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Listen to renowned small cap stock specialist and Stansberry Research analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!

Listen to renowned small cap stock specialist and Stansberry Research analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!
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Listen to renowned small cap stock specialist and Stansberry Research analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!




Message to Retirees: There Will Not Be Another Credit Crisis in Your Lifetime (Ep. 626)

There are a lot of doom-and-gloomers out there warning about an impending credit crisis… And I know many of you are worried. Today, I explain why you can stop losing sleep over your portfolios. I speak directly to anyone over the age of 55. But don’t worry if you’re not in that demographic yet… everyone will benefit from this segment. I also welcome back Chris MacIntosh, founder and editor of Capitalist Exploits. Chris is one of my most popular guests for a reason. His breadth of knowledge...


The Untold Secret Behind Some of the World’s Biggest Fortunes (Ep. 625)

Happy 4th of July! This is a special holiday for me. It brings back great childhood memories of our summer house in upstate New York. That’s where my late dad put on a firework display that would put most professional displays to shame. I hope all of you enjoy time with your family. Drink a few beers, tell some great stories, and enjoy the barbecue. When you’re done, you’ll love my interview this week. I welcome back Hugh Agro, a superstar in the mining industry. Hugh is President and CEO...


20-Year Market Vet Shares The Biggest Risks Today… And Her Favorite Tech Opportunity (Ep. 624)

Pullbacks in the markets can be disconcerting… but recent activity is perfectly normal. As I’ll explain, it’s actually healthy when stocks pull back gradually… and based on the current fundamental and economic landscape, I suggest using this pullback as a buying opportunity. I also welcome Lenore Hawkins, 20-year market veteran and chief macro strategist at Tematica Research. Lenore breaks down the biggest market risks for investors... including rising interest rates and the looming...


It’s the Perfect Time to Buy the World’s Most Hated Sector (Ep. 623)

We’re close to bear market territory… with financials down almost 20% on the year… But the Fed releases stress test results tomorrow. The banks that pass will be allowed to significantly raise their dividend and launch huge buyback programs… On today’s show, I’ll tell you about about the huge short-term catalysts ahead for this dirt-cheap sector. I also talk to Nate Flanders, cryptocurrency expert and founder of crypto trading exchange Mandala. He and I recently traveled to New York to...


Why AT&T Is About to Become the Biggest Company in the World (Ep. 622)

The wait is over... It’s been a long time coming, but the AT&T-Time Warner merger is happening. This is one of the largest deals in history, and I’ll break it all down for you on today’s show… I’ll also tell you why this is such an amazing opportunity for AT&T investors. And, this week, I welcome back my good friend―and host of The Disciplined Investor―Andrew Horowitz. Andrew and I have a spirited discussion on everything from the Fed to commodities to tariffs to ―of...


Crypto Intelligence is About to Go Live (Ep. 621)

The countdown is on... Today, I’ll give you the scoop on Crypto Intelligence, Curzio Research’s brand new crypto newsletter. As you’ll see, this newsletter is unlike anything else in our industry, giving subscribers a unique entry to this incredible growth sector... The editor of this product is a hedge fund veteran with over 25 years of private equity experience. His system reduces risk… while giving subscribers the opportunity to generate life-changing gains. Subscribers will gain access...


Ignore Italy… Stocks Are Going Higher Over the Next Decade (Ep. 620)

No... it’s not just you. Geopolitical change is on all our minds. Right now, everyone’s talking about the turmoil in Italy… but the truth is, this’ll have a minimal impact on the U.S. market. I’ll tell you why on today’s show. But first, I welcome back Steve Koomar, publisher and editor of Vigilante Investor. Steve believes stocks are positioned to show great returns over the next decade. He also highlights his favorite trend in tech… one that’s much bigger than AI, IoT, Big Data, and the...


Why I’m Buying This Commodity for the First Time 10 years… And It’s Not Gold (Ep.619)

I hope you have a pen and notepad ready for today’s show... My good friend Marin Katusa returns to tell us why gold could go a lot lower over the next few months. He suggests buying a popular commodity instead… which he largely avoided for the past decade. Marin is one of the best resource investors I know. And although he’s bearish on gold in the short-term, we discuss why that’s a positive for us as investors. Marin also explains what to look for when evaluating a resource investment (it...


