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SPJ013 Julie Cordiner, Self-Published Non-Fiction Author

Julie Cordiner is a former Assistant Director of Learning & Skills and now an independent consultant with over 30 years experience specialising in school funding and education finance. She has put her 30 years of experience into co-writing two, non-fiction text books – School Budget Mastery and Leading A School Budget Review, as well as planning several online courses on related school finance and funding topics. Julie's author journey started in 2012 when she wrote a parish history to...


Paul's Podcast Diary 21st April 2018

1) Blockchain for books via ALLi: 2) Stuart Bache website: 3) Book Barbarian promo site: 4) FreeBooksy promo site: 5) Richard & Judy competition:


SPJ112 Meg Cowley, USA Today Best Selling Author [Take 3]

Meg Cowley is the USA Today best-selling author of the Books of Caledan, the Relic Guardians and the Morgana Chronicles. This is the third time I've interviewed Meg for the podcast, and if you ever wanted to see a roller coaster author journey, this is it. When we first spoke, Meg was riding high on the crest of the adult colouring book wave. The second time we chatted, that market had collapsed and Meg was pivoting her business so that she could survive with the reduced income. In...


Paul's Podcast Diary 14th April 2018

1) Stuart Bache book covers website: 2) New Writing North: 3) Miles Hudson, future guest: 4) Book Adrenaline: 5) Dead of Night hit 3 x USA charts as a result of the promo: 6) Freebooksy:


Episode 111: Graham Smith, Crime & Thriller Writer [Take 2]

Graham Smith is the best selling author of the DI Harry Evans series and the Jake Boulder novels. He publishes his Harry Evans series with Caffeine Nights and the Jake Boulder series with Bloodhound Books. He's had an amazing year in 2018 and pumping out books left, right and centre at the same time as managing a very busy wedding venue on the Scotland/England border. Graham is the founder and organiser o the annual Crime and Publishment event which takes place near Gretna every...


Paul's Podcast Diary 7th April 2018

1) Book Adrenalin: 2) Book Barbarian: 3) Freebooksy: 4) Who To Trust: 5) My planning board for Quarter 2/2018:


SPJ110 Podcast host Paul Teague is interviewed by previous guests

Episode 110, release date Wednesday 4th April, 2018 This podcast is now 2 years old. 24 months ago I launched this show with episode 1 interviewing local author Ruth Sutton and - I'm not quite sure how - but I'm still going strong. This podcast has been a revelation to me ... I've connected with so many wonderful authors over the past 24 months and it's been an absolute joy, I've never done anything online which has worked so well. So a big thankyou to you if you've supported this...


SPJ109 Jon Cronshaw, Sci-Fi & Dystopian Author [Take 3]

Jon Cronshaw is a self-published sci-fi and dystopian author. It's the third time on the podcast for Jon - we met at Carlisle's Borderlines Book Festival in 2016 and at that time, Jon was about to self-publish his first book. When I first spoke to Jon in January 2017, he'd just got the first book written. He's now got ten books listed on Amazon in various configurations, including short stories, box-sets and audio books. He's also started to collaborate with other authors now and is...


Paul's Podcast Diary 31st March 2018

My Quarter 1, 2018 planning board:


SPJ108 Martha Carr, Bestselling Author & Master Collaborator

Martha Carr is a bestselling author from Austin, Texas who spends most of her time dreaming of Elves, Witches, Wizards and other magical worlds. Her work has been published in internationally respected publications such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and Newsweek. She had a publishing career prior to teaming up with Michael Anderle of 20BooksTo50k fame, but since they started collaborating together, Martha has released...


Paul's Podcast Diary 24th March 2018

The Essential Weekly Podcast For New And Aspiring Indie Authors Paul's Podcast Diary Feature


SPJ107 Craig Lea Gordon, UK-based Sci-Fi Author

Craig Lea Gordon is a science fiction writer from Whitley Bay in the United Kingdom. He works full-time as a Business Analyst but all his spare time is taken up with writing. His goal - like that of many other indie authors - is to be able to write full-time. Technology features heavily in all of Craig's work, and he likes to raise questions about how it will affect our lives, for the better or for the worse. He has two short works available at the moment - Transmit is available now as...


Paul's Podcast Diary 17th March 2018

This Week's Talking Points 1) Crime & Publishment: 2) Book Barbarian promo site: 3) Book adrenaline promo- site: 4) Free Booksy promo site: 5) Pete Blyth's blog post:


SPJ106 Sarah Hardy, Book Blogger & Publicist

Sarah Hardy is a blogger at bytheletterbookreviews and a book publicist for Bloodhound books. She organises blog tours as well as promoting books on social media. Recently Sarah read - and reviewed my Don't Tell Meg trilogy. I was amazed at the community that's based around book blogging and Wanted to find out more about it. Sarah's reviews were re-posted by an entire network of fellow book bloggers and it all helps to create amazing web traffic and visibility. Find Out More: 1)...


Paul's Podcast Diary 10th March 2018

1) Saturdays's writing progress - 5566 words: 2) Crime and Publishment event: 3) Martha Carr, future guest: 4) Graham Smith, future guest: 5) Jon Cronshaw, future guest:


SPJ105 Holly Cave, Newly Published Quercus Author

Holly Cave is the self-published author of The Generation, a sci-fi novel set in the year 2052 and dealing with the topical subject of genetics. She is a freelance writer and who publishes articles and features about science for non-expert audiences, alongside her fiction work. The Generation was her debut self-published novel, and before that, Holly wrote a number of unpublished works with her father on his typewriter in the 1990s. I met Holly a couple of years ago at the Alliance of...


Paul's Podcast Diary 3rd March 2018

1) Friday's writing progress – 5431 words: 2) Crime and Publishment event: 3) Martha Carr, future guest: 4) Craig Lea Gordon, future guest: 5) Vellum: My video guide: 6) Novel Factory overview:


SPJ104 Rachel Amphlett, Full Time Thriller Writer

Rachel Amphlett is the author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the Detective Kay Hunter series, which now numbers 4 novels - the 5th is out on March 11th. In 2018 Rachel has already released three books in her new English Spy Mysteries series After the success of the Detective Kay Hunter series, Rachel was able to leave her part-time job and become a full-time writer, and that gave her the perfect opportunity to go back through some writing ideas that had been fermenting for a...


Paul's Podcast Diary 24th February 2018

1) Phase 6 is now on pre-sale: 2) Crime and Publishment event: 3) Sarah Hardy's review blog:


SPJ103 Alison Ingleby, Dystopian/Sci-Fi Author

This interview is one of my 'Take 2' chats, where I catch up with one of the authors that I've spoken to before. Alison Ingleby is newly published writer of sci-fo and dystopian fiction - when we first spoke she'd just received some bruising edits on her first book. I met Alison at an Amazon event in Manchester last year and was keen to chart her journey from the publication of that first book and beyond. We've now ended up co-presenting a new, non-writing podcast together - it's...


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