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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.

The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.


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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Protecting Your Health – Which Beers Are Safe To Drink! Raw VS. Cooked Vegetables – Which is Healthier Part 2, Can Yoga Prevent Diabetes? Does Weight Cause Depression? How Long Do Pet Vaccines Last?

No labels make beer selection dangerous! You will be shocked to hear the harmful ingredients in many beers. Find out which ones are safe and which are not! Research has gone on for years to find out if vegetables are healthier cooked or raw. Hear the results in Part 2 of Raw VS. Cooked. Can yoga exercise help prevent diabetes? … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Does Breastfeeding Change a Child’s Behavior Development? How Does Yoga Affect Our Health and Inflammation? Can It Help Conditions Like High Blood Pressure? The Science Behind Raw VS Cooked Vegetables – Is One Healthier? How To He

Studies have shown that breastfeeding benefits the immune system of the baby. Now a huge study looks at whether breastfeeding for several months changes the social development of the child for years later. Find out how that might happen! Food gurus and experts have said how raw vegetables are better than cooked vegetables. Listen and learn if hundreds of studies … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Does the Organic Label Affect Food Choices? Can Air Pollution Cause Alzheimer’s Disease? Can We Affect What We Eat By Advertising? A Coffee Lovers List. New Therapy for Pet Allergies.

Can we gain or lose weight simply by what we watch? Do commercials have serious effects on our caloric intakes? And what effect does the organic label have on how we perceive the foods we are eating? The answers will amaze you! Do air pollutants affect our cognitive thinking ability more than we thought? We know they shorten our lives, … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Good News for Pancreatic Diseases. Do This Twice a Year to Help Prevent Stroke or Heart Attack! Can Probiotics Affect Weight Loss? More Companies Sued for False Advertising “Natural” Ingredients. How to Tell Your Cat Likes You?

Cutting edge clinical research for a failing pancreas is saving lives. Hear what new devices are being approved to manage diabetes and pancreatic disease. Most of us will die from cardiovascular disease. We will have a stroke or heart attack. Hear how managing this simple health protocol will reduce your atherosclerosis and chances of death! Click Here! Learn how probiotics … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – How Does Chocolate Heal Your Body? Can Food Additives Cause HyperAnxiety in Children? Does Your Weight Depend on the Day of the Week? Why Does Mood Affect Foods Choices? Myths About Cat Foods.

New research shows exactly how chocolate boosts our health. Learn why we should all be eating dark chocolate! Can food additives cause hyper activity in young children? Can it lead to ADHD or worse? Hear conclusive research showing the effects on children. Does your weight depend on the day of the week? Can you use this information to help lose … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Is Your Cereal Watching You? Why Do Kids Choose How Much Food to Take? A Supplement to Elevate Your Mood! What Popular Drink is Also A Pesticide? How to Interpret Dog Anxiety.

How do manufacturers influence what cereal you buy? How do they subconsciously affect your trust in their brand and make you want to buy their product? And find out why kids choose the amount of food they put on their plate AND why they may eat too much! This simple supplement will help elevate your mood and affect you like … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Why We Make Food Choices Part 1, Can a Chinese Herb Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis? Can Yoga Prevent Diabetes? Lawsuits and False Advertising Against Heinz and Coca-Cola, What Plants Are Poisonous to Pets?

Why do we eat certain foods? What determines how much we eat of a particular food? Can we change the food choices we and our children make? Hear Part 1 to start to understand why we choose certain foods and amounts we eat. A Chinese herb is tested against traditional medicine for rheumatoid arthritis. Find out the overwhelming surprise results!… Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Are There Benefits to Stress? Chocolate-Wine Part 2. How Are US Food Companies Poisoning American Products? Papaya – Great; Margarine – Bad! FDA Working with Stem Cells. Should You Give Your Dog a Bone?

We all think life stress is bad for our health. Would you be surprised to learn differently? CLICK HERE! Great Ideas for Chocolate and Wine Pairings Part 2, and how great is papaya for our health? Big US Food Companies poison us but protect people in the European Union. Who do we blame and why? Learn why margarine may not … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Flintstone Vitamins Toxic to Children? Chocolate-Wine Pairings Part 1, Should You Take Hormone Meds for Hypothyroidism? FDA Monitors Nutrients and Gender Differences in Meds, Papaya is a Great Fruit, Pet Food Recalls

The #1 Children’s multivitamin has toxic ingredients. What to know if you give your children daily vitamins! The FDA is monitoring supplement ingredients to protect you – learn why. CLICK HERE! Drug research has changed. What are the significant differences now looked for in medication for men vs. women? And if your doctor recommends hormone replacement for a slow thyroid, … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – What Do the Numbers On the Bottom of Plastic Bottles Mean? New Alzheimer’sTest! Unexpected Benefits of Exercise Pt2. Help for Hearing or Vision Loss! FDA Bans Soaps! What is Your Pet’s Human Age?

