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Don’t Get Caught by Surprise at Tax Time - a conversation with Dr. Douglas

This week join Dr. Sovinsky as he discusses tax time stress with Dr. Douglas Sea, author of DC Money, chiropractic coach and business mentor.Whether you’re a new or seasoned chiropractor, struggling or savvy, Dr. Sea has a developed atruly systematic approach to managingyour finances that will allow you to create a lifestyle of chiropractic affluence. You only have three choices when it comes to dealing with taxes. You can react, resent or respond. In this episode of I will discuss a...


How to Help Patients SEE Value in Chiropractic Care with David Marcarian, E

In this episode Dr. Frank talks with David Marcarian, founder and president of Precision Biometrics which supplies and manufactures the MyoVision sEMG. Listen as David shares his great stories of how he got the idea to apply his NASA technology to Chiropractic, how that technology has evolved and how MyoVision’s E-scan can help your patients SEE the value of Chiropractic care.


The 7 reasons for hiring a coach

The 7 Reasons for Hiring a CoachNo one is successful in a vacuum. No one. Coaching is a gift you give yourself. Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned doctor looking to grow, coaching puts you on the right path for success. In times of rapid change you need a coach who has mastered their roles as a consultant, a coach and a mentor. Here are the top 7 reasons for hiring a coach1. Coaching doesn’t waste time fixing your existing practice. It helps you create a new one. 2. Coaching is...


How to Reclaim the Chiropractic Dream - Reclaiming the Chiropractic Dream -

In this podcast episode Dr. Frank Sovinsky defines the Chiropractic dream and tells us how we can reclaim it. Learn how to reclaim your Chiropractic dream and reach out to DC Mentors today.