Live from the Blockchain Technology Summit (618)

This week, Barry Cohen joins us live from New York’s Blockchain Technology Summit—one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences in the world. Barry is one of the best all-around analysts I know. After more than 20 years analyzing and managing money at some of the world’s largest hedge funds, he’s going to run our new crypto newsletter at Curzio Research. My conversation with him (from the Blockchain conference floor) reinforced why this industry is about to create the next generation of...


Where to Find Value in Mining Stocks Today (EP. 617)

There’s been a lot of pressure on mining stocks, and I know a lot of you are wondering if the bottom is in and it’s time to buy. Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development, joins me this week to share what will be a boost to these companies… what he looks for in a resource investment… and where to find value. You’ll also hear Jeff’s favorite ideas in gold and uranium today...


How to Uncover Emerging Market Opportunities (EP.616)

Today I welcome back Kim Iskyan, editor of International Capitalist. Kim shares his methodology for finding little-known opportunities in emerging markets… including how to travel safely where others fear to tread. Plus, he gives us a preview of the opportunities that could arise if the North Korean market is opened by peace talks. I know from experience how difficult it is not to let personal feelings impact your investing… but we’ll discuss why it’s critical that you don’t. And in our...


Ep. 614: Use The Media’s “Agenda” to Pocket Huge Gains

Ignore the crazy headlines… In this episode, we talk about how to use the media’s “agenda” to pocket huge gains in stocks. Most headlines are exaggerated. They include phrases like “market crash” and “trade wars.” It doesn’t matter. The market is flat this year and America is not in a trade war with any nation… The media exaggerates these headlines to get page views. That’s how they make money. Yet these headlines (including tweets from our president) can temporarily influence stocks,...


Ep. 613: Why Great Investors Ignore the Headlines

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged. My guest this week is Corby Marshall, CEO of Hilltop Cybersecurity. (Full disclosure: I’m an early investor in this company.) Corby joins me from the RSA cybersecurity conference to discuss what we should all be thinking about it when it comes to protecting our data. You’ll also be fascinated to hear what led him to into this space... Later, we’ll talk about how important it is to look beyond the headlines when it comes to evaluating a stock. Read the...


Ep. 612: Frankly Speaking | This is Your Brain on Stocks

Welcome back to Frankly Speaking. I can’t stress this enough: I care about and what happens to your portfolio. The reason you listen to me, subscribe to the newsletters, and read our research is so you can focus on your life and take advantage of our “stock brains” here at Curzio Research. On this episode, we talk about what it means to have a stock brain. And we touch on other programs offering financial advice. If you follow other podcasts and tv personalities that give stock recs, make...


EP.611 - It’s a Stock Picker’s Market… If You’re Smart

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged. This week, my guest is Mike Alkin, editor of Moneyflow Trader (link to sign up?) and host of the Talking Stocks Over a Beer podcast. Even though Mike writes his newsletter for Curzio Research, he and I often have differing views on the markets. (Mike is bearish and I’m more of a bull.) Even so, we generally find common ground. I have a lot of respect for his knowledge and opinions. Today, Mike reviews how he analyzes stock news and what helps him...


Ep. 610: Frankly Speaking | The Risks vs. Rewards of Hedge Funds

Welcome back to Frankly Speaking. There are a lot of myths surrounding hedge funds, particularly how much yield they create vs. how much it costs you to invest in them. Today I debunk some of those myths, and remind you of the risks vs. rewards of hedge funds. Remember, the better they do, the more risk they take with your money. I also discuss some big changes coming to Curzio Research. We’re getting ready to unveil some exciting new products… and share some special offers with our...


Ep.609 - The Blockchain is Here… and it’s Potential is Astounding

I’m so excited to bring on analyst Barry Cohen to talk all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. Barry explains how these technologies work, how you can secure cryptocurrencies safely and easily, how the regulatory landscape is going to change, and more. All of this comes ahead of the cryptocurrency newsletter we’re launching in May. Make sure you subscribe to our free email list now to be the first to know about this product when it’s launched. I get a little heated over negative news...


Ep.607: Don’t Be a Hero and Buy on the First Dip

Andrew Horowitz of Horowitz & Company and host of The Disciplined Investor podcast (the second best investing podcast) breaks down the technicals of the market action we’ve been seeing lately... and what that means for your portfolio. If you’ve been wondering how to navigate this volatile market, Andrew will help you keep your sanity. He advises us about the right time to panic, versus the right time to take advantage of everyone else’s panic. Andrew also reviews some recent positions he’s...