Why is “BPA-free” not enough? Find out what the numbers on the bottom of plastic containers mean and which ones you MUST avoid! And learn five reasons to avoid anti-bacterial soaps and triclosan products! A new Alzheimer’s test is tested. Hear why another sense may increase when one sense is lost! Can this be a new treatment? Hear new reasons … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Your Fingers Can Predict Diseases. Alternative Pain Relievers with No Side Effects 2, New Hope for Stroke Victims. Unexpected Benefits of Exercise Pt1. 2014 Doctors Only Online. Pets React to Toxic Xylitol

New research from Australia shows these hand measurements can predict the likelihood of needing a total surgical knee replacement later in life! Learn and measure your own hand. Pain medication can have serious side effects. Learn what natural pain relievers are as effective as many prescription drugs. Listen to Part 2 of alternative pain relievers. Click here! New treatment for … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Do Diet Pills Work Long Term? Alternative Pain Relievers with No Side Effects. Antibiotic Overuse Causing Obesity. Why Are Autism Cases Increasing? Pet Poisons You Must Know!

Is there an advantage to using diet pills to lose weight quickly? What part does diet and exercise play in keeping the weight off? Here the current recommendations. Pain medication can have serious side effects. Learn what natural pain relievers are as effective as many prescription drugs. Listen to Part 1 of alternative pain relievers. Click here! A major cause … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Do You Have Deadly Radon In Your House? What Vitamin D Level Do You Want? Does Housework Keep You Healthy? New Fluoride Health Damage Lawsuits. Gastric Bypass – Does It Lead To Weight Loss? How to Remove Ticks, Popular Dog Names

Radon is colorless and odorless and can kill you and your family. Find out what you need to know to keep safe. And hear what level of Vitamin D will keep you strong and healthy. Click here. Is housework considered physical exercise? Can it keep you healthy? Listen to this latest research from the UK. And is gastric bypass surgery … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Celiac Disease & Ancient Grains – Are They Safe? Vaccines – Legal and Medical News to Decide. What Do Organic Wines Mean? IQ Level and Job Focus. Pets and Marijuana

Celiac disease and inability to process gluten in grain products affects millions of Americans. New “Ancient Grains” are appearing to tempt you to try them. Can those with celiac safely eat these grain products? Should you vaccinate your children and if so which vaccines are essential? Emergence of diseases in children and students that were vaccinated against these shows serious … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Sex Stimulants for Women, Vitamin D for Mental Health, Monsanto Poisons Farmers, EU Bans GMO Foods, Are Whole Grains Better?

We give three natural foods that increase a women’s sexual desire and activity. These are evidence-based foods that are simple and can really help! And can vitamin D improve one’s mental outlook and reduce depression at the dose we recommend? Listen and hear what to take by clicking here. Monsanto’s biggest pesticide appears to kill farmers in several countries. Hear … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Not Remembering Most Childhood Events, Differences Between Brown and White Rice- Which Is Healthier? New Evidence to Prevent Autism and Attention Disorders, Kid’s Health – How Much Exercise? Feeding Your Pet and What Does Tail Wag

Why do we not remember most of our childhood events? At what age does that change? Find out how you can help your child remember important events in their young lives. Major research shows what is causing autism and attention deficit disorders on the rise! What must we do to keep ourselves and our children safe? There are measures you … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – The Truth About Raw Milk, Guide to FDA’s New Food Labels, New Test for Early Alzheimer’s, Subway Bread You Can Exercise On, Bird Food Guidance

We clear up the confusion for you about whether drinking raw milk is good for you. Scientific studies show what raw milk can do that pasteurized or heat-processed milk cannot. We tell you where you can get safe unprocessed milk. Protect your health by clicking here. The FDA’s new food labelling is about to take effect. It can be … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Marijuana Usage, Who and How Often? Do Women Need to Wear Bras? Does Sugar Lower Your Intelligence? Omega3 Supplements and Your Heart Part2. How Do You Protect Your Pet Outside in the Winter?

Many states have legalized medical marijuana and two have allowed recreational usage. How many people actually use marijuana and how many teenagers? This is a must for anyone who has or knows a teenager! New research has determined what advantage if any women have if they wear or don’t wear a bra. You may have to change your routine! We … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Does Wine Cooking Stop Its Health Benefits? How Serious is Indoor Tanning and Cancer? Safe Root Canal Treatment IS Available! Can Omega 3 Supplements Damage Your Heart? Natural Chelators. Human Food Good for Cats?

Wine has good effects on your heart and health. But what happens when you cook with it or heat it up? Does it still help your health? And hear if Omega 3 oil supplements can cause heart failure. Is you know someone who goes to tanning salons you MUST listen to this report. Hear the scary details about how indoor … Read more about this episode...


Protecting Your Health – Is There Sex After Cancer? New ChemoTherapy Resistance. Can Urine Light Your House? People In Beijing Watching TV Screens in the Streets. Can Fiber Decrease Cardio Disease? Cat Diabetes

A review of studies shows how people view and have sexual activity during and after cancer therapy. What is important to them may surprise you. Here are some suggestions that can help couples dealing with cancer. And new research shows a reason for, and direction of new studies to stop, chemotherapy resistance. It’s not a battery and not gas or … Read more about this episode...