boards. Questions/Topics of Discussion Tell us a bit about Sermo and the physician members.Are physician members engaged in meaningful discussions on Sermo? What are they discussing? Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity, said most online physician discussions...