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Episode 38: The Age of Brilliance

During this episode Joe talks Simon T. Bailey, author of two amazing books on Brilliance in your personal and professional life: Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, and Release Your Brilliance: The Four Steps of Transforming Your Life and Revealing Your Genius to the World. In their conversation, Joe and Simon focus heavily on intentional living, embracing professional purpose, and accomplishing unprecedented success by leveraging purpose to overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Episode 37: Understanding and Servicing Latino Owned Businesses

During this episode Joe talks with two leaders within the accounting profession who are passionate about empowering Latino-owned businesses. In fact, the Latino community represents one of the fastest growing demographics within the accounting profession. During the episode we dispel some of the myths about Latino owned businesses, drill down on key needs and pain points experienced by Latino owned businesses and provide practical steps advisors can take to engage Latino owned businesses –...


Episode 36: Client Experience - the Key to Practice Distinction

During this episode, Joe interviews Simon Bailey - World Renowned Speaker and author of the book SPARK Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life. During the episode, Simon breaks down the acronym "SPARK" and introduces two additional terms, "VUCA," and "Duja Ve." And...Simon and Joe connect these customer service principles to client transformation - the evolution of the accounting profession from those who solely offer compliance and bookkeeping services (back...


Episode 35: Emergency Measures for Critical Small Business Issues

During this episode Joe speaks with Dawn Fotopulos, author of the award winning book Accounting for the Numberphobic about critical issues facing small business owners and how accountants and bookkeepers can provide remedies - both short and long term. During the conversations, Dawn and Joe discuss the latest studies and research on the state of small business and practical steps accountants and bookkeepers can take...immediately and with little address acute problems most...


Episode 34: Conquering Task Overload

In this episode, Joe Woodard covers practical methods for living more productive and effective lives - professionally and personally. Accounting professionals are never truly "task-free." Their lives are filled with project deadlines, unfinished tasks, to-do lists, and constant requests from clients, employees, and vendors. Joe's strategies detailed in this episode will empower you to tame task overload and turn responses to life's inputs into intentional, thoughtful, and highly effective...


Episode 33: Preparing Yourself and Your Clients for Succession

In this episode, Joe Woodard interviews guest Peter Hickey, an internationally-renowned expert on succession and exit planning and author of The One Page Exit Plan.


Episode 32: The Transformative Advisor

In this episode Joe Woodard challenges accountants and bookkeepers to play a transformative role with their clients, defining small business transformation and addressing four key challenges accountants and bookkeepers face in moving, figuratively, from the back office to the board room with their clients.


Episode 31: Practical Value Pricing

In this episode Mark Wickersham – a global thought leader on value pricing for bookkeepers and accountants – shares practice, proven and workable approaches to client pricing. During our conversation Mark addresses many of the profession’s biggest objections to – and challenges around – value pricing and provides practice steps to effective pricing strategies.


Episode 30: Intuit's Partnership with Accounting Professionals

In this final week leading up to SNH 2017 we will hear from Rich Preece. Rich is the Global Accountant Segment Leader at Intuit and heads up all of Intuits partnership programs, products, and services for accounting professionals. In this podcast, Joe Woodard talks with Rich about how Intuit is incorporating customers in their innovation process, and the impact of mobile technology and the gig economy on the accounting industry. Be sure to catch Rich’s keynote presentation June 5, 2017 on...


Episode 29: Staying Current with Technology

The world of technology is rapidly expanding, with the number of small business applications growing seemingly overnight. Accounting professionals struggle with maintaining their client workload while juggling the daunting task of learning about and implementing new technology. In this podcast, Joe speaks with Michelle Long and Alicia Katz Pollock about how to tackle the challenge of staying current with technology.


Episode 28: Moving Beyond Bookkeeping and Compliance into the Role of Advisor

As technology continues to expand and integrate with accounting software, many of the day to day operations of bookkeeping and compliance have become automated. Technological advances have opened the door to accounting professionals to allow them to move firmly into the realm of small business advisor. In this podcast episode, Joe speaks with Robin Hall and Gale Kirsopp these opportunities.


Episode 27: Building and Leading a Team

Why did you enter the accounting profession? For many, the reason has a lot to do with a comfort in working with numbers, and not very much to do with the desire to lead a team. In this episode, Joe speaks with Clayton Oates about hiring, challenges with team members, and key advice for accountants who want to be better leaders.


Episode 26: Finding & Retaining the Right Clients

How do you measure the success of your practice? Many accounting professionals work diligently to increase the number of clients engaged, without developing and implementing a process for acquiring and retaining the right clients. In this podcast, Joe speaks with two powerful practitioners (Patricia Hendrix of Ten Key Business Solutions and Hector Garcia of Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting) about client acquisition and retention strategies.


Episode 25: Becoming and Remaining Distinctive

The profession is crowded. There are hundreds of thousands of CPAs, tax preparers and bookkeepers actively practicing in the United States alone. The profession is also commoditized. Crowding, massive national franchises and technology shifts cause many practitioners to compete on price - to use price point as their distinction. In this podcast, we take this challenge head on with two of the nation's leading practitioners (Laura Redmond of Redmond Accounting and Steve King of...


Episode 24: Sandra Wiley

In Part 5 of our series featuring the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, Joe speaks with Sandra Wiley. Sandra is the President of Boomer Consulting, Inc. and has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential people in accounting. In this episode, Joe and Sandra discuss integral aspects of firm management, including the characteristics of a strong leader and how create a working team culture, as well as concrete actions to move your firm to the Client Advisory Services...


Episode 23: Dawn Brolin

In Part 4 of our series featuring the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, Joe speaks with Dawn Brolin. Dawn is the managing member of Powerful Accounting, an accounting and consulting firm that recently added a powerful niche to their services – IRS audit & bankruptcy accounting. Joe and Dawn discuss her journey from sole practitioner to firm builder, how she has created standard processes and procedures to maximize her firm’s growth, and some of the challenges and opportunities for...


Episode 22: Robin Hall

In Part 3 of our series featuring the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, Joe speaks with Robin Hall. Robin is the CEO and principal professional of VARC Solutions, one of the nation’s largest and most respected QuickBooks and QuickBase consulting firms. Joe and Robin discuss her journey from sole practitioner to firm builder, the challenges she faced reaching her goals, and some of the amazing and unprecedented opportunities for QuickBooks ProAdvisors in today’s drastically shifting...


Episode 21: Jan Haugo

In Part 2 of our series featuring the Most Powerful Women in Accounting 2016, Joe speaks with Jan Haugo. Last year, Jan took her passion, expertise and thought leadership in the bookkeeping profession to a whole new level by starting up the Unites States member association of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Since then, she has achieved massively increased recognition of the bookkeeping profession by setting stricter standards, forging new partnerships, establishing meetup groups and...


Episode 20: Ingrid Edstrom

In Part 1 of our series featuring the Most Powerful Women in Accounting 2016, Joe speaks with Ingrid Edstrom. Ingrid has received awards and recognitions including Top 40 Under 40, 2016 Most Powerful Women in Accounting, and Insightful Accountant’s 2016 Top 100 ProAdvisor, and she is passionate about building online communities. Her successes and innovations with networking earned Ingrid recognition in Intuit’s 2015 Firm of the Future contest. During this episode we will drill down on the...


Episode 19: Gary Boomer

This week’s guest, Gary Boomer, is a highly acclaimed thought leader and is recognized in the accounting profession as the leading authority on technology and firm management. In this episode, Joe and Gary discuss the advisory services model, leadership, and the connection between the two.