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Episode 010 – Real Estate Wealth in the 401K or IRA? Yes, the Self Directed Way. - Realty Speak

Today Megan Galane from Mountain West IRA is talking with Bill about how to take control of funds in your retirement account by creating a Self-Directed IRA or 401K. This is an amazing strategy that enables one to maximizing the use of the capital in your retirement account to build wealth in real estate.


Episode 009 – Big Project Construction Perils – The Path to Success. - Realty Speak

Construction and Management Consulting Expert Michael Nucatola and Construction Law Attorney Brian Markowitz are our guests this episode. They discuss how the many intricacies of the planning and preparation that increases the probability of a successful large scale construction project. The advice in this episode is priceless.


Episode 008 – How FAR can you go? – Floor Area Ratio, that is. - Realty Speak

Land use Consulting Expert Eldad Gothelf and Architect/Developer Alex Hughes are our guests this episode. They discuss how FAR (Floor Area Ratio) is sometimes not as FAR out as you think and explain why we don't sell air in NYC but a developer can build very tall buildings by assembling development rights. Get the lowdown on New York City zoning, planning, development and process in this information packed episode of Realty Speak.


Episode 007 – Metrics, Spreadsheets and Philosophy – Oh My - Realty Speak

You are in for a treat in Episode 7 as real estate investor, income-property analysis software developer, author and Columbia University Asst. Adj. Prof. Frank Gallinelli shares not only his Fave Five metrics every RE investor should know but how 3 other important concepts play into a prudent investor's game plan.


Episode 006 – Office Space – Not the same as it ever was - Realty Speak

In this episode the story of how a market shift in the late 80's lead Joe Scharf on a journey from one small Townhome of shared office suites to eventually founding Virgo Business Centers.


Episode 005 – Deferred Sales Trust – It’s an Option! - Realty Speak

In this episode Michael Burwick, a practicing attorney with several decades of tax and securities law experience and the President of Deferred Sales Trust Services LLC talks with Bill about the Deferred Sales Trust as an alternative and/or supplement to more traditional capital gain tax deferral strategies.


Episode 004 – Rent Regulation – It’s Real - Realty Speak

In this episode Simon Moule, President of STM Associates talks with Bill about the complicated laws that regulate multifamily rental property in NYC. This is a must listen for everyone in the apartment building ownership business. To chat more about Rent Regulation reach out to Simon at or 718-318-8340 Bill Weidner the host of Realty Speak is ready to be a resource to you when you sell or purchase investment real estate or help you navigate while you own. Ways to connect...


Episode 003 – Taxes Come & Taxes Go - Realty Speak - The Podcast

In this episode David Gorenberg, ESQ, EVP & Counsel for Riverside 1031 and Len Berkowitz, ESQ, Managing Director of Riverside TACS share strategies that will help you keep more of the profit from investment real estate wealth and put your hard earned capital to work for you and your legacy sooner than later. Enjoy! To chat more about 1031 Exchange reach out to David at To chat more about Cost Segregation reach out to Len at Bill Weidner...


Episode 002 – When Construction Happens - Realty Speak - The Podcast

Alen Gershkovich CEO and Founder of Inspiron Construction is candid about how a project big or small should progress. He also shares valuable info on a large gut renovation regarding the scope of work and overall costs.


Episode 001 – Shrink the Expenses - Realty Speak - The Podcast

Tina and Mark from the FolSon Group share how they look at each expense line item and find savings. In one case they saved $250k on a capital improvement project.


Episode Zero – What to Expect - Realty Speak - The Podcast

What's in it for you? The what, where, why and who of Realty Speak. To get the full idea of what to expect just click play. It’s only 4 minutes and will take less time than the R to Union Square.